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Another sharp pang to your stomach left ignored. आप had been having contractions for the past week now, but nothing seemed to be happening.

आप were at the Curtis house; waiting for Soda to get घर from work. Ponyboy had been watching आप for today, making sure आप “didn’t overwork yourself” and “was smart.”

The pain struck आप again, and आप just groan. “Baby Grace आप are early. आप aren’t supposed to come out for another two weeks. You’re annoying me.” आप talk to the bulge in your belly.

“(Y/N), are आप ok?” Ponyboy asks from his bedroom.

“I’m fine.” आप answer back, turning your attention back to Mickey माउस on TV. All of a sudden आप really wanted some चॉकलेट milk.

“Hey Ponyboy, can आप get me some चॉकलेट milk… Please?” आप ask from the couch.

He walks from his room to the kitchen, opens the fridge, and pulls out the gallon of milk. He starts to get a glass, but आप stop him.

“Just bring me the whole carton.” आप wave him over.

“Just don’t get sick… I won’t be able to hear the end of it from Soda,” he says as he hands आप the carton. आप unscrew the lid and gulp.

Another pang hits you, this one different from all the others.

आप spit out the milk, like a bad spit take.

“Ponyboy we need to go.”

The look of pure panic crept onto his face.

“Go where?” He asked, eyes wide.

“The hospital. Like now.”

“I can’t drive!” Ponyboy says, starting to pace.

“And I can’t walk!” आप say.

“Oh my god, what are we gonna do?” He asks.

“I don’t know, you’re the one supposed to be taking care of… Owwww.” आप clutch your stomach.

“Ok… Uhh let me call someone to come and get us.” He runs to the phone.

आप wince as another contraction hits.

आप might just be having a baby on the couch.
“Can I come in now?” आप hear Soda whisper from the hallway. It sounded like he was sniffling a little.

“Are आप crying?” आप ask as he walks in.

“No.” He mutters, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

“Yes आप are, आप big softie,” Ponyboy grins.

“Is she all ok?” Soda asks, still sniffling.

“Yes, she’s in perfect condition.” The doctor grins. ” 6 pounds, 9 ounces. आप want to hold her?” He asks Soda.

Soda just nods his head. The doctor hands him the baby.


Soda just smiles.

“Hey, Grace.” He says softly. “Hey.”

“She looks like you.” Ponyboy says to आप as he looks over Soda’s shoulder at his niece.

“Pretty, just like her mom.” Soda glances at you.
“Where is Soda?” आप scream from your hospital bed.

Two-Bit had driven आप to the hospital, because no one could get a hold of Soda. आप were in extreme pain now. Each contraction hit आप like a thousand swords.

“It’s too late to give her any medication,” one of the nurses whisper.

You see Ponyboy’s face go white. “No medication? Oh god. This will be great.” He says, eyes wide.

Another contraction hits. आप wince.

“Well it looks like we are having a baby the old fashioned way.” The doctor said.

“Oh no. No no no. Give me the drugs. Give me the drugs.” आप thought.

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