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posted by mhs1025
Laurent was now 14 and he wanted to be like his mother-a Jedi. Ahsoka was worried द्वारा this. She didn't want Laurent to go through what SHE went through. Of course, he thought his mother was just exaggerating. He wanted to help serve his galaxy. He wanted to be a hero.

Laurent and his mother were having an argument one day. "Why do आप exaggerate over that?" he asked in protest. "I'm your mother! I have a right to worry about you!" Ahsoka argued. Laurent got even angrier. "Why can't आप support my decision to be a Jedi?" he shouted. "Because आप have your own place." Ahsoka answered about the...
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Some of y'all are probably wondering why I wrote about Ahsoka killing herself. I felt it was time for me to explain that. After watching the season 5 finale, I had this urge to write about her taking her life. At first, I told myself I wasn't going to do that because it might make some of her प्रशंसकों angry. Then it grew on me. I was like "OK, I'll write something very brief.". Then it REALLY grew. आप can read about it all in my tid-bits called "Secrets" and "The confrontation.".

Now on to why I decided to write something positive about Ahsoka. I felt after mentioning her killing herself in "Getting...
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Master Sinube, Anakin and Ahsoka followed द्वारा Rex and his troops lead the now homeless S'alebacians away from the ruined building. The ground shook constantly and Sinube ventured ahead to investigate if the road were stable enough. "Be careful, Master," Ahsoka कहा seeing the elderly Jedi moving ahead of them.
"She's right, Master Sinube," Anakin answered, "i'd hate to lose you."
"Don't worry, children," he कहा taking their hands in his own, "I've been around long enough to watch out for myself."
The two young Jedi nodded and motioned to Rex and the troops who were still helping the still frightened...
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posted by mhs1025
Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Nakoma were on their way back to Coruscant after a grueling 2-day mission. All 3 of them were tired. After they boarded the ship, they instantly fell asleep. The mission they were on was to protect a small village from anymore invasions. Every hour, the 3-some fought off predators! "Thankfully, that's over!" Obi-Wan had remarked hours before they were to board the ship home. All he, Anakin, and Nakoma wanted to do after that was rest.

Nakoma was the first person to wake up from her slumber. She glanced over at Anakin and Obi-Wan who were still sleeping before walking to...
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She's very protective. I wanted her to be bold in a way so you'd get to know her like a Jedi more. She puts herself in positions where she wants to save her loved ones.

She's generous. I wanted her to have a soft side as well. I wanted to make her that way so you'd प्यार her even more.

She's selfless. NO selfish sides to her at all! This is also a trait I have. I wanted to pass this down to this character.

She's passionate. Despite the fact she can't talk, she still strives to be one of the best Jedi out there. I decided to make her like this because आप don't really hear about "handicap Jedi"....
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posted by mhs1025
Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Nakoma were coming back from a mission. Nakoma liked going on missions with Obi-Wan. It just gave her an extra someone to pal around with. But after this mission though, there was something that seemed off to her. She could've sworn she saw a ghost coming to Obi-Wan's aid. या was she just imagining things? She was about to find out.

