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This Squirrels चित्र might contain पूर्वी ग्रे गिलहरी, बिल्ली गिलहरी, sciurus carolinensis, साइकोर्स कैरोलीनसिस, गिलहरी, and पेड़ गिलहरी.

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This लेख is reproduced verbatium from the BBC website.

"A scheme to collect information on squirrels द्वारा texting sightings has been relaunched in Aberdeen.

"The aim is to collect data on गिलहरी distribution द्वारा getting residents to रिपोर्ट seeing squirrels द्वारा sending a text message.

"Text-A-Squirrel was first launched in the city last साल as a two-week pilot.

"Sightings can be reported द्वारा texting RED या GREY, followed द्वारा the area, सड़क, स्ट्रीट या postcode where it was seen, and the person's name, to 88802.

"The pilot was launched द्वारा Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels, a partnership project including...
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