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Recoloring Amy Rose to Shadow the Hedgehog :D
amy rose
starter recoloring
posted by silvershady
STOP! If आप haven't read chapters 1,2, and 3, this chapter wont make sense, read them 1st! But it still is very interesting!

Rocha's POV:
I once again came to the edge of that cliff, overlooking the city of Metropolis in ruins. The तोप was again ready to destroy the earth, and I screamed and pleaded for it not to. Then the shadow spread across the city, destroying the तोप and restoring the city back to it's original state. Then it leaked back towards me and turned into a puddle of blood द्वारा my feet. And a teardrop fell into it. "No!" I screamed and felt someone shaking my whole body, "Rocha!...
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posted by ShadowGirlLover
 Rouge and shadow
Rouge and shadow
Shadow was walking to Sonic's house when he heard Rouge calling for help. Shadow forgot about Sonic and rushed to save her. He quikly grabed her and took her to a safer place. Rouge कहा that she didn't need his help. Shadow कहा आप would have been crushed if it wasn't for me. Rouge turns over to Shadow, आप know your kinda hot. Shadow blushed. Shadow put his hand aruond Rouge. Shadow कहा your kinda sexy yourself.(Shaodow and Rouge makeout for a while.)Sonic runs into the both of them. Sonic says what's up. Shadow kicks Sonic in the nuts and runs away, without Rouge.
posted by Phantonium
Isn't it about time the haters stopped being treated like dirt? All the haters have to live in fear of आप प्रशंसकों and keep they're opinions to themselves because आप Shadow Nazis fear rights.

In America everybody has aright to hate and have an opinion. And I hate Shadow.

आप प्रशंसकों threaten the haters, saying you'll attack them, I bet आप would if आप had the chance.

So now it's time to teach a lesson, never ever, mess with a hater.

आप tried to censor us, threaten us, the सूची goes on, and आप प्रशंसकों act exactly like the Nazis, no wonder, Shadow is Adolf Hitler.

Well the haters aren't gonna take it.

Apologizing won't fix anything.

This is your time to pay. आप may take this as a threat, but that's just you.

Have a nice day.
It was two week later and Shadow was घर with Ash and Shad(the babies, dur) Sky was out shopping with Blaze and Amy.....

Shadow: Ash! Stop hitting your brother
Shadow: No no no no no, dont cry! Pleaasssssse!
*DOOR घंटी, बेल RINGS*
Shadow: Okay आप two im gonna go answer the door and when i come back... *raises voice* THIS HOUSE BETTER NOT BE A MESSSS!!!!
Shad and Ash: WAHHHHHHHHH!!!
Shadow:*sighs* *picks up babies*
*DOOR घंटी, बेल RINGS AGAIN*
Shadow: Coming! *opens door* Hi Ash!
Ash: Hi
Shadow: Hows it- *Shad bites Shadow*
Shadow: OWWWWWW!!!! Bad Boy Shad!
Ash: Babysitting eh?
Shadow: Nope these...
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posted by COFblaze
Name: Project Shadow
Nicknames: Shadow, The Ultimate Lifeform, The Black Blur
Race: Artificially-processed transgenic Black Arm hedgehog
Gender: Male
Age: 15; Shadow does not age(or 50 if आप will because in the game it कहा on the last story 50 years later)
Date of birth: Unknown
Birthplace: अंतरिक्ष Colony ARK
Height: 100 centimeters (3 feet and 3 inches या exactly 3.28 feet)
Weight: 35 kilograms (77.2 pounds)
Ability Type: Speed

Physical techniques :( 1). Spin Attack, (2). Spin Jump, (3). Spin Dash, (4). Jump Dash/Homing Attack, (5). Light Dash, (6). Chaos Spear, (7). Chaos Control, (8). Black Tornado,...
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posted by bcthestrongest
 kenya the animalshifter after dark
kenya the animalshifter after dark
Amy: my cousin would be here i hope
Shadow: dont hope feel she is coming to visit us
Knuckles : i hope so i was taking out of practice to see her
Kenya the animal shifter: *jumps down and waves at her cousin*hey Amy
Amy: hi cousin
Kenya : *holds up her hair*
Shadow Knuckles and Sonic:ii we um
Kenya: hello there im Kenya and u guys are
Shadow Knuckles and Sonic: im sonic im Knuckles and im Shadow
Kenya: i thought *points to the blue one*he was sonic *points to Knuckles*u Knuckles and *points to the black and red hair *shadow is it
Knuckles and Shadow: u correct
*that night*
Shadow:Kenya im terrified of the dark
Kenya: your a shadow but all right touch me u are so dead
Shadow: *nods and thinks not happen baby doll*
*next morning*
Kenya: *wakes up to shadow touching her *i told u shadow *turns into a भेड़िया and runs after him*they dont call me animal shifter for nothing punk *growls and runs toward him*
 kenya the animal shifter before dark
kenya the animal shifter before dark
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This always makes me laugh.
added by emmiphantom
Mist The Fox's Story, द्वारा ME!
Warning: These chapters are Epic and my character is trying to kill Shadow the Hedgehog. Thanks for पढ़ना and have a nice day!
Name: Mist
Animal: Fox
Gender: female
Description: gray pelt, blue eyes, black tail (only one)
Clothing: black T-shirt, jeans short shorts, dark purple cloak
Personality: a like Tails, only can be snappy, determined, can be sweet, fun at times
Power: Speed (no can't fly)
Age: ageless
Other: was created to destroy but doesn't want to, always has a gun in hand
A older man stood back. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. He smiled at newly...
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reason 1: HE A TOTAL PERV
and 2 make longer:
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Brianna has a habit of being a crimanial. She robs banks with Rouge, kills people with Shadow, and she TRIES to kill Sonic! Here's a funny story of when Brianna robs a bank with Shadow for the first time.......
*******CITY BANK AT 10:00 p.m. closing time*****
Shadow: Are आप ready foxy? >:)
Brianna: Yeah and dont call me FOXY!!!!
Shadow:*Puts hand over Brianna's mouth* Shh.... *Points to guards* We have to get past them to get the cash got it?
Brianna: Got it. But how?
Shadow: Do आप have enough energy to use Telikeneisis?
Brianna: Shadow, I dont need enough energy to use Telikeneisis.
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posted by Shadowfancrazy
Shade's P.O.V

At detention I noticed Shadow staring at me so I grabbed my black and purple quills and put them over my eyes. "W-Why are आप looking at me?" I asked in a rude tone. Shadow's face turned bright red and he looked down. I rolled my eyes.

"Why don't आप go up to your प्रशंसक girls and maybe"- I couldn't answer he grabbed my face and kissed me roughly. I shrugged and pushed him. "YOU IDOIT I HATE YOU!!!" I yelled as Sonic stared at us confused. I cried and ran out as Shadow stared after me.

I got घर and cried on my cousin Silver. "Silver I-I need your help!" I yelled as he woke up confused....
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