आप must look at this picture for 20 सेकंड्स before continuing onto the अगला part of this प्रशंसक fiction

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbrYYqSd0HM

The following is an STH/AM6663 प्रशंसक Fiction

Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see. *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see.

On May 27, 2016, a war was started द्वारा a Hungarian named Gergely Szórád. He started this war on a website on the internet called Fanpop. He replaced an icon, using a picture that had Starlight Glimmer in it. Gergely also threatened to kill anyone that opposed the new आइकन he created. This angered millions, and विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें the My Little टट्टू fandom into two. The S.G. Bronies, (the bad guys), and the Anti S.G. Bronies, (the good guys.) This war also created a new law in April 12, 2018, all forms of entertainment were made illegal. This law was a gateway to making easy money on the internet, द्वारा uploading pictures, videos, and stories, much like this one.

One MLP प्रशंसक retired from the brony community immediately when the war started. Gergely tried to track him down, in an attempt to get the retired brony onto his side, but luck was not on Gergely's side. It was on the side of Sean Bodine.

Carter's Island, near Lockeport, Nova Scotia.
June 22, 2021

Sean: *Walks out of his house, and towards a sea plane. He climbs in, puts the key in the ignition, and starts the plane*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZm1_jtY1SQ

Sean: *Moves forward, and goes 75 miles an घंटा as he flies out of the water*
नाव Captain: Bodine? Come in Bodine! We need your help!!
Sean: This is Bodine, पढ़ना आप loud, and clear. Where are you?
नाव Captain: We're in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Clark's Harbor. S.G. Bronies are attacking us from every direction.
Sean: I'm on my way. Hang in there. *Flying west, to Clark's Harbor*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Sean: *Flying to Clark's Harbor*

A प्रशंसक Fiction about bronies, bounty hunters, people that make "illegal" entertainment, and दिखा रहा है how terrible Starlight Glimmer is.

Sean: *Going 100 miles an hour*


Starring Sean Bodine as himself
Triq267 as Britton Codaire
Someonebutnoone as Dan Noone
Kyle Hummel as himself
Jade_23 as Jade Gordon
वींडवेकर्गाई430 as Nik Craig
NocturnalMirage as Gergely Szórád
BTFlash as Brett Flasch
Alinah09 as Alinah Sorotado
Canada24 as Connor Noilles
And a made up character, Katie Hummel

Sean: *Getting towards Clark's Harbor* Captain, I see you. Keep fighting the S.G's. I'll be down to finish them off. *Decreasing altitude*
Gergely: Keep going!! We need $200,000, and we're out of here!
S.G. Bronies: *Throwing bags of money onto Gergely's boat*
Brett: This is a lot of money we're making.
Gergely: Correct. With this, we'll buy और weapons to crush everyone that doesn't like Starlight Glimmer.

Stop the song

Sean: *Shooting Gergely's boat*
S.G. Bronies: *Die*
Brett: What?!
Gergely: It's Sean!! Get snipers, and take him down!!
Sean: *Turns around, and shoots the snipers, as well as Brett*
Brett: *Dies*
Gergely: Connor, get a rocket launcher!
Connor: Right!! *Runs outside to the back of the नाव with a rocket launcher*
Sean: *Shoots Connor seventeen times*
Connor: *Dies*
Sean: *Talking on his loudspeaker* Attention Gergely Szórád! Surrender right now, and return the money!
Gergely: Fuck that, we're getting out of here!!
Sean: *Shoots the floor on Gergely's left side twenty times*
Gergely: Alright, fine!! We'll return the money!!
Sean: Good!
Captain: *With several guards. They take their money back*

Back at Carter's Island

Captain: Thank आप for your help Sean. *Gives Sean $8,000* I hope this is enough.
Sean: It's great. Thanks.
Captain: Well, I better be off. I don't want my नाव to be late. *Walks back to his cruise boat, while waving good bye to Sean*

Sunbathing was not something I usually did, but it's what I was doing in the afternoon after stopping Gergely, and the S.G Bronies from robbing a cruise liner.

