In the first CHiPs प्रशंसक fic, the Canterlot Highway Patrol dealt with ponies stealing cars. Now they're going to deal with robbers.

For future reference, आप can find every CHP pony's picture from the roleplay. Their pictures are on pages 1-7: link

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Larry Wilcox as Jon Baker
And Erik Estrada as Frank Poncherello in...

Jon & Frank: *On their police motorcycles, riding on the highway*
Frank: I can't wait to get my brand new Camaro partner.
Jon: I can't wait either. You've been talking about it so much, I think that everyone we chase drive's one of those, and I mess up our reports. *Turns right*

They were about to go over the highway they were just on, when somepony on their radio was talking.

Dispatch: Units on highway 59, look out for a bank robber driving a white Cord convertible.
Arthur: Canterlot 15 Mary-5, was in pursuit, but I have a flat tire. The suspect's विवरण is a white earth pony, blue mane.
Jon: 15 Mary-3 to Mary-5, what direction is the suspect heading in?
Arthur: He's heading northbound.
Jon: Mary-3 and 4 are ahead of the suspect, we will be in pursuit. *Stops on the overpass*
Frank: *Stops behind Jon* Why are we stopping here?
Jon: *Adjusting his glasses* We can get a good view of our suspect when he passes द्वारा here.

And sure enough, he was.


Jon & Frank: *Turn around, and ride onto the highway*

CHiPs 2

Suspect: *Turns right after driving off the highway*

Also starring the Canterlot Highway Patrol ponies

Sargent Getraer
Barry Baricza

Jon & Frank: *Pass a Buick as they ride off the highway*

Arthur Grossman
Sindy Cahill
Jebediah Turner

Jon & Frank: *Turn right*
Suspect: *Driving fast through the center of town*

Bobby Nelson
Steve Mcleish
and Harlan Arliss

Jon & Frank: *Riding fast through the center of town. They're getting close to the suspect*
Suspect: *Turns left, passing a टट्टू in a scion*
Porsche Pony: *Loses a hubcap, हबैप from swerving out of the suspect's way, and crashes into the scion*
Bicycle Pony: *Riding through a parking lot, but turns right to avoid being hit द्वारा the suspect. He hits a Mercedes Benz, and flies over it before hitting the ground*
Suspect: *Turns left out of the parking lot*
Jon & Frank: *Pass the car accident with the Scion, and Porsche*
Frank: *Stops to check on the bicycle pony*
Jon: *On his own, hits the brakes and turns left*
Suspect: *On a dusty road, far ahead of Jon*

He could hear the sirens though, and passed a truck, heading up a पहाड़ी, हिल on a road with sharp turns.

Starring the bad guys

तेज़ गाड़ी, हाईबॉल

And introducing two new OC's

Rio & Malcolm, also starring as bad guys

The suspect was getting close to the चोटी, शीर्ष of the hill. At the चोटी, शीर्ष was a landfill.

Suspect: *Arrives at the landfill, and is now driving on dirt*
Jon: *Catching up to him*
Suspect: *Goes down a hill, but goes up another one. The car's tires cannot get any grip, so he stops the car in front of a bulldozer, and runs up a hill.*
Jon: *Stops his motorcycle behind the car*
Suspect: *Climbing up a steep hill, but when he gets to the top, he gets scared द्वारा a construction vehicle he doesn't see until the last second, and falls down all the way to the bottom*
Jon: *Runs to the suspect, and picks him up*
Jesse: *Arrives in his Suburban*

The suspect was arrested.

Malcolm was at his house with Rio, and तेज़ गाड़ी, हाईबॉल when Harry arrived.

Malcolm: Okay. How did it go?
Harry: Fine. We got another successful robbery on one of the tour buses in this city, but they got Quincy.
Rio: What happened?
Harry: We robbed the bank, and the distraction was going well, but the police blocked off our escape route. Quincy left in a stolen car while the rest of us ran through the alley ways.
Highball: Sounds like आप guys went through a lot to escape.
Malcolm: And they only got Quincy?
Harry: Yeah.
Malcolm: Alright, there's a chance the police might find out about what we're doing. We need to lay low until tomorrow.
Harry: What happens tomorrow?
Malcolm: We get a lot of visitors coming from England.
Rio: They got all of the good stuff there.
Highball: When we rob those ponies, I bet we'll find keys to a Rolls Royce, या an Aston Martin, या probably both.
Malcolm: I hope it's both. They're very good cars.

Speaking of good cars, Frank and Jon were going to check out Frank's new Camaro that he was going to buy. They were at the dealership, walking with the टट्टू working on Frank's car. They were walking past a lot of brand new Chevy's.

