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*Edward's POV*

Shopping with Alice. . . what a nightmare. And I'm sure that's what Bella's thinking now after enduring just a few मिनटों of Alice in her wonderland of shopping.
Bella was in the changing room while Alice and I waited patiently for her. Well, I was patient. . . Alice, not one to be patient.
"Bella! I want to SEE the dress on you, now get out here!" Alice demanded and I heard the sweet sound of Bella sigh.
Moments later, Bella's dressing room door opened, and I felt my mouth fall open.
Bella was dressed in a long scarlet dress. It was fluffed out at the bottom and it was strapless, fitting all of her curves like never before. . .
Bella smiled when she saw my mouth hanging open like a complete moron. Her dark mahogany hair flowed down over her चोली and her skin was beginning to darken as she flushed - nearly matching the red in her dress.
I quickly shut my mouth.
"You look. . . beautiful, Bella." I managed to say, but beautiful didn't even begin to describe Bella; she was beyond beauty.
She blushed even darker and looked down shyly. "Thanks," she murmured, her precious heartbeat picking up speed.
While we had been exchanging looks and comments, Alice was jumping in excitement.
"I knew that dress would look fantastic on you! आप have to wear that to prom!" Alice practically shrilled, catching the attention of many shoppers.
"Alice!" Bella hissed, noticing that their stares now settled on her, and I did NOT like the thoughts the males of the crowd were having.
I pinched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes, fighting the urge not to go and -
"Edward?" Bella's soft voice asked tentatively.
I opened my eyes and found hers. Their depths deep with true concern. . . and then I couldn't hear a single thought. None. It was as if Bella and I were the only ones existing at the moment.
"How. . . ?" I questioned, still not hearing anyone's thoughts, and I was greatly relieved, but also shocked.
Bella gave me a secretive smile. "Later," she promised, and returned to her dressing room so the onlookers wouldn't have anything to look at. I found myself waiting impatiently for later to come.

*Bella's POV*

Five shops, over at least thirty different outfits, and lots of moments with Edward later. . .
We were लोडिंग up the car with multiple bags filled with clothes.
"So when is everyone getting back from their hunting trip?" I asked them as Edward smoothly shut the trunk.
"Saturday night I think, though आप never know with Emmett. . ." Edward answered at the same time I got a mischevious idea. Wait, mischevious?! Since when do i act, या feel mischevious? Crap, Alice must be rubbing off on me. . .
Alice saw my mischevious plan and tried not to fall over laughing. Edward took a peek into her mind, seeing my plan play out, and started chuckling.
I took out the phone I bought well over a साल ago. It had all of the Cullen's cell phone numbers in it, and they all knew my number.
"Alice? Could आप kindly दिखाना me how to text?" I asked, trying not to laugh myself.
"Sure Bella!" she humbly agreed with a giggle and helped me with my phone.

*Emmett's POV* (Surprise! First one!:P)

"Ha! My भालू is so much bigger than yours Jasper! Pay up, I win!" I said, and Jasper sighed, finally admitting that the size of the big grizzly भालू I took down was bigger than the small fry he easily took down.
"Fine, Emmett. I'll give आप the money when we get back home," Jasper grunted as he sauntered off, looking for और animals.
"Yeah, आप better." I grunted right back, I'm not about to let him forget that I won the bet.
I ran off into the direction of Rose's scent, damn she smells so good, like -
My phone beeped, damn it! I forgot that I still had it on me, I wonder who it could be. . .
I stopped and pulled it out of my pocket. It was Bella. Wow, she's actually texting me? Well don't I feel just honored! Hell, I didn't even know the girl knew how to text. . . oh well. I read the message.

Hey Emmett. How's your hunting trip going?

I responded back, idling in a field near where we parked the Jeep.

Hey Bells! The hunting trip is going great! I just beat Jasper at a little bet we made. How's everything over there?

I waited and waited, yet no response came. . .

*Bella's POV*

I got Emmett's response, and Edward and Alice told me where him, Jasper, and Rosalie went to hunt.
I had the plan all figured out.
"Wait here, I'll be back." I told them as I began to focus. . . not completely sure if I should conjure up this ability. . . since it's been nearly a millennium. . . but it's just too fun to resist.
"Okay, we'll cover for you," Alice said, all giddy, and I smiled and shut my eyes.
I leaned my face toward the sky and became completely motionless as I concentrated.
Then I felt a part of my spirit leave my body in the shape of a hawk. The hawk (me) flew into the direction where Emmett and the others were. Using my keen hawk eyes, I quickly spotted Emmett in a field. Perfect.

*Edward's POV*

Bella grew completely still, and I watched her for several seconds.
I was just about to say something when she. . . disappeared.
Alice and I gasped, she was just here! How could she just disappear like that?
But then I watched in Alice's mind as her vision played out.

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Bella in her dress