Sean: *Listening to a radio*
Announcer: The war on entertainment is rapidly continuing everywhere. In Japan, 4 were killed, and 19 were wounded yesterday, when police officers caught a group of teenagers making a movie to अपलोड on YouTube. The police are keeping very close track of the people that अपलोड all forms of entertainment onto the internet, and bounty hunters are looking for them in various locations. In our अगला story, just a few hours पूर्व near Nova Scotia Canada, The Starlight Glimmer bronies were defeated द्वारा Sean Bodine, as they attempted to rob a boat, taking as much money as they could. One of our interviewers went over to them to ask questions, but this is all we got.
Alinah: *Leaning on Gergely*
Gergely: We're coming for आप Sean Bodine! *Annoyed with Alinah, and fights with her* Ugh, gah, agh! Get off me!!!
Announcer: I repeat. We're coming for आप Sean Bodine, Ugh, gah, agh. Get off me.
Sean: I think it's time for a visit to Ram Island.

Ram Island is another island near Nova Scotia, only this one is much bigger. On that island, is a bar/hotel. Jade Gordon runs it, and calls it, Jade's Place

Sean: *Lands his airplane on the water, on the northern section of the island*
Waiter: *Ties Sean's plane to the dock*
Sean: Thanks. *Climbs out of his plane, and onto the dock*
Waiter: Do आप have a reservation?
Sean: I'm फ्रेंड्स with Jade Gordon.
Waiter: Right this way. *Walks into Jade's place*

Song (Start at 2:45): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKqESnFmTmA

Waiter: *With Sean, at the bar* Ms. Gordon, a friend.
Jade: *Smiles* Sean, it's been so long since I've seen you.
Sean: It's good to see आप after all this time.
Jade: I'm feeling very lonely too. I want आप to have sex with me.
Sean: That's not what I came here for.
Jade: I need a dick as hard as yours!
Sean: Do आप act like this towards others?
Jade: Only to you. I am sexually attracted to you.
Sean: And आप wonder why I haven't seen आप in a long time. Let's do it.

Stop the song

Ten मिनटों later in the hotel area of the bar, I laid down अगला to Jade in her bed.

Jade: Did आप like it?
Sean: Yeah. I did. I couldn't help but notice that your breasts have gotten bigger.
Jade: I massage them a lot, and I've been eating plenty of tofu.
Sean: Is that right?
Jade: Mh-hmm.
Sean: Gergely कहा he's coming after me again.
Jade: So you're leaving?
Sean: Yeah. I'll head back to New Jersey, write some प्रशंसक fictions to make money-
Jade: प्रशंसक fictions? Sean, आप know the cops will kill आप if they see आप do that.
Sean: How can they? If I do it indoors, they won't know it's me.
Jade: They have ways of knowing.
Sean: I'll be careful. Can आप get someone to watch my place for me on Carter's Island while I'm gone?
Jade: Sure.
Sean: Alright, I'm going-
Jade: Wait! One और blowjob.
Sean: Make it quick.

Before leaving Ram Island, I met up with Nik Craig, and Britton Codaire.

Sean: हे fellas.
Nik: Sean!
Britton: How's it going?
Sean: Okay. I gotta get out of here though, otherwise, Gergely's army will track me down. Jade wants आप to watch my घर for me on Carter's Island. Know where it is?
Nik: I passed it a couple of times.
Britton: I've never been near Carter's Island.
Sean: आप guys can follow me there on your boats. That is, if आप can keep up.
Britton: I प्यार a good challenge.
Nik: Just follow me.
Britton: I know, I know.
Sean: *Walks to his plane* Come on. आप wanna race, या what?
Nik: Oh, I thought आप were joking.
Britton: I knew he was serious.

They were running to their boats द्वारा the time I got into my plane. Nik, and Britton both had speed boats. Nik's is yellow, and Britton's is blue.

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pufYaWyQTfk

Sean: *Going 30 miles an hour*
Nik & Britton: *Both going 20*
Britton: Hurry up before he goes into the air!
Sean: *Goes up into the air at 75*
Nik: Too late! His seaplane is already up!!
Sean: Now आप two will never catch me!

Two मिनटों later, when they arrived, I was there waiting. The song fades away as they park their boats near the shore.

