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Elena Gomez Harry Potter 7? Read!
Selena Gomez Wizards of Waverly after wants a role in Harry Potter! How would it be? Read!

June 25, 2011
Selena Gomez has a soft spot for Harry Potter and. would take a role in the saga of the world's प्रिय magic! After starring for three years in The Wizards of Waverly Place Alex, the beautiful Selena feels "expert" in the field of magic. "It would be great to have a small part in Harry Potter. That film has amazing special effects. "

Selena has an agenda in spite of commitments very dense, does not stop to think about his career. "I'm always on the move,...
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Selena looks absolutely stunning in this shot from Paper Magazine’s Most Beautiful list! Selena nabbed one of 31 spots on the magazine’s round-up of young, beautiful, talented and most importantly, inspiring people! Selena spilled to Paper about her संगीत and acting, making it a point to say that every decision she makes is for her fans.
When choosing roles, Sel always keeps आप in mind! Sel said, “I प्यार my प्रशंसकों और than anything, so I’d never wanna do something that would make them uncomfortable. I feel like it’s all about choosing roles gradually.” Even when it comes to her music...
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posted by Greekgirlishere
तारीख, दिनांक of Birth
22 July 1992, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Selena Marie Gomez


5' 5" (1.65 m)

Mini Biography
Selena Marie Gomez was born to Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Gomez on July 22, 1992. At a young age, she moved from New York to Grand Prairie, Texas. Giving birth to Selena at 16, her mom Mandy recalls living "paycheck-to-paycheck". Selena started out on "Barney" (1992) as "Gianna" in 2001 where she really discovered her talent. Unfortunately, they dropped her from the series after just two years. In 2003, she had a very small role in the movie Spy Kids 3-D: Game...
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Selena's P.O.V

Me and Demi were in my room ,we sat on चोटी, शीर्ष of my सेम, बीन bags and blankets and pillows i told her "do आप have the camra?"

she answerd "yes."she went into her invador zim backpack which was very cute and got out an blue cam-quarter.she siad with a smile "why do we need this for?"i siad with a rockn smile "are Selena and Demi Show."I turned it on and we stand together and siad in patterns

Demi siad"1
I siad "2
we both siad "ACTION!"

The camra already turned on before we siad the numbers i siad with a confused smile "isn't 4,3,2,1 action?"she then siad "im pretty sure its 1,2,3,4...
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posted by Selena_01
Selena Gomez & the Scene (aka Selena & the Scene) is an American pop rock band that formed in 2009. The band consists of Selena Gomez on lead vocals, Ethan Roberts on guitar, Joey Clement on bass, Greg Garman on drums, and Dane Forrest on keyboards.

During an interview with Jocelyn Vena, of एमटीवी in August 2008, Selena Gomez कहा of her future संगीत career that: "I'm going to be in a band — no 'Selena Gomez' stuff. I'm not going to be a solo artist. I think that I don't want my name attached to it. I will be singing, and I'm learning drums and playing electric guitar."[5]...
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posted by unaiza
हे Guys here are some strange pics of selena Hope u'll like them :P
Please like this लेख if u think it's good ^^
These r some interesting facts about Selena

1. Selena met Demi Lovato when she starred in Barney and Friends!
2. She was born on the 22nd of July 1992!
3. She was born in Grand Prarie Texas!
4. She grew up with in Grand Prairie, Texas!
5. She is best फ्रेंड्स with Taylor Swift!
6. She is in Wizards of Waverly Place! Which unfortunately ended...
7. She is going out with Justin Bieber
8. She won a KCA award!
9. She is a brunette!
10. She has five dogs!
11. She is an only child!
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 Selena Gomez with her Grandpa!
Selena Gomez with her Grandpa!
Selena Gomez

Your hair,your eyes,
Your figure,your styles,

In your cutieness,
There is a innocent happiness,
People make rumors,
Don't be sad of that,
You're none other than
Selena Gomez...........

Your the real New Classic
Pop-singing is your basic
You've banged a drum of my heart,
हे girl,please don't make me hurt.

I don't know,which spell you've used on me,
But myself and me............
Is totally mad for आप Selena...........

