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Why did snape cry when he first saw harry help him in Deathly hallows movie ?

In the movie when snape was groaning with pain harry went in and saw snape all hurt so harry leaned over and harry put his hand over snapes neck to stop the blood from sheding out of his body. Whe snape realised it was harry he had a shocked face and then a tear went down his cheak when he say harry. Why is it because harry was helping him and he didn't realise harry would do that for him ? या why ?
P.S(I know that snape was giving harry memories through his tears but he was also crying because he was choking out the words "Take them....take them....p-please" so he was also crying for a reaason)
And an out of subject question/theory when in the movie HBP snape shouted "NO!!" to bellatrix for hurting harry I was wondering that when he told bellatrix that harry "belongs to voldemort" does that mean that he knows that voldemort HIMSELF needs to kill harry not some other deatheater on Dumbledore's orders (and ofcourse he कहा that to bellatrix because he didn't want harry to get harry)
anyways please answer both सवालों with a full explination for both please and thank आप :).
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cunha27 said:
I'd say he was crying because he was in great pain (a poisonous snake had just torn a large hole in his throat), and he knew he was dying. He would have felt like all his efforts for the past 20 odd years (including the murder of Dumbledore) had all been in vain as he lay there on the floor bleeding to death before he saw Harry. When Harry turned up, a great sense of relief would have come over Snape as he would now be able to complete the task दिया to him द्वारा Dumbledore almost a साल ago. Snape had an awful life and the last साल would have been hellish as all his allies had turned against him and he'd become one of the most hated wizards around. He was unable to mourn Dumbledore's death and had to keep his true feelings very well hidden as he was always surrounded द्वारा Death eaters. I imagine that when he saw Harry, all those feelings he'd kept to himself just burst out. He no longer had to pretend.

Yes, द्वारा then Snape "knew" that Harry had to die at the hands of Voldemort. However I think he कहा what he did to Bella because he knew that that was the only thing that would stop Bella from trying to kill या injure Harry herself.
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