Dealership Pony: आप see Mr. Poncherello, we have lots of ponies buying brand new cars from our company, because they have great taste. It will take a while for आप to have your car.
Frank: When will my Camaro be ready?
Dealership Pony: Tomorrow. We're installing the chrome mirrors, and supercharging the engine at your request. आप do realize it will cost आप a fortune, I presume.
Jon: He's got the money, plus I'm lending him a few hundred bucks.
Dealership Pony: The Camaro is a very लोकप्रिय car from our company.
Frank: What other cars do ponies like to buy here?
Dealership Pony: Malibus, Corvettes, Impalas, Silverados, every model for 2016.
Jon: That sure sounds like a lot.
Frank: *Checks his watch* Thanks for the tour of your dealership sir, but we better get back on the road.
Dealership Pony: I understand. आप police ponies in Canterlot do a fine job of protecting our fine city from criminals.
Jon: Thanks for the compliments, but we're just the Highway Patrol.
Dealership Pony: That's fine. Not everyone can appreciate your talent, but I do.
Frank: *Smiles* Thanks again. Let's go Jon.

They left the dealership, and would be back tomorrow.

Jon, and Frank were riding back to Canterlot Highway Patrol headquarters.

Frank: I've been waiting three days for that car man!
Jon: Ponch, relax. You're going to get it tomorrow.
Frank: That's too far away for me. If that car was a mare, it would be Kate Upton.
Jon: आप प्यार it that much?
Frank: Yes. I can't wait to drive it.
Jon: *Looks ahead of him* Let's just hope आप don't drive like those ponies in front of us.

An accident occurred. A घोड़ा crashed into a green SUV.

Jon & Frank: *Stop on the side of the road, अगला to a blue Alfa Romeo convertible*
Frank: What happened here?
Molly: Daddy look, the police arrived.
Francis: Oh good.
Jon: Do आप know how this happened?
Francis: That घोड़ा swerved, and hit the SUV. I stopped, and called the Highway Patrol.
Frank: आप did the right thing.
Molly: One day, I wanna be on the Highway Patrol too.
Jon: *Smiles* And what's your name?
Molly: I'm Molly.
Francis: And I'm Francis, Molly's dad.
Jon: Nice to meet आप both. Ponch, I'm gonna control the traffic. Call for a wrecker. *Gets off his motorcycle to control the traffic*
Frank: Canterlot 15 Mary-4, an accident occurred on Highway 59. Request a wrecker to tow the cars away.
Dispatch: Ten-4.

50 मिनटों later, Jon and Frank got back to headquarters.

Sargent Getraer: *In the briefing room with everyone* We got reports of another bank robbery, and a tour bus being robbed. Some ponies, including the State Troopers think that these robberies are linked. The bank heists occur first to distract most of the officers while और ponies rob the tour buses. Watch out for that tomorrow. One और thing, this is for Frank Poncherello.
Frank: Yes?
Sargent Getraer: I understand you're buying a brand new Camaro, and my wife went on a business trip with my car. Would आप mind letting me borrow your car for a few days?
Frank: But Sarge I just got it. Isn't there someone else that can lend आप their car?
Sargent Getraer: What's that Frank? I didn't hear you. *Shows his Sarge's stripes* I was too busy getting something off my uniform.
Frank: Yes आप can borrow my car for a few days, but I don't get it until tomorrow.
Sargent Getraer: That's okay Frank.
Frank: How'd आप know about my new car?
Sargent Getraer: आप tend to doodle a lot when आप write your reports.
CHP Ponies: *Laughing*
Sargent Getraer: Okay, come back here tomorrow before 7, and get out on the road in your vehicles first thing when आप arrive.
CHP Ponies: Sure Sarge. *Leaving*

The अगला day, Frank arrived in his Camaro.

Sargent Getraer: *Watching Harlan install a police radio into Frank's Camaro* So this is your car.
Frank: Yep. Dark silver paint, chrome mirrors, a supercharged engine-
Harlan: And a very expensive radio. Don't damage it.
Frank: Hey, come on Harlan. आप think I'd destroy any part of my car on purpose?
Harlan: No but, accident's do happen.
Jon: *Arrives* हे Ponch, आप finally got your car.
Harlan: Alright, let's check your radio. *Turns on the radio*
Jesse: Canterlot 15 7-Ian, in pursuit of the bank robbers. Did anyone hear anything about a bus being robbed?
Barry: Canterlot 15 7-Adam, I'm near a bus terminal right now. If any one of them gets robbed, I can stop them.
Jon: Let's go undercover Sarge.
Sargent Getraer: Go ahead.
Frank: Alright! *Excited as he gets into his car with Jon*

At the bus terminal, a bus with British flags stopped.

