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 Proof that Sonamy is real
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i had to admit it's a cute couple. but to tell आप the truth i never really believed Sonamy was a real Sonic couple. i actually always thought Sonic never loved her. but boy was i wrong. now that i've seen this i actually prefer Sonamy over Sonsal :)
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-The three हीरोस get back to the beach, where they can see the sun go over the horizon. and see Eggman's base.-
Sonic: Let's stop Eggman.
Tails: We're coming with you. We're not letting आप go alone, not what happened last time.
Sonic: Then go start up the X Tornado.
Knuckles: आप think we should rest? We'll need all the energy we can get.
Sonic: I'm not tired and the Chaos Emeralds give me energy. If आप want to stay आप can.
Knuckles: I'm going to help my best friend.
Tails: Come one Knuckles. Hop on!
-Sonic takes out the Chaos Emeralds. There was a flash of light and Sonic turns into Super Sonic.-...
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