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posted by zackandcloud
SOLDIER operatives,
over the last 3 months i have been on a चोटी, शीर्ष secret mission regarding wutai reminants. because of my long leave, many have come to beleive i have become wutai, या that i wass killed in action, which is a lie. i am still alive with great news that all official wutai reminants have been eliminated and that we have finnally won our battle. but with और opposing rivals our job is not done.because i am the highest ranked 1st i have the initiative to announce that we are recruiting new opperatives and that we are looking for new apprentices. i am setting up a new SOLDIER team which will help me on a चोटी, शीर्ष secret mission to destroy a चोटी, शीर्ष secret rival that can only be talked about if any SOLDIER is interested in joining SOLDIER's Elite Force then messege me on why आप wish to शामिल होइए and why आप should be accepted. thats all the news for now, keep पोस्टेड on the lasted news. Lauren out.
posted by zackandcloud
in this club, we have ranks, just like the final कल्पना SOLDIER. every so often we take in 10 new cadets, me bossmar and starring pick one each to mentor, they become 2nds automatically, the rest become 3rds, we mentor the 2nds we picked into firsts. for the 3rds, they must contribute to हटाइए up . for every contribution, they get 1 gil. once they reach 25 gil, they हटाइए up a rank. once moving up their gils go back to zero, and they start again.3rds try to keep track of your gils , we are to busy to keep track.

as for the missions, we shut down wutia like reminents . we already have some suspicious characters.

that is all.
over and out