Nik & Britton: *Putting anchors on the ground so their boats won't go away*
Sean: Okay. There's not much in the house. Just a रसोई, रसोईघर with enough खाना to last आप for two weeks. The bathroom is all of the way in the back, and there is a bed, and सोफ़ा, सोफे for आप to sleep on. TV reception here is very good, and so is the WiFi. *Goes to his laptop, and opens it* When आप need और food, hit the red button अगला to the mouse. It'll open a video chat with someone, and he'll bring आप anything आप want. The green button is for ordering other necessities.
Britton: Such as?
Sean: Anything that isn't food. *Leaves*
Nik: हे one और question! When do आप get back?
Sean: Two weeks! *Gets back into his sea plane*

Britton, and Nik watched Sean take off in his sea plane. After that, they wouldn't see each other for two weeks.

I was flying south, away from Nova Scotia, when Gergely spotted me from the ground below. I was too high up to notice him.

Gergely: That's Sean alright. I can tell द्वारा the paint scheme.
Alinah: Should we follow him, and try to have him killed?
Gergely: We won't try to have him killed. We will succeed in having him killed. Gather the troops.

40 मिनटों later

Nik: *Playing माइन्क्राफ्ट on the laptop* How the hell does this game still exist?
Britton: Oh dear god, आप hate that game? You're not a human.
Nik: So what Britton?

Dan Noone came onto the screen in a live chat

Nik: Dan? आप interrupted my माइन्क्राफ्ट game!
Britton: आप don't even like Minecraft.
Nik: I don't care!
Dan: I was spying on the Starlight Glimmer bronies. They're following Sean to New Jersey.
Nik: Does he know about it?
Dan: No. He's completely oblivious about it.
Britton: If he's not aware about them following him, we got to help.
Dan: Come see me at Jade's Place on Ram Island.
Nik: We'll be there. Give us three minutes. *Turns off the laptop* Come on Brit, we gotta go. *Leaves the house*
Britton: *Following Nik* Did आप just call me Brit? That's a girl's name.

I landed my sea plane at a small dock on the Delaware River, in Pennsylvania. The town I'm in is called Upper Black Eddy. I walked to a bridge which was a short distance from the dock, walked across the Delaware River on the bridge, and got to Milford. Taking a right on a narrow street, I soon found a brick house. The house belongs to Kyle Hummel

Sean: *Knocks on the door five times*
Kyle: *Opens the door, smiling as he sees me* Sean! What a pleasant surprise.
Sean: How are आप Kyle?
Kyle: Good. Come in.
Sean: *Walks into the house*
Kyle: *Closes the door*

We walk down to the basement

Kyle: How's the sea plane I built for you?
Sean: Beautiful. *Sits down with Kyle at a table*
Kyle: So what brings आप back here?
Sean: The Starlight Glimmer bronies were looking for me in Nova Scotia. I got out of there before they had a chance to spot me.
Kyle: How long do आप plan on staying here?
Sean: For two weeks. I'll write some प्रशंसक fictions for you.
Kyle: Good.

A helicopter flew over the Delaware River. Inside is Gergely.

Gergely: There's his sea plane.
Pilot: But the only place where we can land this thing is Trenton.
Gergely: That's fine. Get trucks, and tanks, and as many soldiers as आप can.
Pilot: Okay.

Nik, and Britton are riding their boats near Trenton. They will have to travel north to get to Milford, but the Delaware River is too shallow in a few areas, so they will rent a car.

Britton: When did Dan, and Jade say they would meet us in Milford?
Nik: In 30 minutes.
Britton: *Sees a helicopter* Look up there.
Nik: Any markings on it?
Britton: Not as far as I can tell.
Nik: Can आप see the people inside?
Britton: No. Let's stop our boats at the dock, and get onto dry land. We can get a better view up there. *Stops his boat*
Nik: *Stops his नाव behind Britton's* Go up there, I'll tie up the boats.
Britton: *Runs up a flight of stairs*
Pilot: *Waiting for a landing अंतरिक्ष to be cleared*
Gergely: How much longer do we have to wait?
Pilot: One pilot कहा his chopper would be up, and out of here in twelve seconds.
Britton: *Looking up at the helicopter* I don't know who the pilot is, and I can't see the guy sitting to his right.
Nik: *Runs up to Britton* आप see 'em?
Britton: Just the pilot. I can't see the guy sitting अगला to him though.
Pilot: *Flying towards a building with an available landing pad*
Britton: Must be nothing important. Let's get our rental car.