Driver: Welcome to Canterlot, the richest city in the state of Neigh Jersey-
Malcolm: *Gets in the bus with Rio, and Highball* Which also has it's fair share of robberies. Get in the back. *Pulls the driver out of her seat*
Driver: *Goes to the back*
Malcolm: Rio, watch her. *Gets in the driver's seat*
Rio: *Watching the driver*
Malcolm: *Drives the bus*

None of them noticed Barry in his police car. He was behind the bus, and started going after them.

Barry: Canterlot 15 7-Adam, possible tour bus robbery on Unicorn Avenue.
Jon: Mary-3 and 4 going undercover in Ponch's Camaro.
Barry: Ten-4 Jon.

Song (With sound effects for a great पढ़ना experience):

Frank: *Drifts, and is behind Barry who is behind the tour bus with Malcolm and his फ्रेंड्स on it*
Barry: *Gets अगला to the bus, and puts on his police lights*

The bus was not slowing down.

Barry: *Talks on the loudspeaker* In the bus! Pull over immediately! Pull that bus over right now!
Malcolm: *Hits Barry's car*
Barry: *In a mixture of panic and rage* PULL THE BUS OVER IMMEDIATELY!! STOP THE BUS!!
Rio: *Nearly falls down into his सीट as Malcolm rams Barry again* Malcolm stop!! You're gonna hurt somebody!
Malcolm: *Not listening, and rams Barry again*
Barry: *Goes on the other side of the road, and crashes into a truck*
Malcolm: *Turns left, and goes onto a highway*
Frank: *Driving अगला to the bus*

They were now on the highway.

Jon: *Talks on the radio* 7-David this is Baker. If आप can hear me, we're on 405 for Nashville.
Jebediah: Ten-4 Jon, I'll bring आप help.
Frank: *Looks at the bus* हे man, is this quitting?
Jon: We दिखाना them the badge. *Gets his badge, sticking it out the window* Highway Patrol!! Pull it over!!!
Malcolm: *Hits Frank's car, and makes a mirror fall off*
Frank: हे man, that cost me some chrome, I could feel that.
Malcolm: *Hits Frank's car again*
Frank: *Gets in front of the bus, and goes to the right*
Malcolm: *Hits Frank's car again*

There was an accident on the side of the road, and Frank was being pushed towards it.

Jon: हे watch it!!
Frank: *Hits a slope on one of the cars, and is now driving on two wheels*
Jon: *Enjoying the calamity that Frank is in* हे Ponch.
Frank: हे don't bother me.
Jon: *Smiles* I wanna talk to you.
Frank: What about?
Jon: About what you're trying to do.
Frank: I'm gonna try and save my paint job.

The bus was gone. Frank had to make sure he had enough अंतरिक्ष to get his car back on four wheels while he was driving on the highway.

Frank: Is there anything on the right?
Jon: I can't see without shifting my weight.
Frank: Don't shift आप weight!! Don't don't. Don't shift your weight.
Jon: *Trying not to laugh* We're at the mercy, and instability of being on just two wheels.

Jebediah was catching up, and was enjoying what he was seeing.

Jebediah: *Looks at Frank's Camaro* Hey, Ponch is that you?!
Jon: Yeah Jeb, this is Ponch.
Jebediah: Uh, any special reason for that?
Jon: *Laughs* Is there anything on the right?
Jebediah: No it's clear. *Looks behind him, then back at Frank* I'll run a break for you.
Jon: Okay Ponch, we can come down now.
Frank: No let me do it. Let me do it!!
Jon: *Laughs*
Frank: *Moves towards the side of the road, and gets his car back on four wheels, stopping on the side of the road*
Jebediah: *Stops behind him*

Frank returned to CHP headquarters with Jon.

Harlan: *Sees Frank's Camaro* What have आप done?
Frank: Don't ask.
Jon: He drove on two wheels.
Harlan: Ah, that explains the two dents on your car.
Jon: There's two और on the left.
Harlan: Ugh.
Frank: *Annoyed* Thanks for telling him Jon. Harlan what really happened was that the tour bus bandits rammed me while I was pursuing them, and before आप ask, the radio is still fine.
Jon: Tested it out myself.
Harlan: Well that's good to know.

Later at Malcolm's house.

Hetford: How much did आप make from robbing that bus?
Malcolm: Six thousand dollars.
Rio: How did आप do with the police?
Sadren: The four of us had no problems on our end. What about आप guys?
Malcolm: We had a few cops on our tail, but I took care of them.
Rio: आप could have hurt them. Don't do that again.
Malcolm: Hey, how else were we supposed to lose them? They're never going to stop us, plus they can't chase us all the time if we keep damaging their vehicles like that. Know what I'm saying?
Rio: I guess so.
Malcolm: Tomorrow, we do the same thing. Hetford, there's another bank for your group to rob near highway 24. Lots of cops patrol that area, you'll get a good majority of them off our tails for us to rob our अगला bus.
Hetford: Right.
Highball: Oh Malcolm, one और thing I want to mention, your car just got back from the shop. That upgrade I got for आप will really make it fast.
Malcolm: Oh yes, for when we leave Canterlot, and हटाइए on to the अगला city.
Harry: आप got another upgrade for your car?
Malcolm: Yes. I recommend that आप do the same thing for your car so आप can get the rest of our team out of here.
Silver: Let's see your car.
Malcolm: Okay everypony, to the garage.

