Okay really im just bored so i dediced to सूची my चोटी, शीर्ष 10 quoates of NS and Blace and why they are

1.[NS|BOOKS] "Serena took a deep, shuddering breath and rested her pale blond head on his shoulder. I प्यार you, she murmured without thinking. Their bodies were so close the entire Nate-side of her hummed. If she turned her head and tilted her chin just so, she could have easily kissed his warm, lovely neck. And she wanted to. She was actually dying to, because she really did प्यार him, with all her heart.
She did? Hello? Since when?"

WHY? becouse it's when she finally realised for herself that she really does प्यार him. And Cecily describes her feelings perfectly.

"You know it took me a long time to get over what happened with us that night. I acually, well 2 years पूर्व at the masqurade ball, i tried to tell आप i loved you. It turns out i told Jenny Humphrey. She was wearing your mask.
आप loved me??.
Of course i did, Serena you're the most beautiful, amazing, alive person i've ever known"

WHY? becouse it's when he finally confessed how he felt to her after all those years. And it describe how long he's accually loved and wanted her.

"If I had to call a girl, it might be Blake. We're pretty close. It's nice!"

WHY? becouse (this is a really old लेख like pre-blenn) it's obvious that he's always been crushing on her from the start. And blace was so much closer before blenn (they were spottet together much और then now) so it's obviously penns fault that he doesn't get as much blakie time as before.

"..It’s funny because in a certain sense our characters are very similar, and it kind of just makes sense. I was also pumped because Blake and I are good friends, and it’s just fun; we have a blast working together"

WHY? becouse (this is new like post season 3 new) it proves that after all these years he's still crushing on her. And that he's so let down that they did what they did to serenate. And he really wants to work with her as much as possible (damn आप mr irrelevant)

5.[NS|BOOKS] (THIS IS LONG!) "Nate grabbed her hand and laced his fingers through hers. Its okay. Dont stop. I dont want आप to stop. He kissed her perfect cheek, and then her perfect nose, and then her perfect lips, and then her perfect neck, and then her lips again.

And they didnt stop. They kept going, चुंबन like mad and yanking the rest of each others clothes off. It was kind of embarrassing to be outside in front of the security cameras, though, and besides, the फव्वारा was kind of small and wet and there was no place to lie down.

"Lets go upstairs, Nate murmured, picking Serena up in his strong arms before she could even answer.

As if in a dream the most glorious dream shed ever dreamt Serena allowed Nate to carry her inside the house and up the elegant, red-carpeted staircase. She was done being a martyr. Nate wanted her and she wanted him. End of story.
Actually, this is just the beginning."

WHY? becouse it describes perfectly how much they long for each other and when it comes to a certain point they just can't resist it no more. and it really is just the beginning.. of the rest of their life spent loving and wanting each other :)

i have no idea why i wrote this i was just bored but and i प्यार these कोट्स या whatever आप wanna call them lol.

If आप want sources to the blace कोट्स then go to the लिंक्स on the blace spot. And the GG book is the prequal.