Am I the only one who sees that this year's दिखाना is fixed? Throughout the early weeks I really didn't want to believe it, but tonight, when both Gev and Mark लॉस्ट out to Twitch, a one-act clown दिखाना with phony spectacles, to boot -- well, all was clear.

Gev and Mark, along with Joshua are the Show's most focused and versatile dancers; who delivered every step that was demanded of them like pros, and without excuses from the judges for being out of their element. This is supposed to be a "dance competition", not a clown show, या a body-building competition -- they're simply required to bring their talent and ability to perform each role with their "heart and soul" and natural ability and/or charisma.

Last साल the judges mocked the male dancers who showed a little too much chest with open shirts -- this year, as Joshua, graciously pointed out, in not so many words: he was not going to compete with Twitch and Will, in their ab-games. So when did the rules change?

Look, if diva Debbie Allen has any clout, from my perspective, she'll pressure every judge to give the prize to her student, Will. Sure Will's delivering outstanding technique, hell, he's been at it long enough -- and although all of his dancers didn't stray far from his element, in this man's opinion, his performances lacked "heart". He believes, of course, that his forced smile will be enough to dazzle. आप know the smile, the one that says, "Hey,look at me, ain't I the best." A lot of और excellent, confident technicians, in past years, were voted off द्वारा the same judges, for lack of "heart".

So in the end, I don't think America does have the final vote -- I think the committee does. Look, I haven't missed one दिखाना since दिन one, and have enjoyed every brilliant performance -- but tonight was my last. It's so clear how this will end, it's embarrassing watching Nigel and Mary stutter as they fake their जवाब to सवालों posed द्वारा Cat. Mary actually gave tipped her hand when talking to Kherington as though she'd already लॉस्ट -- this was before the results had been read द्वारा Cat from the sealed envelope. Cat tried to save her faux pas, द्वारा for me it was too late. I can't believed anyone else missed it.