ShadeClan; Legends of the Darkness Club
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posted by Zaffye
Leader - Mine

Medicine Cat - FREE

Medicine Cat Apprentice - FREE

Deputy - Mine

Warriors - 18/20 FREE

Apprentices - For now only 1 but soon another four

Kits - 4 who are five Moons old, other 5/6 FREE

Queens - Depends on number of kits

Elders - 5 FREE

Template for Joining:

Name: DarkHeart
Gender: Female
Age: 25 Moons
Rank: Deputy
Family (Please ask other users आप want to become family of beforehand):
-TigerStorm, mate
-DuskKit, kit
Appearance: Jet black lithe she-cat with white markings like a tiger's. Dark aquamarine eyes. Medium-lengthed fur, but thick-furred tail.
Personality: Strong-willed, determined, cold at times. Sharp-tongued and witty.
Abilities: Shadow-morphing and incredible agility
posted by Zaffye
This is ShadeClan; my home, my soul. My name is DarkHeart, deputy of the Clan. I look over the moonlit forest from the highest पेड़ of our camp. The Grove was the घर of my ancestors, the place which first sheltered us. I catch glimpses of my clanmates weaving through the intricate foliage. I smile when I notice TigerStorm, my mate. He's bundling our little kit, Duskkit, along one of the well-worn paths. Jumping down from the branch I notice the fresh-kill pile well-stocked with our usual prey of ravens and other night birds. I stop and look in disbelief as I catch sight of an owl. Looking...
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