In the गेराज was a 1970 Plymouth.

Harry: That's your car?
Malcolm: With the upgrades I've been getting, it's got very great performance.
Harry: Okay.
Malcolm: Hey, at least it's better than your Malibu.
Rio: When do we make our escape?
Malcolm: In a few days. We will head west.

Later, the Canterlot Highway Patrol was having briefing.

Sargent Getraer: We chased the tour bus bandits, but they got away. The same with the bank robbers. आप can blame Bobby for that.
Bobby: It wasn't entirely my fault Sarge. Their car has better performance then my motorbike.
Sargent Getraer: Call for back up अगला time. As some of आप know, every motorcycle cop has a codename of 15 Mary, but as of now, mine is changing to S4. Every sargent is having theirs changed to refer to their rank. I'm S4. Remember that, we have six other Sargents in this outfit पोस्टेड around different parts of Canterlot. Oh, one और thing, if any of आप are interested, the Wonderbolts are putting on a दिखाना with Chitwood.
Steve: What's Chitwood?
Barry: It's a company that performs tricks with cars. What do they have planned this time Sarge?
Sargent Getraer: आप have to find out for yourself. The दिखाना airs on channel 71, if आप have Comcast. 15 if आप have Dish, like me. It airs at 6 tomorrow. Make sure आप don't miss it. That's it, so go protect our city's highways.
CHP Ponies: *Leaving*
Frank: I hope it doesn't take too long for Harlan to fix my car.
Jon: He has to fix four big dents Ponch. That could take a long time.
Frank: Which makes me want to catch those tour bus bandits even more. I'll दिखाना them who they're messing with.
Jon: *Smiles* Here here.

Later, at the bank on highway 24.

Francis: *Stops his car in the parking lot* Okay Molly, stay here. I'll be right bank. *Walks into the bank*
Harry: *Waiting in front of the bank in his Malibu* Okay Sadren, go get us some money.
Silver: और importantly, provide a good distraction for Malcolm, and his friends.
Sadren: *Goes into the bank, carrying a grenade* Alright everyone see this?! *Holding the grenade* Unless I get all of the money here, some of आप are gonna blow up. I have और of these, so don't tempt me!
Francis: हे mister, please don't do it.
Sadren: *Pulls the pin* Now, since I'm holding onto a certain part of the grenade, I am preventing it from exploding. If this grenade gets out of my grasp, some of आप will die. *Holding a bag with his other hoof* Now, give me the money.

The मेहराब, तिजोरी, कोष्ठ was opened, and Sadren was getting the money.

Sadren: *Gets the bag full* Thank आप for your cooperation. *Puts the pin back in the grenade*
Francis: *Turns on the alarm*
Silver: The alarm went off. Go!
Harry: What about Sadren?
Silver: He can steal a car. We're not getting arrested!
Hetford: हटाइए it!
Harry: *Floors it away from the bank*
Sadren: *Runs out of the bank* Guys!! *Spots Francis' Alfa Romeo* That blue परिवर्तनीय oughta do. *Runs into it*
Molly: *Screaming*
Francis: *Arrives* Molly!! *Runs toward the car*
Sadren: *Floors it*
Francis: *Jumps on the car, holding onto the back* Stop this car right now!
Francis: No can do. That grenade I was holding back at the bank was rubber, but this.. *Pulls out another grenade* Is real. If आप try to stop me, I blow up the car.

Francis couldn't do anything, as he held onto the car, not daring to do anything else. He wondered what Sadren had planned.

Sadren was driving to a scrapyard to kill Francis and Molly. However, he didn't notice Jon and Frank on their motorcycles.

