Sonic had just come back from school at Möbius Prime High. He laid on the king sized बिस्तर his parents bought him for his birthday and he quietly prayed. He wondered when his true प्यार would come and where they would come from. He hoped the person was hot, cute, and desired द्वारा many. Sonic dared himself and Shadow that if didn't have a mate द्वारा the end of the Prime Mating Season, he would have to pay him 400$ bucks. (Damn,) Sonic thought, (Why did I make such a shitty bet with Shadow? He's the major wiener of an asshole. He has some many girls going gaga over him, that he could've made 600 शिशु द्वारा now.) Shadow was extra लोकप्रिय with the ladies due to his low, sexy, growl when he got angry, his nice, toned abs, and his lusty personality. All he cared about a girl is if she reminded him of Maria of not. If she didn't, then Shadow would kick her नितंब, गधा into अगला weeks calendar. No girl resembled Maria in any way possible, but they all wanted Shadow to have their babies. Once, while Shadow was playing solitary against Sonic, a बिना सोचे समझे प्रशंसक gal popped out of the blue and asked for Shadow's signature. Course the girl went to the E.R. after 5 small seconds, but she sure did have some spirit. Sonic wanted someone like that, just like that. Extra cheery, soft to the touch, hot, and a bit gullible, so they could take his cheesy jokes. (Why am I so stupid? Can't I be attractive to just one person that I might have a crush on?) Sonic feel asleep that night pondering that question, and he didn't know the अगला दिन his prayers would be answered.

The schools Science teacher, Dr. Pingas, was happily doodling and explaining some smart things on the bored while half the class fell asleep. Jet was playing on his video games below his डेस्क and Wave was watching him google-eyed, and swooning like a घंटी, बेल bird. Big was petting his small frog and Espio was planning how to exterminate that piece of shit once and for all so he wouldn't get sat on द्वारा Big during wrestling class. Blaze was sleeping on her desk, drool reaching her गुलाबी highlighter she used to take notes. Tails and Cream were talking quietly and were busily working on some time capsule Tails wanted to do for the Science Fair. Amy brought her headphones with her and was listening to "My Sweet Passion." She was still overly obsessed over Sonic, but now to a degree. Amy doodled him on her notepad when she felt bored and constantly stared at him. Knuckles was making out with Rouge in the bad kids corner, starting to get at it. Sonic personality thought this was gross and inappropriate and he stuck his tongue out at them. Knuckles stopped for a brief moment and growled, "Watch it Sonic, don't make me पंच the wall." Sonic rolled his eyes and went back to doing his work. Scourge and Fiona were getting a bit naughty and adventurous, hiding behind the closet. Shadow was sitting down and meditating, his 6-pack दिखा रहा है through his Matryoshka-styled jacket. Then after a long घंटा of burning horrible science, the class zoomed outta the room faster than a group of jackrabbits. In swimming however, Sonic met the प्यार of his life.

The swimming teacher, Mina नेवला, मोंगोज़, मच्छाली was 39 years old and upbeat and cheery. Her skin was mustard yellow and purple dark hair in a ponytail was on चोटी, शीर्ष of her head. She wore her blue tank चोटी, शीर्ष and white water proof shorts. Some of the male teachers had their eyes on her because she was the perfect example of a wonderful woman. "Hey my class, we're going to have a swimming experience of the lifetime! We are also going to have a new student in our class!" Sonic's ears perked up. A new student? Maybe this might be his new mate....."SILVER!" Mina exclaimed happily before दिखा रहा है the class the new hedgehog. It was a male with pot-shaped hair, black lines at the corner of his eyes, white fluffy chest फर (much shaggier than Shadow's) and his skin was light silver. He had 14-karat सोना eyes and a perfectly white smile. Sonic turned a blush. Then a thought jumped into his petite mind: WHY IS HE BLUSHING!?!?!?! That hedgehog's a guy! But looking at the serene male made Sonic deadly horny. His dick was getting erect staring at Silver in his red uniform swim trunks. "Oh glob....." Sonic moaned in his mouth quietly. Shadow caught him and his jaw dropped down to the tiled floor. "Is Sonic gay....?" Shadow kept silent and kept a watchful eye on his blue faker friend. Silver was very polite, cute, a bit gullible, and friendly. Sonic finally got what he wished for: Except it was a freaking guy! Silver and Sonic knew each other for a while now, then Sonic decided to make his move.

Silver roamed around the hallway of his after school hours, smiling every now and then he saw the teachers. He was their प्रिय student, and he guessed everything right! Sonic was on the opposite hallway, ready to "politely" jump his white hedgehog friend. Silver loved Sonic secretly and smiled as he thought about the cool blue hero. Then Sonic pinned his future lover on the lockers and smiled lustfully. "Shit....I प्यार you." Silver breathed out breathlessly with a stroke of Sonic's cheek. Sonic smiled. His प्यार felt the same way? This was pure strokes of luck at best! "I प्यार आप more, my white prince." Sonic kissed Silver's soft lips and intertwined his tongue with his. Soft moans emitted from the gay couple, however this sight of liking the same sex could make the world blind. Silver stroked Sonic's member over his dark green jean shorts and Sonic shoved his hands up Silver's tightly packed body. "Shall we save this प्यार making at home?" कहा Sonic softly. Silver nodded and the couple walked घर hand in hand. Shadow watched and confronted them later. He had to fork up 400 big ones and Silver and Sonic had a good lifestyle.