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this is my shcool and my princaple only the students of EHS were suppose 2 c that vid but people now r blowing it out of proportion
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Shadow Doll : *looks around* *talks in kid voice* I wonder where my original iz. And just wat did he mean wen he कहा the dark force iz back 2 destroy him? Wat force? Who?


Shadow Doll : Wat? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

*Somewhere else*

Shadow : AH! Metal?


Livi Doll : WAT?!

Shadow : *Sighs* This is SO not happening.*Leaves with रे and livi doll*

*Somewhere on a blimp*


Zek : oh shit!

Lilly : *They start untieing him* hurry up!

Shadow Doll : *Falls...
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Shadow : *Sleeping*

Daisy : *in forest* *In wolve form* *Howls*

Cream : *Wakes up* ? *Opens her window* *Sees full moon and gasps* *gets dizzy out of no where and passes out*

*the अगला morning*

*Cop cars in front of Cream's house*

Vanilla : --And after I looked in her room she wasn't there. And her window was broken.

Cop #1 : sounds like a kidnapping.

Cop #2 : *Picks up walkie talkie* yea we got an immediate amber alert. प्रस्तुत करे that 2 the news crew.

Cop #3 : *On walkie talkie* on it.

Vanilla : oh I just hope she's okay.

Cop #1 : Don't u worry. we hired a team of detectives a week ago. were gonna contact...
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Shadow: (looks around the corner of a rock 2 find the स्रोत of a melody he's been following) (he sees livi) Livi? wat is she doing here? that melldoy! its coming from her!
Livi: (sitting at the समुद्र तट front singing)
Shadow: (stares at her blushing) Her voice.... her charm...her everything (takes a step close 2 her but steps on a twig and breacks it)
Livi: (hears it and turns around)
Shadow: (quickly runs behind the rock) dang im such an ididot!
Livi: (gets up) whos there?
Shadow: (steps out from behind the rock)
Livi: (in mind) so... sexy
Shadow: (in mind) shes even और beautiful in person (walks...
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