So... as promised... here's a long chapter of UL! AND it's in Alexis's POV!!! Don't आप just प्यार me? Enjoy! ^_^

*Alexis's POV

Everyone went off to their rooms as dusk approached us.
I went to my dad's quarters since mom went out with a couple of our other brothers and sisters to gather groceries. When I say our other brothers and sisters, I'm talking about the ones not born of Scarlet blood, but द्वारा Scarlet venom. And let's just say that they loathe us, which is really jealously of mine, Karim's, Alfred's, and Jackson's bloodline. . . our Highborn quality. So we really just stay away from each other and only help each other in battle.
I softly opened the tall maroon door.
"Hello Alexis," Dad greeted me warmly from the spot behind his desk. His bright blue eyes shone brightly against his pale skin and his shiny black hair was combed neatly down.
"Hi daddy," I greeted warmly back and sat down on his lap like I've always done sine I was a child.
My dad was the best. He treated me just like a princess since I'm his only 'little girl.' The only one who doesn't get along with dad is Karim. I've never really understood why they don't particularly get along, so I just keep my nose out of it.
"How's daddy's little एंजल this evening?" he asked me, his voice was और Swiss accented.
"I'm doing great daddy! How are you?" I asked.
He was just about to answer me when his eyes became suddenly black; and I knew what was happening.
My dad's power was that all of the vampire leaders could mentally contact him if they wished. And one of them was, right now.
After a few seconds, he came out of it and closed his eyes tightly.
"Daddy. . . ?" I asked timidly, and he opened his eyes.
"I must call Claudia and get her back here. The Rose family is coming for a visit shortly, so go put on your best ball gown." He कहा with a smile and gave me a quick hug.

I wore a lavish ball गाउन that cascaded down my body. It was a dark purple that seemed black and it was glittery and had small diamonds on it, and it was strapless.
Then I curled my hair in big curls and put some of it up. Adding गुलाबी lipstick - no need for any blush या make-up for my eyes - I was ready to go.
"Alexis honey, are आप ready?" Mom called from outside my princess-style room.
"Yes, I'm coming!" I called back to her as I strapped on my white high-heels.
I opened my door and saw my mother. She was wearing a beautiful sapphire strapless dress that had many designs on it and it completely brought out her sapphire blue eyes. Her flaming rocket आग red hair was brushed perfectly back into a high ponytail, her long and thick hair covered her back until it curved outwards at her hips. She was so stunning that she could take anyone's breath away द्वारा just a single glance.
"Oh, Lexy!" She reached and gave me a hug. "You look gorgeous! And so grown!" she कहा in such a proud tone that I beamed.
"Thank आप momma! But your the beautiful one!" I कहा and she laughed and gave me that look. The look that meant that she was both gracious, and that she wants me to believe that I'm beautiful too. "I know, we're both beautiful," I quickly कहा and she smiled.
We met up with Karim, Alfred, and Jackson on our way to our large ball room area that was in the back of the castle.
All three of them were wearing classic old tux's (not the modern kind).
"Man, I don't see why we have to get all dressed up. . ." Al huffed, picking at his suit in a slight irritation. I stifled a giggle.
"Ah, c'mon Al! It's just for one night!" I teased.
"I know. . . but we're already inhumanly beautiful any ways! So why all this for?" he complained and mom and I sighed. Boys will be boys.
"Alfred, it's customary, आप know that." Karim कहा with pure logic and I was so proud to call him my brother.
"I wouldn't be too sure of that. . ." Jackson whispered to Karim as he studied Al's dumbfounded expression. Jeez he needs to study more.
Karim smirked, and we all walked into the brilliant and bright ball room.
There were tall golden columns along the sides, the floor was made of white marble stone, and we had a very tall ceiling with a ginormous chandelier in the middle of it.
The Rose family consisted of Sylvia and Ron Rose (the leaders), and their children, Paul Rose (the oldest), and young twins Jr. and Melody Rose, who were just around the age of nine I think.
I've only ever seen these people in pictures, but never in person like tonight. They all had sparkling green eyes, and the one that always drew me in was Paul. His dark locks and जैतून skin. . . I kinda use to have a thing for him, just a tiny crush, nothing special. He was only nineteen. . .
We reached them, and mom and Karim stood beside me.
Everyone was elegant. Sylvia wore a pleasant moss green dress that brought out her equally moss green eyes; her long, straight as मक्का, मकई silk light blond hair ran all the way down her small frame. All the guys wore practically the same thing, and little Melody looked adorable in her baby गुलाबी dress.
"Ah, Lady Claudia," Ron spoke in his accented voice (they were from the United Kingdom), he took my mother's upraised hand and kissed it lightly. "I must say, आप have a stunning family."
"Thank आप Ron, I see yours is coming along as well," Mom said, smiling at the two new additions.
Sylvia gave mom a hug - they were old friends, practically sisters.
"Well, look who's all grown up!" Mom said, rushing over to Paul who grinned and dad laughed.
"No longer in your babysitting days are you?" Dad joked as mom gave Paul a big hug - they use to take care of him when he was very little.
"No sir," Paul spoke in his lavish British voice that seemed to sing to me.
They chuckled and mom let go of Paul. He wore such a stunning smile on his face. . .
"My my, your boys are all grown up!" Sylvia spoke in her sweet voice. She gave each of my brother's a hug before stopping in front of me.
"What a beauty you've turned out to be my dear Alexis. आप truly are the farest of them all." She embraced me, and I smiled at her when she let go.
"Thank आप Lady Sylvia, I do my best."
She shook her head.
"None of that formal stuff now, आप can just call me Sylvia," she corrected and I grinned wider.
"Okay Sylvia."
She walked back to Ron's side and I looked back in front of me, where Paul was.
Once my eyes met with his deep, पन्ना green eyes. . . I felt a change. I was so drawn to him.
His eyes seemed to melt into mine, and his lips parted. . . he came over to me, feeling the connection even और than me, and he lightly took my hand and kissed it tenderly. His किस searing into my skin, heating it comfortably up, all the while his eyes stayed locked with mine.
Then he rose up, but still held my hand in his, and I swear I could feel tingles. He stood a few inches above me and so I had to look up to stay locked in his gaze. . . and even though I could not yet feel the connection as deeply as him, I just knew. . .
He was my someone.

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The ball गाउन Alexis wore
Claudia's ball गाउन