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Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip
As I किस both sexy lips, lips, lips
Hear the sound of your body drip, drip, drip
As I किस both sexy lips, lips, lips

I ain't afraid to drown, if that means I'm deep up in your ocean, yeah
Girl I'll drink आप down, sipping on your body all night
I just wanna take your legs an' लपेटें them round
Girl आप cummin' right now
My head to your chest feeling your heartbeat girl
Swimming all in your sea
And आप sweatin' all over me
Girl, lean forward, don't आप run girl
I don't want to be a मिनट man
Baby your just like a storm
Rainin' on me girl, your soakin' wet

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As much as I प्यार you
As much as I need you
And I cant stand you
Must everything आप do make me wanna smile
Can I not like आप for awhile? (No....)

You wont let me
You upset me girl
And then आप किस my lips
All of a sudden I forgive (that I was upset)
Can't remember what आप did

But I hate...
You know exactly what to do
So that I cant stay mad at you
For too long thats wrong

But I hate...
You know exactly how to touch
So that I dont want to fuss.. and fight no more
Said I despise that i adore you

And i hate how much i प्यार आप boy (yeah...)
I cant stand how much I need आप (I need you...)
And I hate how much...
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Best i ever had द्वारा मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक
*pop gum* dont have the play hate the game hun!! *smacks gum*
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your प्यार द्वारा nicki minaj
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:Daniel Dwayne "Diggy" Simmons III (born March 21, 1995) is an American reality star, fashion designer, and rapper. He is the सेकंड son of Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons, one of the founding members of influential hip hop group Run–D.M.C.. He released a mixtape, The First Flight, in December 2009. He eventually got his big break when he released freestyles to Drake's "Over" and subsequently Nas's "Made आप Look", and was noticed द्वारा labels, eventually signing with Atlantic RecordsSimmons was born on March 21, 1995 in Queens, New York the child of Joseph Simmons and Justine Simmons. He has three...
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I see आप driving 'round town
With the girl I प्यार and I'm like,
Forget you!
Oo, oo, oooo
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough, I'm like,
Forget you!
And forget her too!
Said, if I was richer, I'd still be with ya
ha, oh ain't that some shit?
ain't that some shit
And although there's pain in my chest
I still wish आप the best with a...
Forget you!
Oo, oo, oooo

Yeah I'm sorry, I can't afford a Ferrari,
But that don't mean I can't get आप there.
I guess he's an Xbox, and I'm और Atari,
But the way आप play your game ain't fair.

I pity the fool that falls in प्यार with आप oh
(oh shit she's a सोना digger)...
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I wanna
I wanna tease you
I want to please आप
I want to दिखाना आप baby
That I need you

I want your body
'Till the very last drop
I want आप to holler
When आप want me to stop

And who can प्यार आप like me (nobody)
Who can sex आप like me (nobody)
Who can treat आप like me now, baby (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)
And who can do it like me (nobody)
And who can give आप what आप need (nobody)
Who can do आप all night long (nobody)
Nobody, baby (nobody)

I want the night
For me and you
So come here baby
And let me do it to you

Don't be afraid
'Cuz I won't bite
I promise to give it to you
Just the way you...
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Suppose I called आप up tonight
And told आप that I प्यार you
And suppose I कहा I wanna come back home
And suppose I cried and कहा I think I finally learned my lesson
And I'm tired of spending all my time alone
If I told आप that I realize you're all I ever wanted
And it's killing me to be so far away
Would आप tell me that आप प्यार me to
And whould we cry together
Would आप simply laugh at me and say

I told आप so
Oh, I told आप so
I told आप someday you'd come crawling back and asking me to take आप in
I told आप so
But आप had to go
Now I found somebody new and आप will never break my दिल into again...
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Money to blow / Birdman, Drake, and lil wayne

[Drake:] Yea, coming to आप live from the city of Houstaltantavegas
[Birdman:] So what it do young nigga'? 100

I am on a 24 hour
Champagne diet
Spillin' while I'm sippin'
I encourage आप to try it
I'm probably just sayin that cause
I don't have to buy it
The club owner supply it
Boy I'm on that fly shit
I am what everyboby in my past don't want me be
Guess what, I made it
I'm the muthafucking man
I just want आप to see
Come take a look
Get a load of this nigga
Quit frontin on me
Don't come around and try to gas me up
I like runnin on E
I'm on my...
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आप needed to go and let him know right now. (right now).
Cause he don't even know how to make आप smile.
Y'all don't even makin love, see it's over baby.
He spend all his night at the strip club. (strip club).
When what he got at घर girl is real love. (real love).
I'm nothing like him.
You need to leave him.
Baby, yea yea ooooh...

Go and tell your man that you've found somebody new.
Go and tell your man that you've found somebody who.
Go and tell your man that you've found somebody,
Who can प्यार आप better, I can प्यार आप better. (Go ahead baby).
Go and tell your man that you've found somebody new (Yeah...
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