Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. Pingas

Welcome to St. Louis in the साल 1961. Our main character is now driving his लिंकन Continental toward a railroad crossing, to find out how a train got derailed. "Morning Sarge" He कहा as he climbed out of his car. The workers of the railroad were not sure who this guy was, so he told them, "I'm Daniel Karr, St. Louis police department. I'm here to investigate what happened." One of the workers told him to go check on the engineer, he was sitting on the train tracks looking at his engine, a Norfolk & Western GP9. It was laying on it's side. "Are आप the engineer?" Dan asked. "Oh yes I am." "What can आप tell me about the derailment?" All the engineer knew was that it was caused द्वारा some missing rail spikes, so nothing was holding the track in place. After that, it was all over.

A few hours later Dan bought a wrecked Jaguar E Type, and towed it to a workshop where three of his फ्रेंड्स were waiting. They were Terence Alton, Percy Mitchell, and Kenny Donatelli. The four of them soon got to work cutting the car in half, and taking out it's serial number. They were going to switch that with the serial number of another E Type. That's what Dan was up to. There was nobody watching so the job was really easy. After switching the serial numbers, Dan drove the car out of the parking lot.

A half घंटा after stealing the E type, Dan met up with some mexicans that arrived at his house on motorcycles, "Hola." "Hello guys, आप got the list?" "Si." They gave it to Dan, along with a briefcase. One of them said, "The keys to the cars are inside this case. आप must get us 48 cars within 48 hours. Bring them all toward the St. Louis union station. The adress is on the सूची along with the cars आप have to get us." "Alright." Dan replied. The mexicans left, and Dan decided to make some calls.

Dan called the three of his फ्रेंड्स that were with him at the garage. They were now at the airport, about to steal two cadillacs, and a rolls royce when suddenly, "There it is." Dan whispered to Terence. One of the cars they had to steal was a Buick Special. Dan was walking toward it, and opened the door when suddenly, "Hey. What are आप doing?" An old black man asked angrily. Dan apologized, and left "Wrong car." He कहा to the others. "That special we need is at another place." Percy told him. He showed Dan the adress, and the four continued stealing the first three cars.

Later that day, which became night a drunk man was watching T.V with his wife, "Bill take the dog out." She said. "Why me?" he asked, "Because I कहा so!" She replied. "Goddamn bitch," Bill mumbled, as he put the leash on his dog's collar, and took him out for a walk. Just when he got out of his front door however, he saw a car roll down his driveway. It was a brand new Buick Special, "HEY! Where are आप going with my car?!" Bill shouted. The Buick took off, when Bill quickly got the dog back inside, and took off in a different car. He chased his other car, which was stolen द्वारा Dan BTW, and the two were soon flooring it down a city street. The police soon started chasing Bill, while Dan seemed to have disapeered. "All units, we have an नारंगी, ऑरेंज Pontiac Bonneville that just flipped a car." That's right, Bill flipped a car over while trying to find his buick. He was too busy to notice the cops behind him, until three और cop cars appeared in front of him. Bill finally stopped, "What are आप doing?" He asked getting out of his car. None of the cops कहा anything, but pushed him onto the हुड, डाकू of his car putting handcuffs on his wrists. "You're underarrest for a hit & run." The police sarge said. Bill was worried, "You don't understand! I was chasing after someone that चुरा लिया my car!" "Oh really?" "YES! It was a red Buick Special." They took Bill back to his house, and when they did, his car was in the garage, as if nothing happened. "What the fuck is my car doing here? Someone चुरा लिया it!" "Sir," The police seargent assured, "Your car seems to be right where आप left it. Now stay here while I tell your wife what's going on." Right when the cops started chasing Bill, Dan decided to return his car. It got Kenny mad, but the others understood.

The अगला दिन was going great. They were stealing all the cars that they needed until, "We got a problem with the E Type." Kenny said. "What?" Dan angrily asked. "I overheard the police saying that they found out the serial numbers were changed." "Then we only have one option." "No Dan, we are not crushing that car!" Kenny shouted. "We have to! It's our only option." And with that, Dan left.

He चुरा लिया a tow truck, and went to where the E type was. While putting the E type on the truck, a police car stopped द्वारा the dealership. The cop had a dog with him, and when he got out of his car, the dog was barking. What did Dan do? He pushed the cop car out of his way, and continued toward the scrapyard. The officer was still chasing him, until Dan blocked him off, making him hit another car. After that was over, Dan arrived at the scrapyard. He took the E type off the truck, and watched a क्रेन grab it. The once, scratchless car, was getting wrecked, and was dropped in a crusher, विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें into a million tiny peices that would be made into something else.

