विवरण silver is devestated becasue he लॉस्ट blaze in a car accedent soo to drown his pain he goes to a bar and orders some drinks
Silver: whiskey and keep thw shots going
Bartender: sure thing *hanfe silver a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass*
Silver: *pours his shot and drinks it and pours another* ugh damn it i should have been there with her i could have stop that accedent *sigh* not only do i lose my girl im going to lose my house i have no where to go i cant afford a hotel i cpuld proboly could find a box
Mysterious stanger: *walks up to silver* i herd आप had no where too go
Silver: yeah who are you
Mysterious stranger: its me sonic
Silver: oh हे sonic *sigh*
Sonic: if आप want ill let आप stay with me amy and i broke up and i got the house in the divorce settlement and its paid off
Silver:uhhh what the hell i dont have any where else to go
Sonic:great *grabs a shot glass* let us celebrate *pours a shot and drinks it* whoo thats strong
Silver: *chuckles* thanks for letteing me stay
Sonic: no problem buddy *gets up* आप ready
Silver: yeah *gets up and they leave the bar*
Sonic its not far from here *smiles* its a beutiful tonight
Silver: yeah it is *he smiles and they reach sonics house*
Sonic *opens the door* घर sweet घर *goes upstairs* oh this house has one down side amy wanted one बिस्तर room so i could spend और time with her so there is only one room but ill share my बिस्तर with आप silver
Silver:okay sonic *his stomache growles*
Sonic here ill make some thing too eat आप just relax on the सोफ़ा, सोफे *goes to the kitchen*
Silver:oh okay thanks sonic *sits on the couch*
Sonic *comes back with two chili dogs* here आप go
Silver thanks i प्यार chili कुत्ता *takes a bite and some of the chili drops and lands on silvers chest fur*
Sonic: ill get that *he licks off the chili from his fur*
Silver: ahh that tickles *he luaghs and finishes the chili dogs* hmm those where great chili dogs
Sonic: thank आप *yawns* well im going to बिस्तर आप coming
Silver: yeah *gets up and follows sonic to his room and sonic shuts the door and silver gets in bed* thanks for letting me stay
Sonic: your welcome *lays down and falls asleep*
Silver *gently gets under sonics arm and lays his head on his chest then he falls asleep to the sound of his hart beat*
The end of part 1