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This लेख is reproduced verbatium from the Daily Mail website 15/3/2011:

"This baby गिलहरी coils up into a tiny ball while his doting mother gently carries him across a branch and to the safety of his nest.

"The affectionate parent was taking her young son to their dray द्वारा softly picking him up द्वारा her mouth as he clung on to her fur.

"The mother, an African पेड़ squirrel, scurried along the branch with her child wrapped around her and took him to a new nest she had just finished building.

"Morkel, 28, who was on holiday with his wife, कहा he just happened to be in the right place at the...
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 Skippy the गिलहरी
Skippy the Squirrel
This लेख is reproduced verbatim from link द्वारा Laura Simpson.

The लेख came originally from: link

Written द्वारा Donna Ann Armentrout of Missouri (USA)

I was driving घर from work one दिन with my son. As we passed a गिलहरी that had been hit on the road and was presumably dead, I glanced in my rearview mirror and thought I saw him twitch. I immediately pulled over and walked back to the गिलहरी lying in the middle of the road. Sure enough, he was still alive. And with every passing car, moved ever so slightly with what little life he had left in him. I knew from past experience — my younger...
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This लेख is reproduced verbatium from the BBC website.

"A scheme to collect information on squirrels द्वारा texting sightings has been relaunched in Aberdeen.

"The aim is to collect data on गिलहरी distribution द्वारा getting residents to रिपोर्ट seeing squirrels द्वारा sending a text message.

"Text-A-Squirrel was first launched in the city last साल as a two-week pilot.

"Sightings can be reported द्वारा texting RED या GREY, followed द्वारा the area, सड़क, स्ट्रीट या postcode where it was seen, and the person's name, to 88802.

"The pilot was launched द्वारा Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels, a partnership project including...
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