After Dan destroyed the E type, he walked toward a big rig. It was a Peterbilt, and when Dan चुरा लिया it, that thing was gone in 16 seconds. Even though Dan was stealing all these cars, he still worked for the police, and had to talk to someone. Dan चुरा लिया his car, but he didn't know that. "Can आप describe to me what it looks like?" "It's a Volkwagen Beetle." the man said. "Wow. It shouldn't be too hard to find then, this country has thousands of them." "Enough with the sarcasm," the man reminded, "And let me दिखाना आप what it looks like." He showed a picture, and the beetle was nothing like आप would expect. Instead of a crappy automobile that would only go 60 miles an hour, it was a race car, with a different body, and a और powerful engine. "Wow." Dan said, pretending like he never saw it before. "So yeah. Please get it back to me if आप can." the man said, "Don't worry I will get it back." Then that was the end of their conversation.

They did it, Dan & his team चुरा लिया all the cars they needed, but there was one problem. One of the cars they चुरा लिया was a Buick Special, and Terence made Dan return it for not being insured. Kenny went Pearl Harbor on Dan, and got beat up badly. Not only that, but he quit the team, and called the cops. So Fuck Kenny, let's continue with the story. Dan knew where he could find another Buick, which was insured. It was right अगला to the Gateway arch, but Dan didn't know that the police were watching him, thanks to someone that called for them. It was two police officers, one was a girl, and they were in a new Impala. Dan got in the buick, and when he चुरा लिया it, the cops were after him. "Good luck Dan." Percy said, he was in another car not getting involved in the chase. Dan had to keep driving until he लॉस्ट the cops, and they just hit his car. Dan made a right turn, and और cops were getting involved. He drove on the sidewalk for a while with many angry people telling him to watch where he was driving. Then he drove into a park, as और cop cars arrived, two of them blocked the exit so he couldn't get out. The officer driving the Impala got out, and pointed his gun Dan, "Get your hands on the windshield, and don't move!!" He couldn't हटाइए anyway due to a pedestrian laying on the ground in front of him, but he was moving out of the way. When he was completely out of the way, Dan floored it, as some cops shot his car. One bullet broke the breaklight, and another hit the front windshield. He made it onto the highway, and was leaving St. Louis when on the way out, he flipped a car over, and twenty morons ran into it. The cops made it past, but can they stop Dan? Let's keep reading, and find out.

I'm getting bored लेखन like "ohqiegs" कहा 03j0wti. So I'm लेखन like this from now on

Cop 1: rewthy
Cop 2: What?

Let's continue shall we?

toll guy: Hey, what the fuck?!
copper 75: The suspect just passed the poll.
copper 43: आप mean toll?
copper 75: Screw you.
Dan: *enters Illinois*
copper 43: Suspect is out of St. Louis.
copper 2: 1 baker 11, we're right behind him.
copper 43: Hey, are आप driving या is your boyfriend driving.
copper 2: He's not my boyfriend, just my partner.
copper 1: But I do think you're a sexy bitch.
Dan: *heads for Belleville*
copper 1: Attention, all units suspect is on the highway toward Belleville. He's driving a 1961 Buick Special, red in color he must be stopped at all costs.
copper 86: We're joining the pursuit.
chopper copper: He almost hit another car. Looks like he's going toward the park.
old man: *riding bike*
children: *flying kites*
Dan: *enters park*
old man: Look out!
Dan: *hits bike*
children: *scream while running in circles*
cops: *enter park* Attention, this is the police! Get out of our way, and into the Buick's way.
Dan: *stops द्वारा ditch*
copper 43: *goes in ditch*
copper 1: *spins out into ditch*
Dan: *drives away*
copper 1: *floors it*
copper 2: We're not moving!
copper 1: Damnit! We gotta push it out.
copper 43: You'll never get your car out, just wait for the tow truck.
copper 2: Why don't आप sit there, and watch my नितंब, गधा in action?
copper 43: Yes ma'am!
copper 25: We got him.
Dan: *stops car* Too many coppers around! Shit.
copper 36: *points shotgun*
captain: Hold your fire! Hold your fire!
Dan: *looks in mirror*
Captain: You're surronded. There's no place for आप to go!
cop 67: *driving toward Dan*
Dan: *gets in front of 67th cop*
Captain: Shoot him!
Coppers: *shoot their own man*
Captain: WRONG GUY!

Meanwhile far away 6 girls were cruising in a '52 लिंकन Capri.