Meanwhile in Milford, I'm out for a walk with Kyle

Sean: *Turns left with Kyle to walk over the bridge crossing the Delaware River*
Kyle: आप have weapons. Machine बंदूकों on your sea plane, and a .38 in your pocket. Why don't आप fight back?
Sean: I've known Gergely for eight years. Even before the Starlight Glimmer war began, we were close buddies. I guess आप can say we still are. I don't want to kill him, and I don't want him killing me.
Kyle: What about his other soldiers?
Sean: I'll gladly kill them with no struggle, but Gergely is different.

A brand new Chevrolet Impala passes me and Kyle on the bridge, followed द्वारा a Chrysler 300 police car.

Police Officer: Stop your car! आप are wanted for creating a video!
Kyle: After seeing that chase, I understand.
Sean: Starlight Glimmer should never have been created. If the writers of My Little टट्टू never created her, none of this would have happened.
Kyle: Let's not worry about how it happened. Let's worry about stopping it.
Sean: That's what I've been doing for the past 5 years.

Nik, and Britton were leaving Trenton while Gergely was watching his army arrive.

S.G. Bronies: *Arriving in front of a big building in Ford Fusions, Mustangs, Russian trucks, and three Tiger tanks*
Gergely: Good work everyone! आप have arrived just in time. *Goes to a red mustang, and sits अगला to Alinah* Onward, northbound to Milford!
S.G Bronies: *Driving their vehicles*
Alinah: *Drives the Mustang* Once we get to Sean in Milford, he won't survive our attack.
Gergely: I am totally looking आगे to this battle. If we can't get Sean to शामिल होइए us, we will kill him. Then, we kill the Anti S.G. Bronies, and finish this war.

At the back of the convoy

Jade & Dan: *In Starlight Glimmer uniforms, together in a Mustang*
Dan: Now no one can hear us.
Jade: आप still have the rocket launcher?
Dan: Yes. I will take out the tiger tanks in front of us, and आप deal with the others.
Jade: Okay.

Back in Milford

Kyle: *Taking Sean to a मिठाई store*
Sean: What are we doing here?
Kyle: I want आप to meet my cousin who just moved into town. *Walks into the store with Sean* This is Katie.
Katie: *Working the cash register* Hello Kyle. Who's your friend?
Kyle: This is Sean. *Leans towards Katie, and whispers* i pay him to write प्रशंसक fictions.
Katie: How do आप get the money for that?
Kyle: My job as a dock manager in Frenchtown.
Sean: Frenchtown doesn't have any docks.
Kyle: It has one now. That town has gotten bigger since आप moved up into Canada. It's where The Bridge Cafe used to be.
Sean: The Bridge Cafe closed?
Kyle: Yep. On the bright side, I get paid ten grand for unloading every नाव that comes into the dock.
Sean: I'm proud of आप Kyle.
Katie: And I'm proud of you, entertaining my cousin. I could entertain आप too, if we date.
Sean: *Looks at Kyle, awaiting his approval*
Kyle: आप two will be good together.
Sean: Very well, I accept.
Katie: Yay!
Kyle: We'll be back at my place after आप finish your work.
Katie: I'll be there.
Sean: So will I. See you. *Leaves with Kyle*

Me, and Kyle are walking back to Kyle's house. We are almost inside.

Nik: *Honks his horn five times*
Sean & Kyle: *Turn around, and see Nik, with Britton*
Nik: *Stops the car*
Sean: What are आप two doing here?
Nik: Get in Sean, we don't have much time.
Sean: Sorry Kyle. Looks like the S.G's are catching up to me again. *About to get in*
Kyle: *Grabs his shoulder* Wait. Don't leave. Why don't आप fight back?
Britton: Yes, I endorse his idea.
Nik: I agree as well.
Sean: Alright alright. I'll do it.
Kyle: That's the spirit.
Nik: Hooray!
Kyle: I even have some weapons inside my house if आप would like to use some.
Sean: Sure.
Kyle: What about आप two?
Nik: We have M4 rifles with grenade launchers.
Britton: I think we'll be okay with those.
Sean: Let's see what आप got Kyle.

