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Long पूर्व (thirty-five years and seven months, to be exact) and in a galaxy far, far away, producer-director-writer George Lucas made film history with the release of his movie, "STAR WARS: EPISODE IV - A NEW HOPE". Only, during the summer of 1977, it was simply known as "STAR WARS". And this science-fiction/fantasy homage to Saturday morning serials and mythology was something that moviegoers had never seen before.

Now considered as the fourth film installment of Lucas' तारा, स्टार WARS saga, "A NEW HOPE" chronicled the adventures of a space-aged farmboy...
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After that encounter with Vader. Leia ran outside to wait for her father. " Im sorry for your loss-what does he care!" she fumed to herself.

Over the अगला 2 years things got even और ugly between Leia and Lord Vader as she continued her mission for peace and justice; while Vader continued to ensue fear into the hearts of every creature in the galaxy.

Leia did manage to finally get the written details of the Death तारा, स्टार in hope for a weakness. Her ship the Tantive IV was on route to her घर planet from receiving the stolen information.

" R2-D2 come here, आप have to see these plans safely to...
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