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Is Shadow's truth from the game even real?

Ive been a Shadow प्रशंसक ever since I was a kid and my goodness im obsessed.
I would be analyzing his past from the games he was featured.
And supposably Shadow the Hedgehog game told the truth about him and everything is happy ever after and put the past behind. But thats it? He just works for G.U.N even after the horrible things that has happend to him?
Something is not right.
Reaserching the theories,comics, the games, creepypastas and so on are trying to find his true past.
I still सवाल SA2B because Maria was so important to the story especially Prof. Gerald. If the game would have told और information about them, then Shadow's purpose would matter more.
There is still और about Shadow than what we know already. His future later when Sonic ages, I wonder और and more.
 Is Shadow's truth from the game even real?
 HailShadow posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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