The four of us enter his house.

Kyle: *Leading the others to his weapons, taking two lefts into another room* It's all in the closet. Help yourself to anything आप want.
Sean: *Takes a Type 95* Always liked using these बंदूकों in Modern Warfare 3. *Takes a Walther P99, and three C4 charges* With this, and my .38 revolver, I'll do some damage against them.
Kyle: और ammo is in the blue box.
Sean: *Gets और ammo for his P99, and Type 95*
Kyle: Alright. *Puts 5 grenades in his pocket while talking in a British accent* I'll be taking this lot. *Grabs a Remington 700 Sniper Rifle, returning to his normal accent* And this rifle. *Grabbing और bullets for his rifle*
Britton: Gergely, and his men aren't stupid. They'll spot us in the open if we don't find a good hiding spot.
Sean: We can hide in the trees, and the terrain अगला to the abandoned train track has a slope which will give us good cover.
Britton: Okay. You, and Nik hide on the slope. Kyle, आप stick with me.
Kyle: Alright, I think we got everything covered.
Sean: What about Katie? When does she get here?
Kyle: She'll be alright. Katie's wise, and is very good at defending herself.
Sean: In that case, let's get into position.

I run out of Kyle's house with Nik, and Kyle sticked with Britton.

Sean & Nik: *Laying on the slope अगला to the train track*
Kyle & Britton: *Hiding behind a feed mill near the trees*
Sean: They won't see us here.
Nik: Good.
Sean: *Hears the convoy* Here they come.
S.G Bronies: *Letting the tanks go up first*
Sean: Tanks?
Nik: Restored Tiger Tanks.
Kyle & Britton: *Watching from behind the feed mill*
S.G Tank Man: *Moves the बुर्ज to the right*
Britton: Crap, I think we were spotted.
S.G Tank Man: *Begins to play संगीत out from the loudspeakers on the tank*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SndPb5XohYM

Kyle: Oh crap, they're playing music!! *Runs away with Britton*
S.G Tank Man: *Moving towards Kyle, and Britton*
Sean: Head closer to the river, I'll distract them.
Nik: *Runs to the Delaware River*
Sean: *Shoots five S.G Bronies, and throws a C4 charge at a tank, detonating it at the rear of the tank*

Two Fusions blew up when the charge went off, putting और damage onto the 3rd tank

S.G Tank Men: *Moving backwards, running over some of their own men*
Gergely: *Gets out of Alinah's Mustang* What the bloody hell is this rubbish?!
Dan: *Arrives with Jade in another Mustang* Alright, I'm going to take out those-
Jade: *Knocks Dan out with her MP40* I don't think so. *Gets out of the Mustang, running towards the battle*

Song: link

Nik: *Fires a grenade, destroying the 3rd tank*
S.G Tank Men: *Their path is blocked, so they cannot go backwards* We are stuck! We cannot go backwards!
Kyle: *Throws two grenades, damaging the first tank*
Britton: *Fires a grenade, destroying the first tank*
S.G Tank Man: *Stuck in the 2nd tank* I cannot हटाइए at all!! *Gets out of the tank*
Britton: *Shoots him*
Sean & Nik: *Laying down side द्वारा side, shooting S.G bronies running towards them*
Sean: So now आप understand why I left the fandom?
Nik: Yeah.
Jade: *Walking over to Gergely* Where are they?
Gergely: Our soldiers spotted Sean, and Nik over there. There's two others, we don't know where they are, या who they are. Thanks for getting Dan earlier.
Jade: The pleasure is all mine.
Alinah: Erotic pleasure, या normal pleasure?
Jade: Shut up Alinah.
Kyle: *Running to Sean, and Nik with Britton*
Britton: Where will we go?
Kyle: After getting the other two, we'll make them think we're running away, but ambush them on this trail.
Jade: I got an idea. They don't know I'm on your side. Yet. *Runs towards them*

Stop the song

Sean: Here comes Kyle, and Britton.
Nik: And Jade.
Sean: Alright आप four, let's go.
Jade: Not so fast! *Points her gun at the others*
Sean: Jade..
Nik: Are आप crazy?
Britton: Do not betray us like this.
Jade: None of आप decide what I do. हटाइए it.

