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Recoloring Amy Rose to Shadow the Hedgehog :D
amy rose
starter recoloring
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Scene: A रसोई, रसोईघर with a big window and a table. The sun is दिखा रहा है its नारंगी, ऑरेंज beauty as it rises.

Silver- *strolls in* Good morning. *yawn*
Intrepid- Well look who slept in. Morning.
Shadow- Hi.
Silver- Do we have any फल Loops या something?
Shadow- Don't know.
Silver- I asked Intrepid.
Shadow- Oh. Well she's over there! *points to her getting a cereal box out*
Intrepid- Yeah, we do have that cereal.
Silver- Yay!
Intrepid- *walks back to table* Did आप sleep okay with that cold of yours, Silver?
Silver- Meh...
Intrepid- Not so good?
Silver- Nah. That's why I'm tired.
Shadow- Good thing I can't catch sicknesses....
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Source: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games
posted by segafan
हे guys ^^; It's me. Yeah, I know I promised to continue Paradise in Hell, but I'm busy these days ._. So, I promise आप that I will continue it, but it won't be till a while.

How about आप guys give me some ideas on it? Tell me, what do you want this to be about? Tell me in your comments!


<_< >_> ... Okay... this is akward...

Shadow's pissed :D YAY!

Anyway... urm...

Tell me what आप think.

Tell me what to do better.

Tell me what आप want it to be about.


Bai :3
Shadow held Emerald's head in his hands. She was gone Shadow picked up her dead body and held her head to his lips. Once again, Shadow kissed Emerald. When he opened his eyes, he saw another figure, only this time he knew who it was. "Sonic.." "Hello Shadow." When Sonic was close to Shadow, he stoped walking and saw पन्ना in his arms. "I see आप found Emerlad." Sonic कहा grinning. "She's dead thanks to you." Shadow snapped at Sonic. Shadow looked down at the princess. Tears filled his eyes. He looked back at Sonic. "Aww are आप cring?" Sonic laughed. "Shut up!!" Shadow sat Emeralds body...
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posted by ChaosGirl5
I was sitting in a giant cypress पेड़ in the swamp near our house. I was wide awake and my little brother was asleep on my lap.I got a bad gnash on my left leg while running from Shadow, somehow i found some clean white cloth in the पेड़ and wraped it around my wound. I had a vision of my long forgotten past...

I was an infant in a crib. I turned to my left side to see a infant boy who looked alot like me except with jet black hair and deep, deep blue eyes. I then hear my mother's and Shadow's voices
" आप must hand her over. We made a deal when i saved आप from the guilloutine." I stode in...
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plz शामिल होइए link and link

so this was heaven a land of clouds a land of hope and dreams "wat the hell" कहा misery just waking up "this is heaven" asks rane also waking up "i gess so" i कहा and i stood up the clouds were quite fluffy and jumpy then misery took a handful of clouds and puts them in her mouth so i slap her hand and say "wat the heck u dont just go around eating stuff" i say "mmmmm tastes like कुकीज़ yummy" she says with her mouth full
"come on lets go we have a mission guy" rane says getting up and hopping away "wait for us" i say grabbing...
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It was a Saturday afternoon and me and my good friend Moonlight the Hedgehog were standing द्वारा eachother NOT saying a word......
*****1 घंटा LATER*****
Moonlight(LunaAcores94): Brianna, do आप EVER talk?
Brianna the Fox(Me): I dont waste my breath like other people.
Moonlight: But आप NEVER talk! I never heard आप ever since we've met!
Brianna the Fox: आप just did now.
Moonlight: *Rolls eyes* What ever floats your नाव Brianna.
Brianna: Dont be mean to me just because i dont TALK.
Moonlight: *Slaps her own forehead* Ugh..... आप confuse me, ALOT.
Brianna: How?!?
Moonlight: Im not even gonna say 'cause...
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One day, Shadow the hedgehog was just relaxing in green पहाड़ी, हिल zone. Then, Sonic came along. But then, he saw Shadow's shadow. He stopped, turned around, and headed back towards Shadow. He said, "Dude! Your shadow looks like an evil face! That's disturbingly wrong!" And Shadow just said, "Chaos control!" and froze Sonic for a while. Then, Shadows eye's turned black with blood-red pupils, and he began laughing like an evil demon mixed with a dark overlord, and opened a portal full of demons. The rest is in part 2, so I'm gonna stop here. The End!
posted by kimmy_wolf
It's been a week seance I saw shadow and it was driving me nuts!! Me me i have never fallen hed-over-heals for a guy befor ask anyone! Now he comes along and just stills my hart lick that its crazy! Blaze कहा im overreacting but i dont know. I think he is the प्यार of my life, but realy is it so crazy that he meat another gril were we meat so i just asume im in love.I went four a walk (call me crazy but i wanted to see him agin) I sat in the park and at sunset i went to my favorit place shure anofe after a wile their he was! he कहा that he was hoping to see me i कहा the same at the same time...
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Grace and the Beast of Shadow
In the speak of time Eggman flew away.A giant crystal fell out of Eggman's airplane.Shadow raced to a stop in a foggy yard. An old creaky गढ़, महल slowly greaked in the yard.A crystal feel to Shadow's feet, and it broke as it hit the ground.
"What the? "Shadow wondered.
Suddenly, a brokenly lightning bolt shocked Shadow over and over.He began to transform into a beast! Massive claws swooped out as shreading fangs splintered out.
"Aught...what tha ...oh sh..."Shadow snarled.
He yanked the door...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
They snuck their way into the main gathering place at the center of the plant. Everyone there appeared to be wolves, the majority of everyone was sitting on the ground. They wore masks with on odd symbol on it and tuxedos. There was a भेड़िया woman at the alter where a भेड़िया man was laying. The woman had a cane, a बरसती, लबादा with an odd scale material on it, and the symbol imprinted on her hair. The man wore armor and had the same hair style. The woman began poring a chemical on the man. Kodi ran out of hiding and shouted "HEY! आप guys the wackos that killed my zombie?" Everyone looked to see who said...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi ran as fast as he could across the canyon. Volt realized Kodi was on his trail and began firing energy bullets at him. Kodi dodged and kept up his speed as much as he could. Volt then dropped x-mels to slow Kodi down. The x-mels pulled out their laser swords and Kodi got flashbacks of Metal Sonic. "Okay, let's do this." Kodi immediatly slashed one in half. One tried to get Kodi but he countered. He killed the last three with a Cut Tornado and began chasing Volt again. Now they had reached Sunset Hill. Kodi got flashbacks of Jessy and decided to take a break to find her. Kodi found her...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Kodi turned around quickly to see Meat. He groaned a greeting. Metal beeped. "I don't know how he got loose." Kodi answered. "Oh no Kodi," began Jessy, "what if he ate someone?" Metal beeped. "He says nothing is in his dietary tract and the last thing he consumed was beef." Metal beeped again. "He also says he detects brain waves coming from him, meaning he is thinking." "But that isn't possible. He's a zombie!" "I'm getting it too. Maybe, there is enough of his brain left for him to comprehend and think, and he just figured it out. I suppose he decided he wants to get vengance." Meat moaned...
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