"We have to tell her about Ivory." Anakin stated. "I'd like to keep this a secret." Obi-Wan replied. "Obi-Wan, it's not like she'll tell the council about her." Anakin said. "Trust me-some things are better kept secret." Obi-Wan stated. Anakin...
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संगीत video tribute to Cad Bane done to a song about Cad Bane.
cad bane
संगीत video
प्रशंसक video
AMV tribute to Cad Bane including dialog with some लंडन Symphony Orchestra संगीत in the background.
cad bane
संगीत video
प्रशंसक video
added by GalindaGirl
A hilarous video done द्वारा SkyguysSkygirl enjoy
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clone wars
तारा, स्टार wars the clone wars
The two ships flew towards the mountain range that seemed so far away. The sky continued to darken and Master Sinube took some readings.
"Anakin," he कहा to the young Jedi, "There is evidence of wind rotation in the बादल cover and the wind speeds are increasing."
"Whoa!!" came a cry over the tranceiver.
"Rex, are आप boys okay?" Anakin asked sensing the troopers' fear.
"That was some wicked turbulance," the clone captain answered back, "I don't think the "NIGHTMARE can take much और of this."
"Hold on, we'll be at the mountain range soon."
Ahsoka glanced back at the S'alebacians seeing the fear...
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posted by lovingflame
Sideous growled at his subordinates, truely they were so patheticly unworthy. Yet Anakin was not at the crisis point to make him susceptable to the dark side."I have reports that Geinosis has been लॉस्ट to us for good.As the क्वीन has been dissolved द्वारा some rumoured genius."
Count Dooku, frowned. "It is no rumour.Though to strike at Arcane would not be prudent. It would only gain him sympathy and protection." General Grievous cought angerily. "Their losses were great .They do not have enough to protect such an asset.
We should find him and crush him." Grievous made a fist to demonstrate it further....
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THe RESOLUTE came out of hyperspace not far from S'alebac. Admiral Yularen frowned at the पढ़ना on the clone officers' consoles. Even though S'alebac was still aways off it could be seen that the planet was in trouble. It appeared to be wobbling on its axis. Dark clouds covered the surface and flashes of lightening shown through the maelstrom.
"S'alebac," Master Sinube कहा as he closed his eyes and opened himself up to the Force.
Anakin and Ahsoka watched him and did the same thing. What they felt through the Force was not unlike being hit द्वारा a blaster bolt.
Ahsoka began to sob and even though...
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Admiral Yularen stood at attention listening to General Skywalker fill him in on the mission.
"We won't be able to establish a stable orbit around S'alebac," he कहा giving the much younger man a frown of concern.
"I've thought about that, Admiral," Anakin said, "We'll come out of hyperspace in the vicinity of S'alebac long enough to launch the TWILIGHT and a gunship to land on the planet. आप and the RESOLUTE can wait for us past the planet's largest moon. That will protect आप from the gravatational anomalies around the planet."
"General Skywalker," one of the bridge officers said,"We know the...
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Author's Note: I've been having psychic dreams about this. There will be 4 parts to this movie.

They let go.

Barriss: No. We shouldn't do this. It's against the jedi order!

Quinlan: Your the only one who fits me perfectly, so why not?

Barriss: I just कहा it!

Quinlan: Look, as long as we keep it a secret, no one will know.

Barriss: I guess.

Rex: He called आप two gorgeous...
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Barriss: Oh my god!! I can't wait for आप to meet Quinlan!

Ahsoka: Yeah, I...can't...wait.

Barriss and Ahsoka were at Coruscant Park where all the children and teens hung out.
They were waiting for Quinlan Vos to arrive.

Barriss sees Quinlan and runs to him.

Barriss: Oh my god!! Quinlan it's you! You've changed, ever since middle school!

Quinlan: Right back at ya!!

They both hug of expecting their presence.

Barriss: Quinlan, this is Ahsoka.

Ahsoka walks towards them.

Barriss: Quinlan, Ahsoka. Ahsoka, Quinlan.

Quinlan: Nice to meet you.

Ahsoka: Barriss has told me SO much about you! Literally....

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The अगला morning, Ahsoka had woken up. She got up and stood there.

Ahsoka: *thinking* Where...am....I?

Rex comes out of the bathroom and waves.

Rex: Morning, love.

Ahsoka: *yawns* Did I....stay overnight?

Rex comes closer to her.

Rex: Yes. Yes आप did.

Ahsoka: *yawns* Oh, ok. I should be going now.

Rex: Alright.

They किस right before she leaves and walks out the door.

She gets back to her room and turns the PC on.


TanoGal17 logs on.

OffeeBarriss logs on.

TanoGal17: Barriss, omg, I just found out that I stayed overnight in Rex's dorm.

OffeeBarriss: *faints* OMG!! R U kidding me?

TanoGal17: No.

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LOL! I <3 this!!! :D
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Another video done द्वारा SkyguysSkygirl enjoy
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