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 purple it <3
purple it <3
So I think i can write and i go on websites and reveiw what they do and how people react on those websites!So I went on today! This website is for people who are artist and post there artwork on their profile! They call their artwork deviantions which is a very clever name! I became a member of that website an its wonderful! आप make a प्रोफ़ाइल and talk about your life and post artwork off of a scanner (if आप have one)! I पोस्टेड some and people are wonderful there! They aren't any cyberbullies या anything! This is a magnificent website and i hope many people enjoy it! As आप can see i have some pictures of the amazing artwork people draw! Enjoy and i hope आप loved this लेख reveiw!:) <3
 One of my faves! गुलाबी girl!
One of my faves! Pink girl!
 green one eye girl!
green one eye girl!
 cute bunnies!
cute bunnies!
My mom was a blonde hair, blue eyed beauty. But that was before. Now she was skinnier than a dog with worms. Her hair had turned a dark gray, just like her eyes. It had happened to me too. I was beautiful once just like my mother. And my 15 साल old sister was beautful too. Actually, she still is. But it's changing. She's going crazy. Just like the rest of us. That couldn't happen to her.

I closed my eyes.

We're all beautful again. And dad is द्वारा our side. I'm in college.

I opened my eyes.

The reality was about as different from my कल्पना as a house was from a box. They were yelling, again.

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I remember the first time I saw her.She was dancing.Yes-dancing.At Glendale Studios in room 302.I was hypnotized द्वारा her movements.Her hips swishing,her feet moving,her head rocking.Her face was one of concentration.I just stood there.Looking at this girl..dancing.But,she wasn't just dancing.She was telling a story.I could feel the pain in her movements.The anguish and fear.I couldn't tell how she did it.But,she did.It was amazing.For that whole hour,I just stood there द्वारा the doorway watching some girl dance.Quite stalkerish,I know.But,the hell did I care.I just knew there was something about...
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A raven flew up to me. I stayed up in my tree, my gear tampering with my balance. It was plenty bad on its own. It didn’t need help. I sighed, and jumped down from the पेड़ as I heard my name. No, I didn’t need anyone to know my secret. Not her, not yet.
    I awoke to the beeping of my alarm. It was a cold December morning. I would प्यार winter, if it just wasn’t so cold.
    I ran over to the window. Of course, the weather channel lied again. Last night they predicted it would snow, but did it? No. That meant I would have...
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We कहा Goodbye
But it should have been
See आप soon
Goodbye sounds so final
We will see each other soon
It might be a week, a महीना या a year
But today is only a small peice of life

We are never far away
No one is ever truly gone
If they are in your heart
They're there forever
Even death can't seperate people
Feelings are forever

We are saying hello
It has been a month
But we are never seperate
I'll प्यार आप forever
Thats what we said
It is still true
Nothing has changed
I am the same
आप are the same

When we कहा goodbye
I never thought आप would go
We have been friends
As long as I remember

I remember goodbye
Like it was yesterday
As the car drove
Further and further
Away from me
A single tear in my eye

And now
Another tear
But this time it is of
Happiness and joy
I have missed you
Now आप are back
And we shan't ever say
Goodbye again
Even with death
For आप shall be in my heart

I प्यार you
Calling all writers!
Are आप an artist with your words? Do आप like to write? I know I do. "So आप Think आप Can Write" is a contest for people who would answer the same as me.

Basic Rules & Guidelines
1. Your entry MUST be पेश to this spot as an article. If it is entered in any other section it will NOT be accepted.

2. Your entry MUST be original/written द्वारा you. If anybody helped you, please credit them.

3. Your entry must be properly key-worded and titled.
a. A proper title: "[username here]'s SYTYCW Entry - [season and year] - [category/type of literature]"
ex. If I entered a poem,...
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posted by Elacool
"I don't know,guys,"Amy Allen said,studying the door in front of her."This looks way too much like homework to me.And school doesn't even start up for another week"

"I don't know why we let आप tag along.Try and think positive.This is going to be great" Briana Ornette said." A trip to a museum will be a great adventure only if आप just दिखाना a little enthusiasm".

