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 Spongebob & Patrick
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spongebob & patrick
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This स्पंज बॉब स्क्वायर पेंट्स वॉलपेपर might contain ठेला, बगीचा गाड़ी, लॉन गाड़ी, wheelbarrow, बैरो, बगीचे की गाड़ी, ठिकाने, बगीचे की टोकरी, and लॉन की टोकरी.

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I came to prance(prance 4 times)
I came to prance with all my friends(friends 4 times)
Then I decide to beat my lash(lash 4 times)
Give me some अंतरिक्ष from all those clams(clams 4 times)
Yeah,yeah.Bubbles go on and on and on--------
Yeah they go on and on and on--------yea-eah!
I throw my sponge hands in the water sometimes.
Sayin',"Eeeehhhyo!My hands are yel---------low!"
I wanna cel-a-brate,no sleep to-night!
Sayin',"Eeeehhhyo!Patrick,le-------t's go!"
'Cause I'm gonna soak this tub.
I'm gonna laugh all night.
We gonna toss some kelp,like it's Sponge-a-mite!
'Cause I absorbed it once!
Now I absorbed it...
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They यूट्यूब poop on the robot.
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"Lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" SpongeBob sang as he was running घर from work one day.He loved गाना every time he came घर from work,even when the neighbors threaten to have him arrested because it's so annoying to them.Little did the foolish sponge know that these अगला few weeks will be the most depressing of his life...
SpongeBob skipped up to his front door and noticed a letter poorly taped to it.He ripped it off and carefully read it:

SpongeBob SqaurePants,I hate आप too much to let आप live any longer.I WILL murder you.And if आप try to stop me,I'll bring your sorry little...
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