Sonic प्रशंसक Characters FC Universe:Mobius's Darkest घंटा (Season 1 RP)

SonicFCLegends posted on Apr 16, 2014 at 05:26AM
After years of Sonic and his friends defeating the menacing Dr. Eggman,Metal Sonic was Eggman Nega who he has discovered a alternate universe.It was called the BlackVoid XL,where (Sonic FCs and OCs) have entered the Sonic Universe along with 5 planets,Yokobia,Kronicia,Ginotrexia,Seabys­sia­,an­d OmniMechia...all planets and species were at war with eachother,the madness was beginning to start where...the Yokobians have venture through Mobius into hiding from the Kronicia and the other planets.Now...years later...Kronicia and Yokobia became in peace with eachother,GinoTrexia was destroyed,now the SeaAbyssia and OmniMechia teamed up to conquer the planets....and rule the universe.Now the world is at war once new FCs shall fight alongside Sonic the Hedgehog...but are they friend...or foe?


-No Godmodding
-No swearing
-No lemon (*** RP)

-About your FC-

You have explain everything about your FC;
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एक साल  से अधिक पुराना Rachel_Savaya said…
(If this is still active, I'll be glad to join! :D I have a few FCs I can use....)

Name: Rachel Savaya
Age: 18
Species: Human/Fairy/Mermaid
Powers/Abilities: Light and Lightning magic attribute combo. a gift from the Thunder Nymphs allows rachel to errect a barrier around one friend so they can breathe underwater for up to 20 mins.
Personality: Kind, caring and upbeat, Rachel is adventurous, but prefers to adventure with someone else rather than solo.
Additional Facts/ Special History: Rachel already knows Sonic, in fact, she's very familiar with him. In my fanfic, she's been adventuring with Sonic since the stories of Sonic Adventure DX. Her and Sonic are an impecable team, and they have excellent coordination together.

(I'll start with her for now, see if this is even active anymore.)
 (If this is still active, I'll be glad to join! :D I have a few FCs I can use....) Name: Rachel Sa