The End!
 Selena Gomez With Justin Bieber!
Selena Gomez With Justin Bieber!
Selena Gomez takes 19 years: fall greetings, write here!

Today Selena Gomez celebrates its 19 th birthday. Leave your best wishes, write them in the comments!

Happy Birthday Selena Gomez! Today, July 22, the teen तारा, स्टार of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place off 19 candles ... now is a young woman! Selena certainly greet her 18 years with no regrets because in addition to having a lot of satisfaction from the professional point of view, has found प्यार ... In fact, if today will spend a beautiful दिन will also be the merit of Justin Bieber like celebrating? Will have arranged something special या आप will part to make room for his family? One thing is certain: to be happy just to have him near his girlfriend!
 Happy Birthday Selena!
Happy Birthday Selena!
Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992)[2] is an American actress and singer best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the Emmy Award winning डिज़्नी Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place. She has starred in the टेलीविज़न movies, Another सिंडरेला Story and Princess Protection Program.

Before Disney, she had one of the kid roles on Barney & Friends. In 2008, she signed a record deal with Hollywood Records and contributed to the Tinker Bell, Another सिंडरेला Story and Wizards of Waverly Place soundtracks. Her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, released their debut studio...
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"My Dilemma"

आप make me so upset sometimes
I feel like I could lose my mind
The conversation goes nowhere
'Cause you’re never gonna take me there
And I know what I know
And I know you're no good for me
Yeah... I know what I know
And I know it's not meant to be

Here's my dilemma
One half of me wants you
And the other half wants to forget
My my my dilemma
From the moment I met you
And I just can't get आप out of my head
And I tell myself to run from you
But I found myself
Attracted to my dilemma
My dilemma
It's you... it's you

Your eyes have told
A thousand lies
But I believe them
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posted by MarylovesSelena
Actress Selena Gomez has happily moved on after her विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें with singer Nick Jonas, and says she is content with her single status.
“I’m very, very glad that all of that’s in the past and that I can हटाइए forward. It’s very difficult, but… I प्यार him, he’s great,”
Before dating Jonas, the 18-year-old was romantically involved with Twilight actor Taylor Lautner. However, ever since her विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें from the former lover earlier this year, she has been single.
“I’m not looking. I’m very happily single and enjoying being 18 and just think boys are kind of not an option at the moment, because I’m kind of really busy,” she said.
Further justifying her single status, she added: “But that’s okay. I think boys give me a little bit of a headache.”
posted by shi_sellyfan
little एंजल born on 22nd July,

never thought u will fly so high.


your style is so cool,

your opposite of drool.


your cute n innocent smile glitters your face,

having such a great grace.


your songs are assom,

just like gardens of blossoms.


your loved everywhere from sky to ground,

like a princess is crowned.


आप make people laugh n grin,

just like a तारा, स्टार when it twinks.


your dress is pretty n hairs are groomed,

people watching आप goes on vroomed.


for आप girl, everyone has got so much craze,

even these words are not enough for your praise...
Selena Gomez and Rebecca Black: 5 reasons for which are the same!
Selena Gomez is the same as Rebecca Black ... Why? Read 5 reasons why the two stars are identical!

June 18, 2011
What they have in common Selena Gomez and Rebecca Black? Much और than आप think ... here's 5 reasons why we can say that Selena and Rebecca are the same ...! Browse the gallery and read all the things that these two stars have in common!

Do आप agree with this comparison? Selena Gomez found that Black and Rebecca have much in common?
posted by dolphin4710
Selena's प्रिय things