Girl 3: OMG, he's so cute, but I don't know if I should तारीख, दिनांक him.
Girl 2: Why would आप तारीख, दिनांक a dog?
Girl 3: Because it's cute!

Back at the car chase

Dan: *exits park*
Captain: attention all units, the pursuit is not terminated, repeat not terminated!
Copper 1: Yes! It's out.
Copper 43: I'll be damned.
Copper 2: Dispatch, we're back in pursuit.
Dispatch: Are you?
Copper 2: Yes we are. What does she think we're doing? Having lunch?
Dan: *driving at 100 miles an hour*
person: *hits his car*
copper 34: What the hell?
Copper 2: Oh my god! Suspect is in a shitty situation!
Dan: *drives off highway*
Copper 23: Are we terminating the pursuit yet?
Captain: That is negative, pursuit is not terminated.

Dan made it into another town.

Bikers: *riding bikes*
Dan: *pass bikers*
Coppers: *follow*
Bikers: *flip cops off*
Dan: *flies past intersection*
garbage man: *stops truck*
Copper 23: *drives into truck*
Chopper pilot: Attention all units, suspect is heading for the बी एम डब्ल्यू agency.
Black cops: *arrive at agency* Listen up! A police chase is heading toward here, and we want आप to stay away from the road.
Dan: *drives past black cops*
Copper 2: Stay on him. All units, suspect is now behind the बी एम डब्ल्यू dealership.
Copper 86: Block off the roads!
Dan: *gets on road*
Copper 86: He's heading for another dealership!
Dan: *enters dealership*
Copper 86: Unit 86, I just spotted the suspect. He has just entered the Pontiac dealership.

Not far away

Girl 4: This is a really cool car.
Girl 5: I want a गुलाबी beetle.
Girl 3: Me too.
Dan: *hits car*
Girl 2: Meanie! Say you're sorry!
Dan: *floors it*
Girl 1: He was not nice.
Copper 1: Oh god *hits car*
Girl 1: Even the cops are hitting my car!
Copper 1: Sorry! *drives in reverse*
Black woman: *drives into Copper 1's car*
Chopper copper: Attention, suspect is heading toward a car crash. It's not involved with the chase, but use caution in that area.
Dan: *drives toward crash*
50 coppers: *follows*
Dan: *goes right*
Copper 35: He just past my position!
Copper 1: Roger, we're on our way.
Doctor 1: Look out!!
Dan: *brakes*

But it was too late, and Dan hit the other car, and went airborne.

Copper 43: We can't get past these cars!
Dan: Haha!
Copper 1: How did he jump that car?
Dan: *stops at car wash* There's another Special just like mine.
Black man: Man, what happened to yo car?
Dan: आप know those parking lot attendants?
Black man: Do आप wanna spray wax?
Dan: No, just wash it.
Girl 6: This car is destroyed, but still running!
Girl 1: It'll be hard to start it up.
Girl 3: How are आप going to afford fixing it?
Girl 1: I don't know!

Dan is now trying to trick the owner of the other Buick. He was talking in a British accent.

Dan: Excuse me sir is this your car?
black man 2: Yup.
Dan: Would आप mind stepping into the manager's office? We have to rewash it.
black man 2: Rewash the car?
Dan: It won't be too long. *gets in car*
Copper 1: All units, the suspect must be trying to change the appearance of his car. Keep your eyes open for a heavily damaged Buick Special, red in color.
Dan: *drives other Buick*
Copper 53: We have set up a roadblock द्वारा the car wash, and are checking for our suspect. He has grey hair, and a black tuxedo.
Dan: What's up officer?
Copper 75: Can I see your driver's license?
Dan: *looks for it* How do I get back to St. Louis?
black man 2: Ah don't understand what's happening.
owner of carwash: Do आप know what your car looked like?
black man 2: It was a red Buick Special.

The damaged Buick then came out of the car wash.

Black man 2: What the fuck happened?! MY RIDE!!
Copper 56: There he is!
carwash owner: Hey! What is this?
Copper 56: आप are underarrest for Grand Theft.
carwash owner: I own a car wash!! How, and why would I steal cars?
Dan: Found it.
Copper 56: All units, we have the suspect in custody.
Copper 75: Forget it sir. आप can pass.
Dan: Ok.
Copper 75: Hold on, before आप go, To get to St. Louis आप gotta get go Route 231, highway 64.
Dan: Thank you. *drives away*
Girl 1: *tries to start car*
Girl 4: Come on
Girl 1: Please start. I'll give आप a blowjob *starts car*
Girl 6: You'd do what to the car?
Girl 1: *gets on highway* Nothing
Girl 5: आप gotta fix this, या you'll get a ticket.
Girl 1: Why?
Girl 5: For polutting the air!
Girl 1: We're women, I don't think anyone cares how much pollution we cause.
Girl 6: Hey, theres that guy in the Buick.
Girl 1: आप hit my car! Say you're sorry!
Girl 3: The engine's on fire!!
Dan: *revs engine* So long ladies! *drives away*
Girl 2: No! He didn't apologize!
Girl 4: Maybe he will अगला time we see him.
Girl 1: There won't be a अगला time.

