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If the lamps of linked souls point to your दिल do आप hear the echoes n so ow stronger than words?

we barley look each other in the eye yet our fates are becoming eterwined our deations overlap completely so run with me though the slipery night though the glare that comes from being to tencouis may carry over into bad dreams

if the lamps of linked souls point to your दिल do आप hear the echoes now stronger than words the reason why we ever met don't matter we are drawn together

the और we are hurt in te momments we touch the clearer things become!
posted by numnumyellow67
 Hiyame Kiju and Mison
Hiyame Kiju and Mison
Link to last part: link

After, I was named "Subject Four", they named my friend "Subject Nine".
I didn't know what to do, just picked up and taken to some place I didn't even know about.
I feared for myself, but I feared और for Nine.
What could I do?
---------------------------------------------------7 years later--------------------------------------------------------
"Hiyame,Kiju and Mison, come to the death room".
"Oh great" thought Hiyame. "What did we do?".
"Well," कहा Mison "We better go".
"Miss Maka, may we be excused?" कहा Kiju.
Hiyame, Kiju and Mison looked at the teacher, the woman...
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posted by numnumyellow67
40 years after the kishin was reborn

on the outskirts of Akioma village

It was a warm day, and _____ and I were in Aki River playing.
I was having a good time, but I couldn't help but wonder, " Do I have to be somewhere else right now?"
But that thought left my mind entirely when Dajaku, the village "bully" came up.
" Hey, stupid! your house is on fire!" He कहा with a smirk.
" Yeah right, Dajaku," I कहा with a frown.
" Like आप would ever tell the truth ".
He stomped angrily.
" Fine! " He yelled "Don't believe me! But when आप go back home, don't come crying to me! ".
He stomped off, with the most...
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posted by zerorin

The world is in the brink of complete chaos because of the approaching rebirth of Demon gods known as Kishin. In order for this not to happen, fighters are recruit to maintain the peace and harmony in the world.
These so-called fighters are actually students;trained in one school called Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakko (Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School) या Shibusen for short.The school is led द्वारा Shinigami-sama (Master Shinigami) himself who watches his students with प्यार and care.Each fighter (called Meister) is entitled...
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