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posted by StarStorm
thornfire: HULLO!welcome to this बिना सोचे समझे parody thingy to Proven Innocence, in this, u get the chars from Proven Innocence to sing certain songs! we vote off a cat each week,and let in प्रशंसकों to शामिल होइए them~! आप प्रशंसकों will vote, so have fun, fill out a form of what cat आप want voted off when its the voting day, and the creator will decide which प्रशंसकों to allow into the parody!
Enjoy, recommend songs, and have fun! बिल्ली from my fanfic will be judges, so enjoy!

thornfire:NOW LETS BEGIN!

Song: There right there!
from:Legally Blonde: The musical

Thornfire:Shall we begin?
Cherrypaw:so,what cats...
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