SS501 If आप met SS501 and they all asked आप on a तारीख, दिनांक ,who would आप chose and why ?

Pick one:
Leader ,who would take आप to his house order take and watch alien फिल्में !
YoungSaeng who would take आप out to रात का खाना and song your fav. song !
JungMin who would take आप to a theater दिखाना and then रात का खाना !
KyuJun who would take आप to an amusment park and buy आप whatever आप want !
HyungJun who would take आप on a picnic with the खाना he made and sing to आप !
तारीख, दिनांक all and have a party with your closest फ्रेंड्स !
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