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 The Third Plate
The Third Plate
Season three of खाना Wars! Shokugeki no Soma faces a whole new challenge as Soma and the others go up against the the new head of the Totsuki Culinary Academy which follows the written works and मांगा द्वारा Yuto Tsukuda. The third season will air in जापान and come to everyone worldwide in October of 2017.

This season will be directed द्वारा Yoshitomo Yonetani and features एनीमेशन द्वारा J.C. Staff. The series debuts on Japanese TV in October of 2017 and will be distributed and streamed to survives like Crunchyroll.

If आप read the current manga, then you’ll definitely be excited about the upcoming season since it will try to follow as much of it as possible, I personally cannot wait to see it animated because it’ll reveal things that may have not made sense at first या just seeing all the wonderful dishes come to life.
अगला week’s issue of Shueisha’s Weeky Shonen Jump magazine will be revealed that the खाना Wars! Shokugeki no Soma ऐनीमे will be getting a third season, but specifically it’ll premier this fall! The शीर्षक for this third season is Shokugeki no Sōma: San no Sara (Food Wars! The Third Plate) which shall focus on the battle against the council members of the school.

The visual as seen above see’s Sōma Yukihira, Erina Nakiri, Azami Nakiri (Erina’s father), Eishi Tsukasa (Council of Ten first seat), and Rindō Kobayashi (Council of Ten सेकंड seat).

With this latest season, it’ll bring...
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