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 The Shadow of Chaos Part 1
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Source: MedowSweet on Deviant Art
WARNING! Some pages of this comic will make आप cry!
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Shadow's POV:
Silence. Pain. The throbbing that pulsated my head. The burning fever that coursed through my weakened, broken body. Struggling. I knew that I was alive, but did those who were around me know... what had happened? Did Rocha and Faron survive? Was everyone else okay? Some of them had to be okay... unless this was the sensation of death, my final moments, someone had to be alive. I strained, I wanted to open my eyes, to see. Nothing. I strained again, this time my mouth. I wanted it to open, to make a noise. Perhaps say something. Nothing. That was when I heard the softness of Rocha's...
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This is the follow up on Shadow and Sky the hedgehog:The happy ending. It was seven years later and me and Shadow were making wedding preperations.

Shadow: Okay, I think everthing is ready now
Sky: Well the only thing were missing is flowers.
Shadow: Well, we can get some from Cream later.
Sky: Did आप get the rings yet?
Shadow: Oh yah, I gotta pick them up today!(grabs keys)
Sky: Can I come with?
Shadow: Sorry Sky, Its a suprise
Sky: Its always a suprise with you(kisses Shadow)
Shadow: Dont worry,I wont be long(walks out)

Sky was pretty upset that she couldnt be with Shadow and started to pace. Suddenly,...
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