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The first five episodes of shaman king, with original japanese audio and english subtitles
posted by lloyd2
Deaths and Life Transitions

» West Supreme Kai द्वारा Buu
» South Supreme Kai द्वारा Buu
» North Supreme Kai द्वारा Buu
» The Tuffle Race द्वारा The Saiyans
» King Vegeta द्वारा Frieza
» Planet Vegeta द्वारा Frieza
» Grandpa Gohan द्वारा Goku

World Tournament:
» Boss Rabbit द्वारा Master Roshi

RR Army Saga:
» General Blue द्वारा Mercenary Tao
» Bora द्वारा Mercenary Tao
» Commander Red द्वारा Assistant Black
» Assistant Black द्वारा Goku
» Captain Yellow द्वारा Goku

Tienshinhan Saga:
» Krillin द्वारा Tambourine

King Piccolo Saga:
» King Chappa द्वारा Tambourine
» Bacterian द्वारा Tambourine
» Giran द्वारा Tambourine
» Ranfan द्वारा Tambourine
» Cymbal...
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Select a मांगा series to start पढ़ना >>> Select मांगा Series... -- Can't decide? Click here for a बिना सोचे समझे manga. -- +Anima 07 Ghost 090 - Eko to Issho 1/2 Prince 1/3 no Kareshi 13 20th Century Boys 21st Century Boys 3x3 Eyes 666 Satan 7 Seeds 7th Period is a Secret AAA Abara Absolute Boyfriend Adarshan no Hanayome Addicted to करी Adventure Boys Aflame Inferno Ahiru no Sora Ai Hime ~ Ai to Himegoto Ai Kora AIKI Aiko Desho! Air Air Gear Aishiteruze Baby Akagami no Shirayukihime Akagi Akane-chan Overdrive Akikan Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara Akuma de Sourou Akuma Jiten Akuma to Dolce Akuma...
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 Copyright 2015 Dominic Sceski
Copyright 2015 Dominic Sceski
I प्यार मांगा and ऐनीमे but I possess no skill when it comes to drawing XD. However, लेखन is something that I'm considered to be pretty good at. What do आप guys think of the prologue to this fantasy/anime book that I recently self published?

“He” has always existed.

Or at least that’s what the stories say. I’ve never found “him” in all my childhood years. I’m not so sure if I believe in “him” anymore.
In a small house near the edge of a wood, looking out into a grassy plain, lives a humble family; me, my sister, and my brother, both of which are younger than me. We have...
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posted by lloyd2
Power Levels

These are really acurate estimations of the power levels throughout Dbz. These are based on the manga, so there are no readings for the Garlic Jr. Saga, या any other filler, and definitely no OVER 9000! it's actually 8000.

Battle with Raditz
Raditz – 1,220
Farmer – 5

Piccolo – 322

Son गोकु – 334
Kuririn – 206
Master Roshi – 139

Son Gohan - 710

Son गोकु – 416
Piccolo – 408

Son गोकु [Kamehameha] – 1,080
Piccolo [Special Beam Cannon] – 1,330

Gohan – 1,307
Piccolo [Special Beam Cannon] – 1,440

Tenshinhan – 250
Yamcha – 177
Chaozu – 145

Battle with Nappa
Saibamen – 1,220...
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