Bottom three:

Courtney G. and Gev

Comfort and Thayne

Kourtni L. and Matt


Kourtni L.


Compared to last week's show, Wednesday's episode was only satisfactory for me. Who knows? Maybe it was because they were trying to cram all 14 dances into one show, resulting in rushed introductions, less practices per dance between couples and other effects that came into play. Or, maybe the only problem is me. Maybe I'm just too picky with shows like this, and I want them to be "perfect" and "just right". Whatever the cause, most of the dances in episode 12 did not capture my attention, and without looking at my notes, I probably would not even be able to remember who danced what and when. How sad.

Katee and Joshua, one of my favourite pairs, didn’t do so well in their सेकंड dance, the West Coast Swing. I felt like Mary jinxed them during her टिप्पणियाँ in their first routine when she कहा that the couple still haven’t screwed up once yet on the show. Well, even if they didn’t screw up during the famous Benji double flip, their performance I didn’t know why the judges were so easy on them, but it felt like the judges are somewhat और attached to the dancers this year. A lot of the times, they didn’t provide criticism, often encouraging the dancers. I felt like the guest judges were और truthful in their comments, providing constructive criticism when necessary.

I didn’t find it surprising for Kourtni and Matt to land in the bottom three and later on faced elimination. Their HipHop routine was awful. It felt और like a contemporary piece than HipHop. It was not even about hitting it hard enough—they just were not hitting it at all. I know I know, they were dancing to How Do I Breathe, an upbeat slow jam, but that is no excuse. HipHop is not just about doing the right moves at the right time, (providing that they actually hit on point). Unless Kourtni and Matt learn about the true spirit of HipHop and embrace it, they will never look right doing it.

Comfort and Thayne actually impressed me, although it was not a surprise that they landed in the bottom three. They were a good couple. I actually don’t think that the reason that Comfort and Thayne (or Courtney and Gev) were in the bottom three was because they suck, but they’re just relatively not as good as someone like Will, Kherington, TwichKatee, Joshua, Chelsie H. या Mark.

On a brighter note, there were some outstanding routines that stood apart from the others. Katee and Joshua's first performance was one of them. They were doing a Mia Michael's contemporary routine illustrating a pair of प्रेमी who only sought after their individual wants and needs. It felt like they didn’t want to disappoint Mia Michaels, and they put their whole hearts into the dance. Their performance drew me in right from the beginning when they were taking two steps आगे and two steps back. There was so much emotion in the piece that it was so intense. आप would have to see it to know what I am talking about. The assisted run was something original that I have never seen before. There were some moments in the performance that Katee looked like she was defying gravity. संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर it was a wicked performance and I highly recommend that आप watch it. Mia Michaels also choreographed another contemporary routine for Twitch and Kherington. It was amazing.

Another routine that was amazing was Chelsie H. and Mark’s jazz routine choreographed द्वारा Mandy Moore. I am a huge प्रशंसक of Mandy ever since she choreographed Sabra and Neil’s Jazz routine to Sweet dreams during season two. Chelsie and Mark gave a very entertaining performance. आप can tell that there’s a lot of chemistry between the pair of them. Their किस किस was so cute, kind of feels like कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला love. Their spins were perfection and their movements were so in sync and on point. Other good performances were the Smooth Waltz performed द्वारा Comfort and Thayne, Will and Jessica’s कमीज, शर्ट Dance, Courtney and Gev’s Broadway routine and Chelsie and Mark’s लोमड़ी, फॉक्स Trot.

Choreographer(s) of the night:

I’d have to say both Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore deserve a shout out. Mia’s routines are just pure genius and Mandy’s ideas and inspirations were just so original and unique. I प्यार their choreography.

My little thoughts:

Don’t आप think that there was just a little too much shirtless thing going on with both Twitch and Will without tops. Although, I must say that they both look fab with their ripped bodies. I’d प्यार to dance with a shirtless Will. द्वारा the way, don’t आप think that Chelsie and Mark looks cuter each week?

Make sure आप check out Robert Muraine’s performance during episode 13. It’s so good that it’s sick.