Jon: Canterlot 15 Mary-3 and 4, we found one of the suspects from the bank robbery, it looks like he has two hostages with him. *Rides behind the car*
Frank: That other टट्टू is holding on for life Jon.
Jon: We need to catch up before he falls off.
Sadren: *Turns right into the scrapyard, and stops the car, and stops near a crane*
Francis: What are we doing here?
Sadren: Your car will be hoisted into the air द्वारा that क्रेन in front of us. It picks up anything made out of metal, and आप two are going to be in the car as it gets picked up. There's a machine nearby that will shred your car to pieces, and I also should mention, आप will be in the car when it gets shredded.
Molly: We can run away from you.
Sadren: आप can try, and get your legs blown off द्वारा my grenade. *Gets out, and walks to the crane* Don't try anything. *Goes into the crane*
Francis: Molly, I want आप to know everything is going to be okay.
Jon & Frank: *Arrive on their motorcycles*
Jon: *Talks on the radio* Suspect is in the scrapyard. We need back up, over.
Sindy: 7-Charles, responding. 800 yards from your location.
Sadren: Stay back! *Shows the grenade as he lowers the क्रेन to pick up the car* I'm going to lift those two ponies in their car, and drop them into the shredder.
Jon: They don't have to get hurt! Give me your grenade, and come out with your hooves up.
Sadren: *Lifts the car*
Frank: हे come on now!
Francis: *Jumps out*
Sadren: *Throws the grenade*
Jon: *Hits the grenade so it goes away from them*
Molly: Help!! He's putting me high in the air!
Francis: We have to save her.
Jon: I'll stop him. *Runs into the crane, and pushes Sadren out*
Frank: *Runs into the crane, and tries to lower the car* It's not working! *Looks behind him* Jon!
Jon: *Arresting Sadren* What is it Ponch?
Frank: A cable is going to snap! We need to get Molly out of that car now! If that cable snaps, the car falls!
Francis: I'm going with you.

They started to climb the arm of the crane, just as Sindy arrived:

The cable would snap in two minutes. They had to hurry.

Francis: *Climbing with Frank* Rope!
Sindy: *Throws a rope to Francis*
Francis: *Catches it*
Jon: *Puts Sadren in Sindy's car*
Molly: Help!
Frank: Hang on Molly, just hang on!
Francis: *Gives Frank the rope*

The cable in the crane's engine was slowly starting to snap.

Molly: Daddy, help me!
Francis: Honey I'm coming, just stay there!
Frank: *Continues climbing*

The car was very high, but they were almost there. The cable would snap in one minute.

Frank & Francis: *Reach the चोटी, शीर्ष of the crane*
Molly: Ponch, help me!
Frank: *Lowers the rope as he ties it onto the crane*
Molly: Daddy help me!!
Frank: *Climbing down the rope, and is on चोटी, शीर्ष of the crane's magnet*

Frank got into the car, but the cable was going to snap soon.

Francis: हे hurry!
Frank: *Next to Molly* Put your arms around my neck.
Molly: *Holding onto Frank's neck*
Frank: Okay, here we go. You're gonna be fine. *Starts to climb down the rope*
Francis: *Watches, and climbs down the crane*
Frank: *Makes it down with Molly safely*
Jon: *Runs to Frank with Sindy. Both are happy that Frank saved Molly*
Francis: *Runs towards Molly, and hugs her*

Then, the cable finally snapped, and the car landed on the ground. It was demolished.

Sadren was brought into an interrogation room at CHP headquarters.

Sargent Getraer: Okay, आप let me know about everything he tells आप when this is over, then we give him to the State Troopers.
Sadren: You'll never get anything out of me.
Jon: Wanna bet?
Frank: We want आप to tell us about who you're working with.
Sadren: आप can't make me tell आप anything. I learned how to deal with interrogations the hard way.
Jon: Everypony has a breaking point. Do आप want to spend ten years in jail?
Frank: If आप cooperate, your sentence will go down.
Sadren: *Thinks* Let me get this straight. I spend less time in jail for giving आप the information आप want?
Jon: That's right. Write down all the names of the ponies आप work with. We want to know who pulled the bank heists with you, and who robs the buses.
Sadren: *Writing down the names* I robbed the banks with Hetford, Harry, and Silver. Malcolm, Rio, and तेज़ गाड़ी, हाईबॉल rob the tour buses. We made plans to leave in a couple of days, heading west.
Jon: Do आप know which city they're going to?
Sadren: No. They just कहा they were going west.
Frank: In what?
Sadren: This old car Malcolm showed me, it's a sedan.
Jon: What color?
Sadren: Grey. I think it's a Plymouth too.
Frank: Is there another car for the other ponies?
Sadren: A dark blue 2011 Malibu.
Jon: Okay, thanks for all your help. Ponch, go call Sargent Getraer.
Frank: *Leaves to get Getraer*

Meanwhile at Malcolm's house.

Malcolm: What do आप mean आप left him behind?!
Hetford: We had no choice. The cops were coming, and we left.
Malcolm: अगला time, I want आप to bring और grenades with you. Rubber, या real, आप got to keep those cops away from you.
Harry: What do आप want us to do next?
Malcolm: We'll have to leave early tomorrow. We will pull off one और heist, then get out before the cops spot us.
Rio: Why don't we leave right now?
Malcolm: We need to get some और cash. It's alright. We will get away with our last heist before we leave.

Back at CHP headquarters, after Sadren was taken द्वारा the state troopers.

