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 A hero is born
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Source: Googel adn my guy friend Trinity Remmers (Yes the last name is neccacary)
Nice job on waching your kid mom..
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sonic and ash`s house
silver-since u and ash have been together for about a month,i have somthing to दिखाना u.
sonic-what is it?
silver-(pulls out a triangle)its a hologram.as ash`s protector i`m going to दिखाना u what would have happened if ash chose shadow over u.
sonic-ok.lets see it.
silver turns on the triangle,it glows and opens up and the story unfolds.
6 months later
shadow is hosting a tailgating party ash is cooking for
sonic-why is ash doing everything?
shadow-cause`i wanted her to.
sonic-but all this just for the 2 of us?!
shadow-fine,u can help her if आप want.just make sure she dosent do anything...
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