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 Another day, another bloody momment
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This शॅडो दा हेज़हॉग चित्र contains triceratops.

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All I can think about is that, "Shadow can't be my brother. He just can't." Yet I've stayed with him so long I felt as if he was my only family. "Ann?" He कहा interrupting my thoughts. "Is something wrong?" I could see a look of concern on his face. "No Shadow I'm just fine!" I कहा a little bit too quickly, which I could see had upset him. "Alright." he कहा giving me a weak smile. Wait what-? "SHADOW LOOK OUT!" I yelled pushing him. But I was too late. A lightning bolt struck him and he fell to the ground. "Shadow!" I कहा desperately sitting अगला to him. "Please wake up!" I cried trying to rouse him. "Ann." He whispered sitting up. "What happened?" He कहा holding his head. to be continued
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