Shinra SOLDIER UPDATE! ALL SOLDIER's MUST READ. द्वारा ZackAndCloud ( a.k.a. Lauren.)

zackandcloud posted on Oct 01, 2010 at 05:13AM
To all who are loyal to us, SOLDIER, the very few warriors who fight for what is right, I bid you greetings as I have returned. I, as most of you know, disappeared quite suddenly. I am deeply sorry for this. I was caught up in a War revolving here and as a Leader and Honourable SOLDIER I decided to join the fight and to bring justice and peace. The War has been going on almost 6 months now so I have been very busy fighting on the front line. I know as a Leader, I should have been here protecting us, but I felt it my duty to help these innocent people during their time of hardship. The war is coming to a close after long battles, fighting, and backstabbing. To all those still loyal I promise to stay here and Protect us once again. To all of these SOLDIER's :

I bid you all a special hello as I rejoin you, my closest SOLDIER Operatives and friends. I am sorry to have left you, but I am back better than ever and ready to lead us into a new era! We my friends have a new mission. To take down a new enemy. He is Brutal. Evil. And will stop at nothing to see SOLDIER burn to its knees. But we must fight this Evil. We must bring him down. He is coming, I assure you, and his name is
Jack Wutai. This is serious business, he intends to shut us down , to leave us to our death. We must fight him, as he and his Loyal army of ferrule Wutai Soldiers plan to attack. We must shut them down!Until our next meeting, my friends I bid you farewell as I go to finish my fight for freedom. And then we shall begin out fight for freedom by finally Destroying Wuati.

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