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Source: Shadow and Musa hug
Rough was in the Control room trying to get information about Maria Robotnik. Then Topaz iddmetiatley told Rough to get out before anyone comes.

Topaz *Through the walkietalkie* :You've got the Chaos emeralds we can us.....

Shadow came in and stepped on the walkietalkie on the ground.

Shadow: I suggest आप keep your hands off those chaos emeralds! We wouldn't want to fall on the wrong hands, now would we...Agent Rough.
Rough: Have आप been spying on me? Aren't आप the naughty little boy!
Shadow: You've been a goverment spy all this time!
Rough: Yep! Now that I've got my hands on this hot little...
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Shadow was at Musa's house. He brang a bowl of peanuts.
Shadow: Here आप go my sweets.
Musa: *Stands up* Thanks....*Takes off कमीज, शर्ट and skirt*
Shadow: HAHA!! It's funny watching आप undress everynight *Hands bowl of peanuts*
Musa: *Eats one* Do you...
Shadow: *Grabs bowl and dumps into Musa's bra* HAHAHAH!!!!!
Musa: SHADOW!!!! AGH!! *Takes पीनट्स one द्वारा one out* I can't believe you!!!
Shadow: *Puts head on Musa's shoulder* HAHAHA HAHA!!!! *Breathes* HAHAHAAAA!!
Musa: *Tackles Shadow* YOU!!! *Tickles Shadow*
Musa: Hmmmmmmmm *Hugs...
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Shadow was at Musa's house in GH.
Shadow: I wanna rape you.
Musa: Shadow?
Shadow: Please?
Musa: *Giggle* I would but...wait you'll fake it right?
Shadow: Yah.....
Musa: *Rubs her cheek against Shadow's* I प्यार you....
Shadow: So.....can I rape you?
Musa: No. Not this second...but maybe tonight....
Shadow: Musa....*Whines* Please?
Musa: No Shadow. Not this second.
Shadow: Noooooooo....please? Now at this second?
Musa: *Sigh* No.
Shadow: *Turns to the other side of bed* I never...
Musa puts her arms under his and hugs him from behind. Musa licks his neck.
Shadow: आप कहा tonight Musa.
Musa: I want it now Shadow........
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In Sonic x and all that other crap, Shadow always thinks of Musa as a close friend just like Maria. Shadow seems to have a slite crush on Musa. He also seems to have one on Rouge to but when the days past he loves Musa that दिन forth. He can't stop looking at her at all. He never looks away from her, even if he has to which he does. He always looks at her आप know, chest. Musa always notices it and blushes all the time. She looks back at him and his दिल beats a million times fast then the regular beat. Shadow just can't get enough of her. he almost seems to hold her hand and Musa excepts the kind offer. Shadow just can't stand her, she's too much for his दिल to take and everyday he's close to her his दिल aches for her romantic love. He just wants to किस her every moment of the day. His दिल just can't take it. He wants to let out his feelings to her so bad. One दिन he did and that's how all of this happened.
posted by LunaAcores94
Musa was at her house at night and was bored and had nothing to do and she try to many times on calling shadow but he never pick up या call back.
Musa::'( Where's Shadow!??? I hope he's okay!!
Suddenly she heard someone breathing अगला to here a ear and Musa was freaking out,But she knew who it was and turns around.
Musa:Shadow..Ur not Shadow!!o.O
Mephlies:No Im not just came and return this to u!?;)
Musa:Oh thanks Meph!^-^
Mephlies:See ya Musa!>:)
Musa:Bye!^-^*Still feels depress*Where are u Shadow!??
Shadow:Here I am!!^-^
Shadow:Whoa,Babe come down!;) Its just me!^-^
Musa:Oh Shadow ur...
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Shadow was in Musa's room. Musa was lying down watching T.V. Shadow just came from the showeroom to do his hair.
Shadow lyed down द्वारा Musa and hugged her from behind. Musa shut off the T.V.
Shadow and Musa sat up on the bed. she put some jazz संगीत on. Even though she hated HATED Jazz she loved listening to it while she has romance.
Shadow untied her hair and Musa turned him under her and frenched his him. Shadow kissed back. Shadow laid Musa down and took her कमीज, शर्ट of and licked her neck. It felt so so amazing to her. Shadow licked up from her neck to her ear. He took her bra straps and moved...
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Source: Shadow and Musa किस