" I think my enthusiasm just died,"Amy replied."A museum......"She made it sound like the sentence of doom.

"Don't be so negative Amy,if आप don't like it,we can go somewhere else but only if the rest of the gang agrees with me" I said."Let's...
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posted by abbyirwin
Hi I'm abby I'm 13 and my dream is to write a play and be a तारा, स्टार in it well to दिखाना u how I can write I'm going to just write my story of how I found writeing thanks in joy and write a टिप्पणी दे well I have dislexea and the teacher कहा abby please read out load so I did and I was पढ़ना it but I was haveing a lot of troubles and in front of everyone a girl कहा God abby come on we do not have all दिन so when class ended I was out in the hall way and she came up to me and कहा don't ever read again ur so stuped get a life and I ran to the restroom and balled my eyes out when I got घर I started...
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Hello! I am a little late on posting this, but I wrote it as soon as I got the chance.

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of आप who पेश something!

I took the time to read each and every entry and I must say that they were all phenomenal!

Below I will सूची each of the 2 categories and the users that qualified. Due to lack of diverse kinds of literature, all are in the same category. Click on their name to view their entry.

Novel Excerpts/Short Stories:
link-"Revealing Reality": An excerpt from her original novel
link - "Sing To Me": A short story inspired द्वारा Switchfoot's...
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The world had always seemed like a normal place to me. Unfair things happened, great things happened, and people were fickle. that is the world we live in. Well, that's what I thought.
My life had been normal. Now its living hell, someone send me a god dam rescue already! I was 17 years old when my vision of the world was rippped away from me in a matter of seconds. In school of all places. And people always told me learning wouldn't kill me. Liars.

Chapter 1

I sat in homeroom,bored out of my mind. My teacher was going on and on about Canada's landscape. I sat in my usual spot in...
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There's a song that's inside of my soul
It's the one that I've tried to write
Over and over again
I'm awake in the infinite cold
But आप sing to me over and over
And over again...


The young, dark-haired genius put down his book with delicate fingers and tilted his head to one side, ears alert to the faint strain of संगीत that had just floated past him. Somewhere, a floor down and several rooms and corridors over, someone was playing the school piano. He immediately knew who it was; but as he glanced up at the ticking clock, his brow furrowed slightly.

It was 3 AM in the morning. A normal time for...
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"You're not going." I told her.
"Yes I am." She growled and continued packing her bag.
"No." I stopped her with my arm. "We promised eachother that we would stick द्वारा eachother. Now, I may be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure you're not holding up आप end of the deal."
She pushed my arm away and stomped passed me and into the bathroom. "Because the deal is off." She hit me with her shoulder when she threw her tooth brush into her bag. She turned to me, blew a bit of her cornsilk hair out of her face and put her little hands on her hips. "You are mean!" She cried out and zipped up her bag.
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I am a bird afraid to fly
I am a wealthy without any money
I am a baseball without a mit या bat
I am a whole दिल without the other half
I am happy without a smile

I am soaring across the whole world
I am swimming in a green paper bath
I am a घर runner
I am full of love
I am the most estatic person in the world

I am a writer with endless possibilities
I am a girl with all the time in the world
I am a person with a world of chances
I am

Megan laid there clenching her ribs, I knew she was in pain the मिनट she hit the ground, I got mad and turned into werewolf form. I graved Derek द्वारा the shoulders and pushed him into a पेड़ and said" Never and I mean never touch my little sister again", He said" I will get her when आप anit around", then pushed me and away and left. I ran over to were Megan was and ask " Megs आप ok!", She said" Yeah but my ribs hurt", I picked her up and ran घर as fast i could. And i bursted threw the door and कहा " MOM!!!!!", She said" WHAT!!!!", I said" Call the doctor", She said" ok". While mom called...
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