When I first saw Simon Baker, I कहा to myself 'He's gorgeous and proclaims maximum attraction'. It was in a movie with Sana Lana in "Something Else". In this movie , he was fun to be with, macho, loving and so HOT. He played a character who was into landscaping but was looking for प्यार and he was WHITE. Sana on the other hand was this office girl who wasn't lucky in live, wore biege, had very rich roots and ATTRACTIVE. She also wanted to make partner and was BLACK. They met on a blind तारीख, दिनांक set for them द्वारा Sana's friend and later at Sana's friend wedding when she needed some landscaping job for her back yard which was a total mess. One day, Sana met with her girlfriends who told her to "let go and let flow" which she did. Damn, he was so sexy they later concered racism, love,and so much more. It was an interesting movie because they married at the end. Later,I saw him in the "Mentalist" as Patrick Jane who sees through lies and he was voted Sexiest TV man recently. Isn't that fantastic?. Please rate and टिप्पणी दे on this it will mean a lot.