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i made this character . i hope u like it . (comment)
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 This is the look that Shadow gave the Hospital lady
This is the look that Shadow gave the Hospital lady
Two weeks after Shadow and Sky were married, Sky was pregnant with twins.

Shadow: Hows the babys?
Sky: Just fine
Shadow: Well, we gotta go to the hospital again
Sky: *stands up*
Shadow: *walks over to help Sky
Sky: Thank you

When Shadow and Sky get to the Hospital....

Woman: Do आप have an appiontment?
Shadow: What do आप think?
Sky: Be nice
Woman: Take a सीट over there
Shadow: *sits* *sees Tails* What are आप doing here?
Tails: I was flying and a helicopter attacked me(PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT TAILS FANS)
Shadow: Uhhhhhhhhhhh.......
Tails: Whatever *walks away*
Doctor: Sky the hedgehog
Sky: Thats me!

Sky and...
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shadow really beats sonic good!
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yeah he's happy all right....
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