Frank: *Walks into Harlan's garage* हे Harlan.
Harlan: *Under a Charger pursuit car* What is it?
Frank: I came to check on my Camaro. Everything fixed?
Harlan: I got those dents fixed for you, but I still need to replace one of your mirrors. *Gets out from under the car, but accidentally steps on a piece of wood that sends a hammer flying through both the side windows on Frank's car*
Frank: *Looks at the broken windows on his car* Really?
Harlan: Nopony is perfect.
Frank: I'll come back tomorrow. *Leaves the garage*

अगला morning at CHP headquarters.

CHP Ponies: *In the breifing room*
Sargent Getraer: Okay, I hope आप all watched the Wonderbolts perform with Chitwood yesterday. The दिखाना was great.
Bobby: Better than great. Spectacular.
Arthur: I was too busy babysitting my neice to watch.
Sargent Getraer: The दिखाना will be available to buy on blu रे for fifty dollars.
Barry: When?
Sargent Getraer: One week. Now enough talking, time to work. Get out there, and do your job.
CHP Ponies: *Leaving*
Frank: *Walks into Harlan's garage* How's everything Harlan?
Harlan: One window has been replaced. The other one will be fixed tomorrow.
Bobby: *Riding towards Frank, but his brakes don't work. He hits Frank's car, and crashes into some shelves of paint*

The paint poured all over Frank's car.

Frank & Harlan: *Angry* Bobby!!!!
Bobby: *Gets up* आप seem to be in a good mood आप two. Also, I think my brakes need to be fixed.
Harlan: That's not the only thing आप need fixed. Your brain seems to be missing a few screws.
Bobby: Come on fellas, that could have happened to anypony. Jon, help me out.
Jon: I don't think this is something for me to get involved in.

Later, at the bus terminal.

Malcolm: *Waiting with Rio and तेज़ गाड़ी, हाईबॉल in his car* Have आप made the call yet?
Rio: *On his cell phone* Hold on, it's still connecting. *Talking to Harry* Yeah, it's me. We're at the bus terminal. We won't make our हटाइए until आप get that bank. Alright, good luck to आप three. *Hangs up*
Malcolm: How is everything going on their part?
Rio: Good. They're going to call us when the job is done.

At the bank.

Harry: *Waiting in the car* आप two be careful. Don't make the same mistakes Sadren made.
Silver: *Gets out with Hetford* Just relax. We have everything under control.
Hetford: *Carrying a bag, and walks into the bank with Silver* Hello everypony. Stop what you're doing, unless आप want to be blown up. *Pulls out a grenade* I have twenty और grenades just like this in my bag. If आप attempt to stop me, and my colleague from robbing this bank, I will blow up this place.
Silver: *Looks at a bank pony* What's the combination to the vault?
Guard: *Hiding behind a wall. No one can see him, as he sends a text on his phone*
Sargent Getraer: *On his motorcycle*
Dispatch: Dispatch to Canterlot 15 S4, आप just recieved a text on your phone about a robbery going down on the bank at Saratoga Avenue.
Sargent Getraer: *Talks on the radio* S4, on it. *Talks to other units* S4 to all units on Saratoga Avenue. Get to the bank now.
Silver & Hetford: *Gets in Harry's car*
Harry: *Drives away*
Benjamin: *Spots the suspects, and chases them in his police truck*


Benjamin: 7-Elias to S4, I'm in pursuit of the suspects. They're westbound.
Sargent Getraer: Ten-4 7-Elias, I'm in front of you.
Bobby: 15 Mary-2 and 6 at Celestia's castle. We're forming a roadblock.
Harry: *Passes Sargent Getraer*
Sargent Getraer: *Turns around as Benjamin passes him*
Bobby: Here he comes. We have the suspect in view.
Harry: *Turns around*
Benjamin: *Blocks the road with Sargent Getraer*
Harry: *Drives on the घास and passes them*
Benjamin: *Follows Harry with the others behind him*
Silver: Where are आप going?!!?
Harry: Don't worry about that!! Call Malcolm, and tell him to rob a bus!
Silver: *Gets on the cell phone, and calls Malcolm* Malcolm, आप there?! We robbed the bank. We have three मोटरसाइकल and a truck on our tail. Rob that bus, and meet us in Ponyville. We're getting out of here!!
Harry: *Drifts to the left to avoid hitting a garbage truck* I thought they only did the garbage on Tuesdays.
Hetford: Why don't we use a grenade to lose them?
Silver: They're all rubber. We only use them to scare everyone in the bank.
Hetford: Let's try it anyway. We might make one of them crash.
Harry: *Turns right*
Hetford: *Drops a grenade*
Benjamin: Watch out आप three! Grenade! *Swerves, and crashes into a house*
Sargent Getraer: It didn't go off.
Bobby: Either it's a dud, या a fake.
Sargent Getraer: They're trying to fool us.
Benjamin: Canterlot 15 7-Elias, I'm out of it. I have a flat tire, and my engine is busted.
Sargent Getraer: Suspect is on Mane Drive.
Harry: Only three मोटरसाइकल behind us.
Hetford: *Drops another grenade*
Sargent Getraer: Another dummy. Don't stop! *Passes it with Bobby and Steve*
Silver: It's not fooling them anymore. I wish आप brought और real grenades with you-
Hetford: Don't give me that! It was your idea to have all of these grenades be rubber.
Harry: Shut up!! *Turns right*
Sindy: 7-Charles, I've located the suspect heading north on मेपल Avenue. *Drives after the suspects*
Sargent Getraer: If they stay on that road, they could get out of town. We need to stop them now!
Harry: *Losing the cops*
Pony: *Crossing the street*
Silver: Watch out!!!
Harry: *Turns left, and crashes into another car. He goes airborne, and the car lands on it's right side*

