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 Shadow round kicks silver
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one दिन a hedgehog with Black फर and red eyes was running through the night she was wearing a red baggy कमीज, शर्ट red baggy jeans her spikes were black she wore a red टोपी she wore it backwards her hair coverd her left eye as she was running she heard someone following her so she stoped and कहा "ya know आप really need to work on your silence" then a 9 yrs old red hedgehog walked out from the Shadows "yes i know Dark but cant we just take a break" Dark then कहा "i know your tired and all that but we haft to keep moving just jump on my back ok Anna" Anna nod her head and jumped on Dark's back...
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An awesome tribute to Shadow with the Linkin Park song, "Crawling" that fits Shadow perfectly
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