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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Chapter 9


Shadowheart looked up from eating his fish. He swallowed what was in his mouth before speaking.

"Yeah, Lilysong?"

She felt her दिल flutter a bit. His speech had improved outstandingly since just a week before. But now, whenever he talked to her, it was like he never had the problem at all. She'd noticed that his voice was very calming and quiet, not obnoxious, like some toms. His mews stirred her ear फर like soft velvet.

"Shadowheart..." She continued what she had to say. "Um...I was thinking, uh...would you...?" She didn't know how to explain her plans.

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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Chapter 8

Another week went by. Lilysong had been on patrols with Shadowheart for a while, now, and she felt so happy whenever she was around him. But, she still refused to call it love. Even Shadowheart seemed to have strict boundaries with that. Today, they were on the sunhigh patrol, which was in a few minutes.

Shadowheart padded towards her.

"Hey, ch-ch-check this out."

She was confused. "Wait, wha--?"

He wasn't there long enough for him to answer. He was out of the camp entrance. She followed him, curious.

"What's going on?"

"D-d-don't worry!" he called back.

"Where are we going? Watch...
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Oh, well. I'll post this chapter...
Chapter 7

The powerful leader sat back down द्वारा the fresh-kill pile, eager to eat. It was sunhigh, and a patrol would be ready, soon.

He saw his daughter pad up to him. Lilysong's eyes looked determined.

"What is it, Lilysong?"

She froze for a moment, then speaking up. "Um...Father, do आप mind if I go on the sunhigh patrol with Shadowheart, Otterwhisker, and Snowfire?"

Greystar didn't hesitate. "I suppose आप could. और मछली and prey to go around, now that it's newleaf. We'll need to extra hunters."

She nodded. "Thanks."

He watched his daughter bound towards...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Chapter 6

Shadowheart felt a warm feeling in his दिल as he tried his hardest to fall asleep. Lilysong was on vigil, silence engulfing her as she guards and watches over her Clan. He didn't know why he couldn't go to sleep that night; his mind was wandering on the grace of her beauty and the angelic voice.

I प्यार her, he realized in his head, sighing. I प्यार her so much, and yet we just started talking to each other. But...I'm afraid to love.

Shadowheart was still restless as the moon climbed its highest. He had the sunhigh patrol to look आगे to seeing Lilysong on. He couldn't...
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"StarClan honors आप for your skills and kindness. I name आप Lilysong."

Greystar pressed his muzzle to the चोटी, शीर्ष of her head. "I'm so proud of you, my daughter," he whisper.

Lilysong respectfully licked his shoulder. "Thank you, Father."

"Lilysong! Lilysong!"


She gasped. She knew that voice. Mother?

I'm always with you. I told आप that I'd be the first to call आप द्वारा your warrior name. I'm so proud of you, Lilysong.

"Thank you," she whispered again.

Lilysong padded into the clearing, where several बिल्ली were cheering for her, chanting her name.

But, I haven't really done anything....
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Chapter 4

"Off to see Shadowheart?"

Lilypaw groaned. The other apprentices keep teasing her about him! It happened a moon ago, and she hadn't talked to him since!

"No," he retortd. "It's my final assessment. I'm going to be a warrior today."

"About time, too."

Lilypaw hissed under her breath. Icescar was made a warrior, already. He wouldn't stop teasing her!

"You know, you're still very conceited," she meowed.

Icescar chuckled. "At least I'm good looking."

She huffed exaggeratingly, heading out towards the entrance.

"What's the matter?" he mewed, blocking her way. "Running away?"

"I told you!"...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Chapter 3

He froze. He saw Lilypaw was gazing at him with concern. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He tried again.

"I-um, uh-I was i-in the w-w-way."

"No, it's my fault," she mewed. "I wasn't watching where I was going."


Lilypaw purred with amusement as he tripped over the soiled moss again.

"Er...this is really disgusting."

"Hey," she mewed. "You didn't stutter so much there."

"Well..." he suddenly realized it as well. "Yeah. I-I guess you're right."

He suddenly felt uncomfortable talking in front of her. Lilypaw scuffled her paws herself, looking down.

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Chapter 2

"Snowfire, h-h-how d-do आप get a she-cat to l-like you?"

The white tom purred. "You start द्वारा not stuttering like that."

"Sorry," he sighed. "It's just that, i-it's hard to talk in front of other c-c-cats."

Shadowheart's friend, his only friend, was Snowfire, his brother. Both littermates shared the neglect they received from Watermist since Icepaw was born, and even before that.

"There's nothing to it, really," Snowfir explained. "You just have to speak to her not like how आप speak to your friends."

Shadowheart purred. "I-I'll take that t-t-t-tip."

"How are your lessons going?"...
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Chapter 1

Nine Moons Later...

"...From this moment on, आप shall be known as Shadowheart. StarClan honors आप for your..."

The newly made warrior was distraught. Greystar's hesitating!!

"...Your cunning, and...your..."

How can he stutter? There has to be something else that I'm good at, besides cunningness.

"...Oh! And your stealth."

Stealth? he scoffed in his head. I have the stealth of a Twoleg!

"And we welcome आप as a warrior of RiverClan."

"Er...Shadowheart. Shadowheart."

Pathetic cheers, as well! Let's just face it, he sighed in his head. I'll never be a good warrior.

Shadowheart remembered...
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A gray tom was hurrying through the forest on long, fast legs. He was determined to get back to his Clan to fulfill a duty as of being a medicine cat. His name was Swiftfall. He had to help one of the queens, Watermist, deliver her litter of kits.

Watermist is a peculiar she-cat, and no one could figure out who the father of her kits was; nor did they try. The black she-cat was always interested in the welfare of the other Clans.

Swiftfall made it to the nursery just in time before he had to deliver the kits.

A क्वीन अगला to Watermist, Shallowdrop, was watching with close eyes. Her belly...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
During the ancient Clans, there was a RiverClan she-cat named Lilysong and a half-Clan tom named Shadowheart. Shadowheart has a speech disfluency, which made him very unpopular and made fun of. Lilysong's mother died when she was still a kit, and that gave बिल्ली something to talk about. The two misfits fell in love, and no one approves of it, not even Lilysong's father, Greystar.
Meanwhile, Icescar, an insane villainous tom, is determined to have power at any cost, including murder. And it's up to the couple to bring him to justice.