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When I first spotted the first DVD in my local पुस्तकालय I was fascinated द्वारा the story on the back cover.
It was a different princess story because most princess stories are about people trying to save the princess like Tsubasa for egsample.
The first few episodes just captivated me I had to buy the whole series to watch it over and over again.

I watched the whole series but I still couldnt understand the finer details but now I think I get it.

To put it in words all us प्रशंसकों can understand is that.
Their world was modern like us but the peacemakers and Celia mauser sealed the human race into a small section of the world and sent them back to the middle ages but before this happened the humans sent the genes into the sealed world so Shannon, Raaquelle,Pacifica and all the people with the guardian gene could be born.
I hope it sums things up a bit और simply

P.S thanks for reading
 I really hope I get to read the novels!
I really hope I get to read the novels!
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The ending theme to the ऐनीमे Scrapped Princess with fan-made English lyrics. I pre-recorded myself doing the backing vocals and then filled in the gaps with the main vocals. full details and लिंक्स to instrumental track on यूट्यूब
scrapped princess
ending theme
english version