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added by hakadoshi12345
posted by theanimemaster
Child Abuse

It's not funny

It's not right

Don't आप understand?

Your hurting them,

Both physically and mentally

They've been brainewashed द्वारा the evil of this world!

Look at them!

They're faces call out for help.

And what do आप do?


Don't आप care about them?

How would आप feel if आप were one of them?

Foced to do such hideous work?

I feel heartbroken.

I don't understand how such a thing could be happening,

But it is..

Now look.

They've लॉस्ट all hope.

They're faces are dead,

They're zombies now.

Do आप care yet?

If not, your a heartless idiot.

If आप do, I say we stop this madness!

posted by hassleberrygirl
Child abuse is something that should be stopped. Too many kids get abused द्वारा another child.I feel bad for these kids that are abused.This abuse must be stopped.It can happen in childerns homes.It can be sexual abuse, emotional abuse.Kids can kill each other.This abuse has to stop.Big kids ever abuse little kids. They should not abuse younger kids. Teenagers abuse younger kids. Teenagers should know they need to stop abusing younger kids.I seen a movie with child abuse in it.This teenage boy abused his brother and he went to jail.That is why we need to stop abusing younger kids. It is also whe an adult abuses a child.That abuses must be stopped.I really dont like it when a child is abuse द्वारा an adult या another child.It breaks my heart. Child abuse is something that happens all over the world.The child abuse in the world must be stopped