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posted by angrybirdgirl
" आप blockhead" screamed Lucy across the playground to Charlie Brown. " I don't know why she calls me that." " She's a bigger blockhead than me." While Charlie and Lucy were fighting स्नूपी and Woodstock were sitting on Snoppy's house. Suddenly Snoppy shot up ran to get flyers goggles and कहा to Woodstock we are going to fly a plane. So they hopped into a plane and took off. Woodstock closed his eyes but when he opened them he was high over the Atlatic Ocean. स्नूपी did a loop the loop and a corkscrew he laughed as Woodstock grew green from sickness. Then all of a sudden the plane was going down down down. They landed on a island and Woodstock flipped out and started yelling at Snoopy. Find out what they'll do अगला in part 2
posted by PeanutButterCo
Hi स्नूपी Fans,

Peanut मक्खन & Co. and पीनट्स Worldwide have teamed up to present a great sweepstakes to celebrate the new line of पीनट्स DVD's. I'm posting the information below. Hope आप guys all sign up!

For Immediate Release

Contact: David Kirschenbaum (212) 757-3130 ext. 112

Happiness is a Trip to New York City
Peanut मक्खन & Co., Warner घर Video, पीनट्स Worldwide, and Delta Vacations शामिल होइए forces to offer the Happiness in NYC Sweepstakes

(New York, NY) To celebrate the release of Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, and two succeeding...
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