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posted by StevenJensen
August 15, 2008

My son, Steven Jensen, an avid प्रशंसक of The मगरमच्छ Hunter, last night asked me to sit a moment with him He had been going through some VHS फिल्में and came across "Crocodile Hunter; Collision Course". My son कहा to me, "why did the मगरमच्छ Hunter have to die Mom?" He was wonderful with all the animals. We talked about the accident and I told him that he has a legacy in his children and wife now; that they are following in his footsteps. Steven asked me why do they not replay his shows on TV? I told him that someday they just might play his shows again on TV. My son then picked up the one movie we have द्वारा The मगरमच्छ Hunter, and put the VHS tape in his small wooden box, which he uses to place things that he wants to protect. I could not help but feel his pain and loss. Please let Mrs. Irwin know that her husband will always be in the दिल of a young boy from Colorado who shares his name. Thank you. - Darlene Jensen
posted by jedigal1990
steve irwin better known as the मगरमच्छ hunter was a great man in my opinion i remember when i was flipping through the stations and found his दिखाना from then on i was hooked. Before watching the दिखाना i really didn't care for जानवर sure i liked the cute ones but crocodiles and snakes freaked me out and to be honest i hated them especially after a very scary adventure where my डोंगी went up an alligators back when i was 5 but anyway i often wondered why such horrible creatures were created but steve completly changed my view in just a couple shows he showed me their true purpose and how they...
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