Jade makes the four of us surrender, and we will be placed in Kyle's house for interrogation, and execution.

Nik, Britton, and Kyle are sitting अगला to each other in the basement.

Nik: Where's Sean? Why couldn't आप have all four of us together?
Gergely: I ask the questions, but if आप must know, he's in another part of the house with Jade.

And this is what's happening

Jade: *Having sex with Sean, as he's tied to a chair* Oh, that's good right inside me right there.
Sean: Where's everyone else?
Jade: Let me ask the सवालों sugar.
Sean: *Cums inside Jade*
Jade: Oh....oh~<3 That felt great. Thank आप for that.
Sean: I don't know if I feel the same way.
Jade: आप mean to tell me, that आप ain't sexually attracted to me?
Sean: What do आप think I am, a sex object?! The way आप treat me is like we're in a movie द्वारा Universal Pictures.
Jade: आप could शामिल होइए the S.G. Bronies. आप don't have to fight with us over a character from a cartoon show.
Sean: Tell that to Gergely. There wouldn't be any fighting if it weren't for that goddamn Hungarian.
Jade: All he wanted was a new आइकन for the club on fanpop.
Sean: Well he didn't have to start a war over it.
Mirage: *Enters the room with Alinah* Jade? We're going to Upper Black Eddy to confiscate Sean's plane.
Sean: आप stay away from my sea plane!!
Alinah: We won't do anything bad to it.
Mirage: I just want it for myself. I might recolor it to plain black. See आप later Jade. *Leaves with Alinah*
Sean: So where are the other three? Nik, Britton, and Kyle?
Jade: Downstairs.
Sean: Are आप going to rape them too, या am I the only one you'll pleasure yourself with?
Jade: Just you.
Sean: And what about Dan? Did आप kill him, या were आप generous enough to spare his life, along with the rest of us?
Jade: He's in the house across the street.

In that house

S.G Brony 96: *Puts Dan in a chair* Wake up!! *Grabs a rope to tie him to the chair*
Dan: *Takes the MP44 on S.G Brony 96, and shoots him with it*
S.G Bronies: *Arriving*
Dan: *Shoots them, and runs downstairs, to get to the house that Sean is in*
Jade: Excuse me. *Grabs her MP40*
Dan: *Sees Jade, and shoots her to death*
S.G Bronies: *Running towards Dan*
Dan: *Shoots them*
Sean: *Tries to brake loose*
Dan: *Arrives* Let me help आप with that. *Shoots the rope*
Sean: *Is free* Thanks a lot Dan. *Goes into the closet* Kyle has और weapons in here. This is his house. *Finds a Model 625 Revolver* And he's got good taste. *Takes eight shells of ammo* The others are in the basement. Let's go. *Goes with Dan*

We pass Jade, and I also took Jade's MP40, along with five clips of ammo

Dan: *Shoots the four S.G bronies guarding Nik, Britton, and Kyle*
Sean: Look who came to our rescue.
Britton: Well done Dan.
Dan: Let's get out of here.
Nik: Where are our guns?
Sean: Just grab the guard's guns. We can't waste time looking for the ones they took from us. *Turns around to go up the stairs, but sees his .38 revolver on the ground behind the stairs* Give me a second. *Goes to get it. He also finds seven shells of ammo, each containing six bullets* They were even dumb enough to leave the ammo.
Dan: Now can we go?
Sean: Yeah. We need to get Gergely, and Alinah. They're heading across the river to steal my sea plane.

I leave Kyle's house with Kyle, Nik, Britton, and Dan.