Stop the song.

Sindy: *Stops behind the suspects car with Sargent Getraer, Bobby, and Steve*
Sargent Getraer: *Runs with Bobby and Steve to the car*
Sindy: 7-Charles, bank robbers have been caught. Repeat, bank robbers have been caught. Send a squad car to pick up one of the suspects.
Harry: *Getting arrested with Silver and Hetford* I regret working with आप two.
Silver: I regret having आप as the driver.

Rio, and तेज़ गाड़ी, हाईबॉल robbed the bus while Malcolm drove अगला to them.

Highball: How much do we have?
Rio: Eleven thousand.
Highball: Stop here.
Bus Driver: *Pulls over, and stops*
Malcolm: *Stops in front of the bus*
Rio: See आप all another time. *Gets out with Highball*
Malcolm: *Sees Rio and Malcolm get in his car, then drives* I assume आप got a lot of cash.
Highball: Eleven thousand dollars.
Rio: How's that?
Malcolm: Great. *Sees a red light* Oh come on! *Stops*
Highball: *Looks around* There aren't any cops around.
Malcolm: Yeah, but that camera mounted on चोटी, शीर्ष of the traffic light will get my license plate if I pass it when it's red. We should have taken those off before we left.
Arthur: *On his motorcycle, behind Malcolm*
Rio: We have an officer behind us.
Malcolm: I don't like the way he's looking at us. He knows who we are.


Malcolm: *Floors it*
Arthur: *Turns on his lights and siren, and follows Malcolm* 15 Mary-5, I'm in pursuit of the tour bus bandits. A light grey 1970 Plymouth four door. Northbound on Watson Avenue from the Brighton overpass.
Jon: *With Frank, both of them are on their motorcycles* Ten-4 Mary-5. Mary-3 and 4 coming east on Parker.
Barry: *Heading towards the chase*
Malcolm: *Drifts to the right, passing a black big rig as he enters a quarry*
Barry: Fifteen 7-Adam southbound Watson from 57th.
Arthur: *Enters the quarry*
Jebediah: 7-David westbound 43rd from Dixon.
Malcolm: *Drives up a पहाड़ी, हिल द्वारा several gravel pits*
Arthur: Mary-5. Gravel pits. They're trying to lose me in the gravel pits.
Malcolm: *Turns right after going down a hill*
Arthur: *Slows down to make the right turn, but drives on a wet part of the ground. He almost falls off, but continues after the suspects*
Barry: *Enters the quarry*
Jebedian: Grossie this is Turner. Baricza is entering the pits from the south, I'm at the east.
Jon: Mary-3 and 4 entering the pits from the west.
Arthur: Ten-4, I still got 'em.
Barry: *Turns left between two gravel pits*
Jebediah: *Behind Barry*
Barry: *Sees Jebediah's car, but can't see who's driving* Jeb, is that you?
Jebediah: Right behind आप Bear.
Arthur: Mary-5. Still about 50 yards behind them. They're at the bottom of the pit.
Jon & Frank: *Stop on the road that they're on, and look at the bottom of the pits above them*
Jebediah: Somebody cover west.
Jon & Frank: *Ride to the west*
Malcolm: *About to go right*
Barry: *Blocks Malcolm* 7-Adam I got them.
Malcolm: *Turns around when he sees Jon and Frank arrive*
Arthur: *Arrives* Halt!
Malcolm: *Does not halt, and continues driving away from them*
Jebediah: *Arrives in his car*
Frank: Watch it Jeb.
Malcolm: *Passes him*
Jebediah: What is this?
Jon Frank & Arthur: *Ride after the suspect*
Frank: Precision driving man.
Barry & Jebediah: *Continue the pursuit*
Jebediah: Okay, who's the primary unit?
Barry: Whoever catches them is the primary unit, and let's stay out of each other's way.
Sargent Getraer: *Enters the quarry while listening to the conversation on his radio*
Arthur: I've लॉस्ट them!
Jon: They're heading west.
Frank: Don't let them go through there!
Malcolm: *Turns left and goes down a small hill*
Barry: Turner, where are you?
Jebediah: I'm up on your left.
Barry: Road block!

