Ok so I have an idea for spirit 2 movie-

It starts off with the same beginning, with the eagle and everything, but instead of Esperanza giving birth, it's rain giving birth to Storm. (Yes I think their son is storm, look it up...) it shows them all happy with their new बछेड़ा like it did with 1. Meanwhile, at the cowboys' the chief is sick and very ill. His son has heard stories about spirit, the horse his father could not tame, and in revenge, sets out to capture spirit. But instead, he finds storm and holds him captive. He gives the बछेड़ा, फोल to his father. Spirit and rain set out to claim storm, and along the way, find little creek, chieftain of the tribe! He journeys with the two घोड़े to capture storm, and खाना for his sick tribe. And he's turned into a comedian for the सेकंड movie. A war starts for the three unlikes, mustangs, Indians, and cowboys, who will win? The answer is mustangs, and they give storm to little creek, thanking him in the end. -

Thank आप everyone for पढ़ना it, it is just what I would do for spirit 2 movie.