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 Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless in Diva Magazine
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kathryn prescott
lily loveless
series 4
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This स्किन्स चित्र might contain तेंदुआ, unitard, शरीर सूट, बिल्ली सूट, लोटर्ड, यूनीडार्ड, and बॉडी सूट.

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Effy is one of my fave charceters in स्किन्स i प्यार her attidude and the way she does everything i see her in चित्रो but what i think is is she like effy in real life i bet she is a really kind girl and stuff i just wonder does she smoke does she go party etc i am not obssed with her i just wonder wat she is like in real life and if she keeps in contact with jack megan kat lily and the rest of the crew i hope she has a good life bescause she is a great actress and she works for her money and i know she has just done a film called shank she is great in that film so good luck to her!
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