They both slid their cars to create a roadblock.

Malcolm: *Turns around*
Barry: आप got it.
Frank: Hold it! Don't move. *Passes through the cars with Jon*
Malcolm: *Goes up a pile of gravel, then quickly goes down, and drives away*
Sargent Getraer: *Talks on the radio* Alright, S4 to all units. We got four exits here, so let's minimize pursuit and block the exits.
Jon & Frank: *Going down the gravel pile to chase Malcolm*
Sargent Getraer: I don't want मोटरसाइकल climbing piles of gravel after those jokers. They're trying to ride over piles of loose gravel. They are too many hazards in this area. Somebody could get hurt.
Malcolm: *Driving towards a क्रेन lifting a big pipe*
Sargent Getraer: Let's have one unit channel that car towards the east entrance. Is that clear?
Jebediah: *Referring to the suspects* It's clear to us Sarge, but not to them.
Frank & Jon: *Riding towards Malcolm*
Jon: Watch out!

They went into the pipe to avoid getting hit द्वारा Malcolm's car.

Frank: Oh no!!!!!! *Goes out of the pipe, and lands on the ground*
Jon: AAAHHHhhhhh!! *Goes out of the pipe, and lands on the ground behind Frank. They turn around, and go after Malcolm*
Arthur: *Excited* Pipejump!! They did the pipejump!!
Malcolm: *Turns left, passing a working टट्टू with a small flamethrower*
Work Pony: *Gets scared, and drops the flamethrower which sets the shed अगला to him on fire*
Sargent Getraer: There they are. Keep them at ease.
Barry: *Watches the working टट्टू in front of him, and goes through the shed on आग to avoid hitting the pony*
Arthur: *Very excited* Whoa a fire!! Yay Bear!!
Barry: We're in the wrong business, Chitwood makes a fortune doing this.
Barry: *Jealous* आप amaze me Bear. आप got style.
Sargent Getraer: Keep it coming, they're surrounded.
Malcolm: *Gets stuck behind a big rig pulling a flatbed*
Arthur: There's a truck in the way.
Barry & Jebediah: *Blocks another road that Malcolm could use to escape*
Sargent Getraer: Don't let 'em go to the right!!
Malcolm: *Goes between the two roads. His car goes airborne, lands on the trailer, then lands on it's right side*

Malcolm, and his two फ्रेंड्स were not going anywhere anytime soon, as they got surrounded द्वारा Jon, Frank, Sargent Getraer, Arthur, Barry, and Jebediah.

Later, Sargent Getraer spoke to his officers in the briefing room.

Sargent Getraer: That was a very great job आप guys did out there. Including Jon and Frank.
Jon: We can't take all the credit Sarge.
Sargent Getraer: I know that, but compared to everyone else, your performance was great.
Sindy: If I'm not mistaken Sarge, you're giving them a promotion.
Barry: That makes sense, especially with what he just said.
Sargent Getraer: I'm not giving them a promotion, but a vacation. After your shift ends today, आप get one week off.
Jon: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go out there.
Sargent Getraer: Not so fast. I have आप brief आप guys on our अगला suspect.

After the briefing, Jon and Frank went into Harlan's गेराज to check out the Camaro.

Frank: हे Harlan. How's my car doing?
Harlan: With all the paint I have to scrape off, it may take a week.
Frank: That's okay Harlan. See आप in one week. Walks to his motorcycle*
Harlan: What did he mean द्वारा that?
Jon: We have vacation after our shift ends today. See आप in one week. *Walks away*

They were on their motorcycles.

Frank: Life in the Canterlot Highway Patrol just keeps getting better and better.
Jon: I told आप it would be great to join.


Jon & Frank: *Hoofbump each other as they turn right, onto a highway*
Ponies: *Driving behind them in a delivery van, and a Mercedes Benz*
Jon & Frank: *Ride under a bridge, then अगला to a silver Ford*


Jon & Frank: *Riding अगला to a brand new Volkswagen as they pass under a bridge*
Jon: *Thinking about vacation as he continues riding*

Larry Wilcox

Frank: *Smiles, and looks at Jon for two seconds, then looks back at the road*

Erik Estrada

Jon & Frank: *Passing a truck carrying wood*

All characters for this story were created द्वारा SeanTheHedgehog

Jon & Frank: *Passing a fuel truck marked Chevron*

The End
This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production