1. प्रिय song rockstar
2. प्रिय color green
3. प्रिय store hollister
4. प्रिय scent baby powder
5. प्रिय cereal कोको pebbles
6. प्रिय कैन्डी snickers
7. प्रिय खाना pickels
8. प्रिय movie wizard of oz
9. प्रिय दिखाना reportedly
10. प्रिय holiday halloween
11. प्रिय महीना july
12. प्रिय cartoon kim possible
13. प्रिय sport basketball
14. प्रिय animal tiger
posted by Flora_Swift
Be yourself always, there’s no one better!
I was never the girl who thought I need to make sure I look like all the other girls. I think आप look best when आप stand out.
[on Having Her Own Band] I’m going to be in a band – no Selena Gomez stuff. I’m not going to be a solo artist. I think that I don’t want my name attached to it. I basically want to make संगीत that is fun and that parents and kids can jump around to and have a good time to.
I wanted to be like my friends. I hung out with girls who had blue eyes and blond hair and I thought, ‘I want to look like them!’
[on declaring...
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posted by ronniemotiva
i think that selena gomez has a natural beauty but also the physical aspect of personality.
and she never was the beginning of those मशहूर हस्तियों who does everything well but then do poorly. therefore it is a good model to follow.
it is a great actress and she sings so well, I'm a big प्रशंसक of it I have posters on every दीवार of my room and I advise आप to be too because she is amazing!
miley VS selena:
selena the study, those who need help, has pictures and has lots of gay friends
miley the smoke, he sells his body and have naked pictures on the Internet
I do not like miley because she is a liar!
 Hana was born with a disease called "progeria" which means she ages 8-10 times faster than normal.
Hana was born with a disease called "progeria" which means she ages 8-10 times faster than normal.
Selena Gomez was doing an interview with "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" in L.A., when Ryan told her about an e-mail he'd receieved from a 13-year-old named Hana with a terminal illness.

Hana was born with a disease called "progeria" which means she ages 8-10 times faster than normal. The average lifespan of someone with this disease is just 13 years, and Hana just turned 13. Only ten people in the whole United States have progeria.

And her biggest dream was to meet Selena because her संगीत helps keep Hana strong. Ryan Seacrest कहा "I told Selena Hana's story, and she stopped recording her album in the studio and went to meet Hana in the hospital."

Hana was totally shocked द्वारा the surprise visit, and her tutor कहा "it was the best क्रिस्मस ever" for her. What a sweet thing for Selena to do!
 Selena Gomez was doing an interview with "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" in L.A., when Ryan told her about an e-mail he'd receieved from a 13-year-old named Hana with a terminal illness.
Selena Gomez was doing an interview with "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" in L.A., when Ryan told her about an e-mail he'd receieved from a 13-year-old named Hana with a terminal illness.
posted by superDivya
Mom always कहा that पुस्तकें could take आप to another world
But I don't think that this is what she meant
(This is what she meant)
I'm shuttling though
These distant lands and ocean shores
Don't really know where I'll go next
Cuz I've been
Brain Zapped
Lets go explore
Brain Zapped
To a whole new world
Brain Zapped
Come be my guest
Brain Zapped
Don't know where I'll go next
My mind is spinning around
Got all this knowledge
Just wanna shout out
Gotta get it
Under control
Cuz the light is green
And we're ready to go
Brain Zapped
Lets go explore
Brain Zapped
To a whole new world
Brain Zapped
Come be my guest
Brain Zapped
Don't know where I'll go next
 Selena Gomez 7-year-old!
Selena Gomez 7-year-old!
Selena Gomez: डिज़्नी child तारा, स्टार द्वारा now, चित्र story!

View the gallery of Selena Gomez: from the career of teen तारा, स्टार to romance with Justin Bieber, चित्र storyWithin a few years, Selena Gomez was able to make giant strides: he began his career on the set of a डिज़्नी TV series that made her famous, but over time has proven to be much और than just a teen तारा, स्टार ! He starred in the hit film, he has recorded albums that have sold millions of copies and recently presented the एमटीवी युरोप संगीत Awards, one of the most prestigious musical events and important as ever.

In its growth also stands out romance...
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posted by Girllover13
 My प्रिय song!!
My favorite song!!
Selena is one of my प्रिय celebrities. She is an AMAZING singer and actress. I like almost everyone of her songs. She is also the most gorgeous and most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Most guys think she is hot and sexy as well, but as a girl, i cant take sides on that one, but my brother is completely in प्यार with her. She is also very nice and actually quite normal. Unlike other celebrities, she does not spend her time trying to दिखाना off her body, but rather spends it having a good time! This i think is one the reason that i like her so much. She does not believe that she has to dress and scantily as possible and then दिखाना it off to everyone like some मशहूर हस्तियों do. प्यार Selena Gomez!!!
 Incredibly beautiful!!!
Incredibly beautiful!!!