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 South Park bracelet
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My hand-made jewelry, including this adorable South Park bracelet, is available at www.bonanza.com/booths/anitasthings
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आप may have heard lately that kyle is being killed off this season due to a severe injury from the humancentipad episode. there was a secret commercial aired on august 12th at 3:00 am last month, which alot of प्रशंसकों did not see and are trying to deny this fact. i had seen it for myself though. so i know this is true. it was aired secretly so only a select amount of people would see it, as matt and trey intended it. here is what i heard from matt and trey word for word:

1. MATT: we are killing off kyle this fall because we feel that nobody lives very long after being a humancentipad. and we also...
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