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(at Shadow house)
Shadow: (sleeping)
Rouge: (open the door) O Shad....
Shadow: ZZZZZZzz
Rouge: o he is sleeping
Shadow: (hug Rouge) Rouge!...
Rouge: Shadow..?
Shadow: o Rouge..(lick her) zzzzzz
Rouge: i think i like this..
Shadow: (take off her shirt)
Rouge: (blush)
Shadow: (take off her pants ) O rouge im glad u luv me (push her at the bed)
Rouge: Sh-shadow..?
Shadow: (take off her bra and panties) (kisses her)
Rouge: *blush*
Shadow: ((fuck her)
Rouge: (moas)
(10 min later)
Shadow: (faking sleeping) Wow im having fun :P
Rouge: What the? i thought u was sleeping
Shadow: Nop
Rouge: .....

(commets pleas and i hope u like it
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Yeah I made this video. Someone wanted me to post it here in this club. :) Enjoy all of you!
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Rouge: (walking 2 skoo with amy)
Amy: Will this is it HS 52 ^^
(at class)
Ms.Venus: Rouge take ur सीट
Rouge: ok (sit अगला 2 shadow)
Shadow: ....
Rouge: Hi
Shadow: ...(blushing)
Rouge: Whats ur name?
Shadow: (blush)
rouge: *sigh*
Ms.Venus: (teaching)
Rouge: (looking at him)
Shadow: My name is shadow shadow the hedgehog
Rouge: o im rouge rouge the bat
(bill ring)
Rouge: (blushing) (i think hes my new charm)(walks with him)so...why u never talk 2 anyone या something या have friends?
shadow: .idk....
Rouge: ok so can u walk me घर pleas
Shadow: Yeah sure (looks at her) (shes so hot) (looks at her boose) (omg look...
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Shadow:Hey Rouge are आप really pregnat?
*Blaze easdrops on the conversation*
Blaze:Oh no.I need to tell Silver.
*Blaze goes running with Silver*
Silver:What is it,Blaze?
Blaze:Silver,Rouge's going to have a baby!
Silver:Oh my god!
Blaze:That baby is going to be you.If that baby is born and he sees आप the universe will be no longer.
Silver:Were going to have to take that baby to the future.
Blaze:That means I'm going to have take to the future.
Blaze:You know if आप were'nt so hot I would beat आप down.
*The दिन when shadow and Rouge's baby is born*
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