Gone In 16 सेकंड्स - SeanTheHedgehog. Copyright 2013

Announcer: Here are three previews to other प्रशंसक fictions from SeanTheHedgehog.

CHiPs - 2015

Sargent Getraer: This is 15 Mary-1 to all units. Come down to headquarters for an important meeting.
Jon: Good thing we're not far.
Frank: Yeah. Just a mile, and a half away.

Theme Song (Start it at 0:22):

Jon & Frank: *Ride onto the highway*

SeanTheHedgehog & वींडवेकर्गाई430 Present


Starring the police ponies in order of appearance

Jon Baker
Frank Poncherello
Barry Baricza
Sargent Joseph Getraer
Arthur Grossman
Jesse Neighbor
Jebediah Turner
Sindy Cahill
Steve McLeash
Bobby Nelson
Harlan Arliss

Starring the bad guys

Leaf Pile
Gordon Suite
Tom Foolery
Mike Gonzo
And Windwakerguy430's Master Sword


In an abandoned warehouse, Gordon was talking to his friends. He wears a neck brace, because he has problems with his neck.

Gordon: *Turns a song on: * Okay everypony, gather around! We're gonna discuss the plan on stealing those cars.
Master Sword: *Walks over and sits down with every bad pony* What is it?
Gordon: I found out there was an informant, and so far, I got Tom, and Howard to get rid of him. So here's what we're gonna do. Our first car that we'll steal will be the Corvette. It's further away from Celestia's castle, so none of her royal guards will be able to catch us.
Master Sword: Seems simple.
Gordon: Of course it does. Leaf Pile!!
Leaf: Yes sir.
Gordon: You're stealing the Corvette. Get ready.
Leaf: I'm on it.
Gordon: *Goes to his car* I'll give आप a ride over there.
Leaf Pile: *Sits in the passenger seat*
Gordon: *Drives the car*

Con Mane: For Your I's Only - 2013

Amy: Wish me luck.
Con: आप know I will.
irish ponies: *flying airplanes toward him*
Con: But unfortunately I must go *casts spell*
Amy: Why are आप running?
Con: *grows wings*
Amy: या not.
Con: *flies up*
irish ponies: *shoot ground*
Con: *grab gun*
Irish pilot: *shoots gun*
Con: Great.
2nd irish pilot: I think it's time we shoot missiles at him!
Irish pilot: I agree lad. *activates launcher*
Con: *flies through trees*
Irish pilot: *shoots tree*
2nd Irish pilot: What were ye thinking?
Irish pilot: He moved, and I shot the पेड़ *crashes*
Con: *flies through cloud*
2nd Irish pilot: *shoots at him*
Canadian: *flying helicopter*
Con: *flies through chopper*
2nd Irish pilot: *flies under chopper*
Canadian: *grabs machine gun*
Con: *flies toward ground*
Canadian: *shoots pilot's wings*
2nd Irish pilot: *shoots Con's wings*
Con: *lands*
2nd irish pilot: *crashes*

The Pegasus That Wouldn't Quit - 2013

The sun was rising in Baltimare, as a few stallions were cleaning their house. इंद्रधनुष Dash was asleep in that building, and still is. She got there after Fluttershy was killed. But later on

Stallion 63: Lets go. हटाइए it!
Celestia: आप broke our wings. We can't हटाइए as fast as you.
Luna: You'll be sorry if आप kill us.
Stallion 54: Just keep moving. Wait a minute.
Stallion 63: What is it?
Stallion 54: I just thought I saw इंद्रधनुष Crash.
Nice Stallion: uh oh.
Stallion 54: *tries to look through window*
Nerdy pony: Hey! Guess what? I just invented a new thing called Multiplying! It's like adding, but आप get more, and it's much easier then-
Stallion 54: Get the fuck out of here!
Stallion 63: Did आप find her?
Stallion 54: No, just my imagination.
इंद्रधनुष Dash: God that was close.