Sean: *Leading the group past the vehicles that have been abandoned in the middle of the street*
S.G. Brony 55: *Hiding in the back of one of the Russian Trucks. He shoots Wind five times*
Sean: *Quickly turns around, and shoots him*
S.G. Brony 55: *Falls out of the truck after being shot*
Nik: *Slowly standing up, leaning on a Ford Fusion*
Sean: Britton, stay here and heal Nik's wounds.
Britton: I got it. *Finds a medical kit in another truck*
Sean: *Continues walking down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट with Kyle, and Dan* आप two watch our 6.
Kyle: *Nods. He, and Dan look behind Sean, walking backwards. They occasionally take a couple of glances to the side*
Sean: *Finds two S.G. Bronies standing near a house. He shoots them both with one bullet, and they die*
S.G Brony 95: *Comes out of a house from the left, carrying an MP44* HA!!!
Sean: *Shoots him in the neck*
S.G Brony 95: *Dead*

Four और S.G Bronies ran out of a restaurant to the left.

Sean: *Uses the MP40 to kill them*
S.G Brony 35: *In a building with a rifle. He fires one bullet, hitting the ground near Sean's left foot*
Sean: *Shoots the sniper three times*
S.G Brony 35: *Falls out the window, and dies*
Sean: *Using the model 625 again*
S.G Brony 47: *Using an MG42, firing 50 bullets in front of Sean*
Kyle: *Turns right, and shoots him*
S.G Brony 47: *Falls backwards, landing on the floor*
Dan: That was a good shot. *Shoots three S.G bronies running out of a bagel shop*
Sean: *Sees a sidewalk, and runs across the street*
Person 96: *Stops in his car, and turns around, scared after seeing Sean, Kyle, and Dan with their guns*
Sean: Never mind him, let's पार करना, क्रॉस that bridge. *Goes to the bridge with Kyle, and Dan*

I am crossing the bridge to Upper Black Eddy with Kyle, and Dan. A helicopter was flying over the Delaware River, carrying a Tiger Tank.

Kyle: Another Tiger Tank?
Dan: Where do they come from?
Sean: It's heading towards Gergely. He must have heard our guns, and ordered it to kill us.
Dan: Why that though? It just seems like a waste of time.
Sean: He doesn't want to take any chances.
S.G Pilot: *Lowering the Tiger tank onto the road*
People: *Honking the horns in their cars*
Alinah: *Shoots them*
Gergely: *On a Walkie Talkie* I'll give आप a call to pick this thing up once I'm finished.
S.G Pilot: 10-4 Mr. Szórád. Miss. Sorotado, you're needed in London. *Lowers a ladder for Alinah to climb*
Alinah: *Climbing the ladder, and gets on board the helicopter*

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzm1FbFqqUE

S.G Pilot: *Flying away* We have dispatched two choppers to send आप reinforcements. ETA, thirty seconds.
Gergely: Copy. I'll soon have those bastards eliminated.

The three of us are halfway across the bridge

Gergely: *Drives his tank onto the bridge in front of Sean, Kyle, and Dan*
Sean: Retreat! *Running back into Milford with Kyle, and Dan*
Gergely: *Using the main machine gun to shoot thirty five bullets, but he misses*
Sean: To the right! *Runs onto the right road with Kyle, and Dan, heading back to Kyle's house*
Gergely: *Fires a shot from the main cannon. It destroys the building, but does no damage to Sean, या his friends*
Kyle: Too close for comfort.
Sean: Honestly, if people are going to act like this nowadays, I wouldn't mind dying.
Gergely: *Turns the तोप to the right, firing the machine gun again*
Britton & Nik: *Hear the shots*
Nik: Machine gun fire.
Britton: It sounds like it's coming towards us.
Sean: Alright, to the left. Into the market. *Runs with Kyle, and Dan into the market* He can't see us from where he is on the bridge. We'll be okay in here for a surprise attack.
Gergely: *Gets off the bridge, entering Milford. He takes a right, and heads for Kyle's house*

The helicopters with reinforcements arrive near the bridge. Twelve soldiers go down a rope from the helicopter, landing in the middle of the street.

S.G Brony 70: Come on soldiers, to Mr. Szórád! *Running with the other soldiers to Gergely in his tank*
Market Owner: *Coming to Sean, Kyle, and Dan* What do आप three think you're doing in my खरीडिए with those guns?
Sean: Keep your voice down. आप wanna get killed द्वारा those people outside?
S.G Brony 85: Sir, me and Gongolla are checking out the market.
S.G Brony 70: Go ahead.
S.G Brony 85: *Walks with a partner to the market*
Dan: Too late, they're coming towards us.
Kyle: And what about Nik, and Britton?
Sean: They're tough. They can take care of themselves. Stay here, I'm going to create a diversion. *To the market owner* Give me the keys to your car.
Market Owner: You're out of your mind.
Sean: आप wanna die?
Market Owner: *Gives Sean the keys* It's the black Charger out front.
Sean: *Runs outside*
Kyle & Dan: *Move to the left so they won't get spotted*

I run into the Dodge Charger that's in front of the store.

Nik & Britton: *Hiding behind the destroyed tanks from the पूर्व battle*
Gergely: *Getting closer* Those vehicles are blocking my path. Why did I have to bring so many of them?
Sean: *Starts the car*
S.G Brony 70: *With S.G Brony 85 in the store. They hear the car*
Sean: *Turns to the left, and makes another left turn, onto the road that Gergely is on*
S.G Brony 70 & 85: *Running out the back*
Dan: *Shoots them* Take their ammo.
Kyle: *Goes to them, and takes the ammo*
Sean: *Driving towards Gergely, and running over the rest of the S.G. Bronies*
Gergely: *Turns the बुर्ज around to see the Charger*
Sean: *Jumps out of the car as it hits a Mustang, going airborne*
Gergely: *Shoots the car, but it lands on his tank. The tank blows up, and he dies*
Nik: *Looking at the tank*
Britton: Holy crap. How did that happen?

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLm37SghNp8

Sean: *Standing up*
Nik: Sean. *Running towards him with Britton* Sean!!
Sean: *Sees Nik, and Britton*
Nik & Britton: *Stop in front of Sean*
Britton: How the hell did आप manage to destroy that tank?
Sean: I crashed into it.
Nik: With Gergely dead, the war is over!
Sean: That's right. Let's go back to Kyle, and Dan. *Walks with Nik, and Britton to the market*
Dan: *Sees Sean with Nik, and Britton* He's coming back.
Kyle: Already? That was quick.
Katie: *Sees Kyle, and runs to him* Kyle, what are आप doing with that gun?!
Kyle: Fighting a war, which is probably already over.
Sean: *Returns with Nik, and Britton*
Katie: आप mean, the Starlight Glimmer war is over? *Hugs Sean* Oh you're my hero.
Sean: I don't feel like a hero.
Kyle: But आप ended the war. I know आप didn't want to kill Gergely, but believe me, he would've killed आप no matter what.
Nik: He's right. He was just about to kill me, and Britton if आप didn't crash into that tank.
Dan: What kind of a celebration is this?
Kyle: Dan is right. I know a place where we can celebrate. Follow me.

Everyone, except for Katie and Sean left the market.

Katie: Maybe, this will make आप feel like a hero. *Kisses Sean*
Sean: *Blushing* I don't know. Maybe a few more, and-
Katie: I know just what आप need. I'll give it to आप tonight, after the celebration.
Kyle: *Returns* Come on आप two. Aren't आप coming?
Sean: Yes we are. *Puts his arm around Katie's neck, and walks with her, behind everyone else*
Nik & Britton: *Walking down a sidewalk with Dan, and Kyle between Sean, and Katie*

Sean Bodine killed himself in early January, 2024
Alinah Sorotado was arrested for attempting to start a similar war in early Jaunary, 2025. She will stay in jail for the rest of her life
Nik Craig became a construction worker after the war ended
Britton Codaire became a movie director
Kyle Hummel still works at the dock in Frenchtown
Dan Noone started his own Rock & Roll band. He worked for Britton द्वारा लेखन a few songs for his फिल्में
Katie Hummel married Sean a few days after the war ended. She was killed in a train wreck on July 9, 2023, which lead to Sean's suicide

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog Production from July 1, 2016

Since this takes place five years in the future, we hope none of the stuff that happens actually takes place

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbrYYqSd0HM

The following is an STH/AM6663 प्रशंसक Fiction

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